New Moon in Leo Tuesday, Aug. 2nd

(Mosaic Art – Anja Berkers)

(New Moon at 10 Degrees 58′ of Leo today at 1:44 PM PDT & 4:44 PM EDT)

The news of the day often reflects the astrology of the day. Today is no exception. I woke up to an editorial in the New York Times “How Artists Change the World” and it clarified for me the meaning and challenge of this new Moon.

The article by David Brooks was about Frederick Douglas – the black slave who made a point of making himself the most photographed man of the 19th century. In photos he was dressed in formal attire – a suit with a stiff white collared shirt and bow tie. He looked dignified, intelligent, and powerful as he stared directly into the camera with piercing eyes and the intention to “reteach people how to see” and to “recode the mental maps people project into the world.”

New images have the capability to smash the warped lenses through which we’ve been taught to see. That is the breakthrough and awakening that you may experience under this new Moon.  A willingness to smash through the stereotypical, limiting, and false ways you’ve been taught to see yourself is the opportunity.

I often look to the Karmic Sabian Symbol of Mercury the messenger to give me the literal message of a chart. In this new Moon chart Mercury is placed at 4 degrees of Virgo.  It’s Sabian symbol is “A Colored Child Playing with a White Child” (Keep in mind these symbols were channeled in the 1920’s). Diane Roche explains this symbol as one of integration. But like a dream where all the characters represent you, the message is that it’s time to learn to get along with yourself. There is a tendency to suppress and destroy those parts of ourselves we can’t understand or appreciate – and to reject others who mirror those traits back to us. It’s all distorted and twisted and most likely we experienced the full force of that while Mars transited through Scorpio. But this new Moon represents the dawn of a new day that might reveal something closer to the truth of who you actually are.

Two weeks ago the full Moon was in the sign of Capricorn – limitation, fear, and the self-discipline needed to overcome that. If all has gone well over the past two weeks we’re beginning to rebel against some old limitation, that kept us boxed in. We may have proven – or be in the process of proving – through a new “flexibility of mind” or “uncharacteristic action,” that we’re actually not the person we thought we were. As the “distorting lens” is removed we see something much better.

The Karmic Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is “Early Morning Dew.” It’s a symbol of rejuvenation and new and better days ahead. You may feel a renewal of effort, a new cycle of experience, and a “cosmic assist” being given to any of your worthwhile struggles. Now we may be better able to recognize and act on opportunity when you see it.

Mars moves, just before this new Moon rises, from the sign of Scorpio – where it’s essentially resided since the beginning of January – into the sign of Sagittarius. That can feel expansive, energizing, and inspiring. But this week it can also trigger the need to expose, acknowledge, grieve and release an abuse you once endured that distorted your perception of yourself.

The Leo Moon represents a good time to sift through old pictures of yourself as a young, happy child, full of life, expecting the best, easily able to fully immerse in the joy of the moment. (If that was never you it’s extra important to remember why.)

Before kindergarten I was a rambunctious five year old. The family joke was that if you didn’t look outside to see me playing on the swing set by myself, you’d think there were six kids out there “whoopin and hollerin,” singing and dancing, jumping off the top of the slide, hanging upside down, being extra loud five year olds.

When I went to Kindergarten, I remember being mystified when I came home from school and my mom started asking me why I didn’t raise my hand to answer questions, why I kept finger painting when it was time to help clean up, why all my pictures were green and purple, why I pushed to the head of the line when it was time to go outside -why I did lots of things I wasn’t conscious of doing.

I was unaware that my Mom sat in a “secret” room with a two-way mirror observing me while I was in school. She may have actually told me how she knew what she knew but in my mind it was all mysterious – like she could make herself invisible and be everywhere. She might have told me about the room but either I didn’t understand the two-way mirror concept or just preferred my own magical thinking.

As a result of my perfectionistic Mom trying to civilize me, I got very self-conscious in school and even outside of school. I was afraid of making mistakes. I felt like I was prone to doing things wrong and couldn’t rely on myself or my instincts. I became all the things that tragically “strangle creativity in its crib.”

The worst thing in retrospect was that I loved finger painting and totally immersed myself in it to the point of excluding everything and everyone else. After that kind of “selfishness” was brought to my attention I became a cautious finger painter – only partially immersed while making sure half my attention was always on my surroundings.

If it sounds like I’m not over this yet, I’m actually pretty sure that I am. But it distorted my lens for awhile. What cured me was slowly creating the time and the circumstances I needed to immerse myself in what I loved. It involved work and risk. First it felt selfish. Then it felt right. The world didn’t fall apart when I creatively “checked out.” It was important to prove to myself that I could be more helpful to others if I did what I loved to do.

For your own sake and for the sake of the world it’s time to step out of your old stereotypical, distorted beliefs about who you are and what you can do. The cosmos is waiting to assist you and the time is right.

New Moon Leo - 1

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