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On December 21st of 2010 (Winter Solstice) there was a full Moon eclipse at 29 degrees of Gemini. The issues six years ago have come to a culmination point. It’s time for a course reversal and a release that involves your mind, your vision for the future, and your methods for deciding what you decide.

For myself December of 2010 was the end of a difficult year. Both my parents died in 2010 – my mom in January, my Dad in October. During that Gemini Full Moon eclipse I was trying to figure out what to do with myself for Christmas. Traditionally my Dad helped us decorate the tree, there were kids involved, and we went to my sister’s for Christmas. It was a busy, demanding, and usually joyful time.

I always knew what my role was at Christmastime but in 2010 I didn’t. I was lost, slightly panicked, and dreading having to decide how to spend Christmas day. It didn’t occur to me to check in with my broken heart to see what it wanted and needed. It didn’t occur to me to make contact with myself, to let my soul take the lead, and guide me in the right direction. That would have been new and different.

In 2010 the Cancer South Node (and my circumstances) encouraged a break from the past and old dependencies but I was hanging on. Fortunately that year there was my partner Michael and his needs and expectations to consider. Michael’s birthday and Christmas coincide so it’s both a dual celebration and an effort to keep the two distinct. Once I started thinking in terms letting another’s needs and desires determine my action I was back on familiar ground.

Weirdly, though, I decided that a few days in Los Angeles for Christmas would be a good idea. At the time we didn’t have friends or family there. Los Angeles can be a soulless place if you’re not energized and connected. But since I was still in a soul-neglecting phase, that choice might have been oddly fitting.

I can’t remember exactly what we did. I do remember thinking we were spending a lot of money for me to be sleep walking through the trip – and for Michael to be feeling how completely “not there” I was. Feeling festive was beyond me. Feeling anything was a stretch. My mind noticed and magnified the L.A. grit and grime, the loneliness of the homeless, the emptiness of the streets, the pitiful nature of being at a mostly empty restaurant on Christmas day – surrounded by waiters who wanted to be anyplace else.

I resented L.A.’s warm sunny weather. It was an affront to my memories and past connections. If it was a successful Christmas it would have been snowing, or sleeting. I should have chosen a trip to the mountains. Some awful weather might have made it all work. I kept insisting on being lost and guessing about the right course of action when there was no need to.

On December 20th, 2010 the U.S. Senate voted to repeal “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell,” the law that banned gay people from serving openly in the military. DADT didn’t allow gay people to say who they were or to act as they were. But at Christmastime, in 2010, suddenly, they were free to be themselves – at least from a military and legal standpoint. The fear of being dishonorably or involuntarily discharged was gone. The political landscape meshed with the personal landscapes and the message, wrapped in new freedom, was a challenging one.

Last week, at a gay nightclub in Orlando, a man armed with an assault rifle committed the largest mass killing in US history. The gay community apparently triggered his hatred of himself and others. He was an American citizen of Afghan ancestry. What is known about him is a work in progress. He was said to be a misogynist with homophobic tendencies. The New York Times reports that “the recollections of those who knew Omar Mateen or encountered him conjure a man forever aggrieved; forever not at peace; forever out of step.”

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell codified for seventeen years the requirement to be someone other than who you were if your way of being upset the status quo. Last week may have highlighted the unsustainability of that kind of intolerance. What society is willing to tolerate leaves most of us, in one way or another, aggrieved, agitated, and out of step – though thankfully to a lesser degree than Omar Mateen. Repealing a law is easy. Unraveling years of multi-directional pressure to hide, pretend, and follow along, is a different story. But now the time is ripe for concrete change.

Full Moon’s are always about relationships – at the most essential level, your relationship to your soul, your relationship to yourself. The Sabian symbol for this full Moon is “The Pope” – a symbol insisting that your soul – the deepest internal sense of spiritual knowing and wisdom – courageously step forward into its rightful, sacred, and infallible position of leadership. The days of your soul being unheard and “along for the ride” are numbered. She’s ready to lead, as she’s always been, once you come to your senses and consistently rely on her wisdom.

Now through August 2nd Mars in Scorpio gives you the focus, the means, and the courage to expose and unravel old psychological conditioning and well worn patterns. Putting your soul in the lead – wherever she may lead – frees you to fulfill your potential. Because Uranus and Eris quincunx Mars, it’s time for some major life adjustment – an adjustment that seeped into your consciousness six years ago, but has now ripened to the point of actually being able to fuel concrete change.

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to consider a break from your usual mode of operation. Sagittarius emphasizes faith in yourself and wisdom within. It’s not necessary to guess what your next right move might be. If you ask and listen the answer will come and it will feel right. But it might be an answer you were hoping, with all the energy of your lower self, would never come. That’s when an infusion of courage is required.  

Gestating now is what will be initiated in August – or maybe the beginning of September. You may want to envision and outline some first steps. During the month of July you may need to overthrow your “inner victimized self” (South Node in Pisces) from her designated position as the final decider. She’s too busy evading, avoiding, and being exhausted to steer you in any productive direction. She’s completely lost. Time to stop following her.

The Moon in the final degree of Sagittarius implies that you are on the cusp of a new reality that involves growth, hard work, and a type of critical achievement that can only manifest with a firm commitment to allowing your soul to take the lead.

Read the following for your Moon sign. If you don’t know your Moon sign click here to look it up.

If you’re an Aries it’s time to support your vision of yourself as a pioneering leader, a risk taker, and a soul infused dynamo. Time to release the belief that intuitive messages and inner guidance weren’t really meant to be relied upon – that they’re secondary to other more “valid means” of designing your style and approach to life.

If you’re a Taurus, its time to support your vision for a powerful creative partnership with your soul. Time to release old friends, loves, and associations that diminish or contradict personal soul yearnings, guidance, and messaging. Time to release the belief that magic and ritual aren’t valid, available, and effective methods for you.

If you’re a Gemini it’s time to support a vision of relationship bliss anchored in deep soul connection. Time to release beliefs that relationships obstruct personal goals, that sensitivity interferes with security, that you lack what’s needed within the realm of relationships, or that commitment will render you financially powerless.

If you’re a Cancer its time to support your vision for a meaningful job with meaningful responsibilities and lots of creative space. You may need to release a lack of faith in yourself, poorly defined visions for the future, a tendency to expect a future of disappointment, or closing your mind to possibilities you hadn’t anticipated.

If you’re a Leo it’s time to support your vision for a joy-filled, fun-filled, endlessly creative existence with a willing release your dependence on vague support, no support, or the feeling that your better off going it alone.

If you’re a Virgo it’s time to support your vision for a joy-filled home and a solid sense of security with a release of old dependent relationships and move toward greater independence.

If you’re a Libra it’s time to support your vision for a a free and independent communicative role (maybe writing) with a release of meaningless or soul-diminishing responsibilities that keep you tied down.

If you’re a Scorpio it’s time to support your vision for financial independence with a clearer definition of what brings you the most joy and a release of your need to sacrifice that very thing.

If you’re a Sagittarian it’s time to support your vision for a free and independent role (within relationships maybe) by releasing your past, your old approach to family members, and your old approach to your emotional self. Adjustments to your home or a move may be required.

If you are a Capricorn it’s time to support your vision for a deep soul connection with your dreams by releasing your dependency on others to define your dreams for you.

If you are an Aquarian it’s time to support your vision for expansive freedom and influence with a release of poverty and poorly defined or dependent financial methods and objectives.

If you are a Pisces it’s time to support your vision for achieving the freedom to pursue what’s most meaningful to you by diminishing your evasive approach to decision making, leadership, and the initiation of something new.

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