Cancer New Moon July 4th

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(New Moon in the sign of Cancer July 4th, 2016 at 4:01 AM PDT & 7:01 AM EDT)

About a month ago, the full Moon in the the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius began to highlight questions about the need for a change of heart through a change in beliefs – or a single belief. An ability to tolerate the urgings of your soul was required – more tolerance, more compassion, more acceptance. The Sagittarius Moon asked the question “can you admit that you are wrong about something that has the potential to free your soul?” Or can you at least acknowledge that something that was true, at one point in your journey, no longer is? Can you end a period of crushing soul resistance to allow something more meaningful into your life? Can you let go of a staunch belief that has proven over and over to be invalid?

Now you may have an answer – sort of. Maybe it’s not an enthusiastic “yes.” But maybe it’s no longer an automatic “no.” It’s something softer. As the soul asks for admittance into the most elite realms of your life, maybe you open the door just a crack. Maybe you extend a hand. Maybe you invite her in. Maybe you make her stand outside, but despite some residual fear, you don’t cower in darkness and pretend you’re not home. That is no longer sustainable and you may have gotten the memo.

The following information might be helpful:

If you are an Aries, despite some punishing past experience, your soul may be requesting entrance into an aspect of your past, into your home, or family, in the form of a more compassionate attitude toward relatives and your own history. Maybe your attitude toward someone who has hurt you (mother?) softens as you decide to nurture a connection rather automatically rejecting or over-regulating it. Maybe the light of your soul shows you how this is possible.

If you are a Taurus your soul may be asking admittance into the realm of your mind and communication style. You may need to soften your attitude toward something you have deemed ignorant, wrong, backward, or of little use to you. You may need to learn to “speak the language of another” in order to reconnect to something that warms your heart and fills your life with deeper meaning.

If you are Gemini your soul may be asking admittance into the realm of what you value most. It’s time to allow your soul to have a say in what it is you need in order to survive. Maybe what keeps your fear contained in the short-run does not meet the qualifications something essential. Maybe it’s time to reorder your priorities in a way that makes survival dependent on what actually means the most to you. Most likely that involves a detoxified, meticulously clean, and simple process for connecting and staying connected.

If you are a Cancer, your soul is asking for a say in your style and approach to life. Self-protecton is important, but how is that best achieved? Less fear and more compassion may be the answer. Allowing others feel “at home” in your presence could be your new first response. Your relationship to the past and to your mom may require something warmer and more welcoming. Maybe it’s time to make a warm and welcoming home for yourself.

If you are a Leo your soul is asking admittance into its own realm – the part of you that you keep separate and private. The soul is asking for an acknowledgement of its existence as a delicate but central part of yourself. It’s asking for a softer, more forgiving approach – a less punishing, more enjoyable way of keeping yourself motivated. Maybe you don’t need to believe that your sensitivity is a threat to your foundational strength. Maybe you could be a kind friend to yourself and the world would not fall apart.

If you are a Virgo someone or something that threatens the status quo – something unique and unusual, odd or eccentric – may be asking to be welcomed into your life. It may be a potential lover, a child, a creative project, or something that could simply make your life much more enjoyable. It’s time to consider that your soul may come in the form of a “disruptive package” – the vehicle that provides access to a more meaningful life.

If you are a Libra your soul may come in the form of a willingness to consider new career options. Living up to your family’s expectations for you (your Dad’s expectation’s maybe) has on some level been soul crushing for you. Your new motto – if it doesn’t feel good it’s probably not. Time to welcome your soul into the atmosphere of your career. Time to extend a hand and consider that she may be the force that makes everything right.

If you are a Scorpio, for your world to feel meaningful, your future demands the inclusion of your soul. In fact your soul and its delicate, life-giving, nature may be the central component to your developing philosophy of life. If your soul must be ignored in order for you to sustain the life you’ve built, then that life that must fall apart. Your soul must not be excluded for the sake of your future. Welcome it with open arms and design your future around it no matter how rebellious that feels.

If you are a Sagittarian, your soul may be asking for admittance into the realm of your sex life. Intimacy may require something that makes you frighteningly vulnerable, as it always does, but your reward may be especially well worth the risk. Your soul requires the deepest level of engagement and honesty. Lying to yourself about what’s “good enough” may be taking you to a dark place. Time to tell the unapologetic truth about who you are and what you need.

If you are a Capricorn, your soul may be asking admittance into the realm of your relationships. Your soul may come in the form of a partner who needs more room to feel alive within the relationship boundaries you strictly enforce. It may be time to push those back in order to make room for a more meaningful relationship. Time to transcend your rigid insistence on keeping it safe as opposed to fully alive and well-balanced.

If you are an Aquarian, your soul may come in the form of healer asking for your cooperation in her healing efforts. A stubborn adherence to old patterns, inherited tendencies, and the need to keep everything on an even keel may be stopping you from ending something that needs to end. Time to release your passive approach to accepting what is unnecessary for you to accept. Time for a new kind of flexibility in defense of your battered soul. Time for something warmer and more supportive.

If you are a Pisces, your soul is asking for entrance into the realm of self-love. Maybe your soul comes in the form of a friend who refuses to accept your rejection of yourself – someone who clearly shows you that you are lovable and encourages you to consider that possibility. You do not need to achieve something more in order to deserve to be loved. Your soul is tired of that poor excuse (lie) for refusing her admission and authority over your life. She’s giving it another try. Open the door and welcome her in even if that requires admitting you were wrong about yourself.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful 4th of July.


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