Gemini New Moon June 4th

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Gemini New Moon Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 8:00 PM PDT & 11:00 PM EDT

If all’s gone well  since the Sagittarius full Moon on May 21st, chances are you’ve experienced something that made an old belief about the way the world works null and void.  Chances are it was an experience that didn’t go according to plan or veered wildly “off-course” leaving you to wonder about many of your assumptions. If all has gone well your mind has been opened to the possibility of some new and different conclusions all as a result of having been proven wrong or at least partially wrong.

As I look back,for me It all started with a reluctant visit to a doctor. I’m a nurse. I don’t want to visit doctors.They scare me. I don’t want to be a patient for any reason ever.  But I needed an order to be able to check my vitamin D levels, so I scheduled an appointment. .

My belief was that I was going to be hassled.  I was going to have to jump through the normal hoops and over the usual roadblocks the health care system sets in place. Starting off I assumed I would have to wait in a waiting room. I brought some charts to work on and I did have to wait – but only for about a minute and a half.

I assumed the doctor was going to be put off by my request for a specific lab test.  I assumed she would assume that I was one of those over confident nurses who thought they could diagnose and treat themselves.  All of that would have been correct. But in person she didn’t seem especially judgmental.  She was low key and undoctor-like and as we talked the thought crossed my mind that she would be fun to hang out with.

I assumed she was going to want to take a medical history and that I would have to play along. I was right on this one. She did take a medical history.  She asked me if I had any pain so I offered that occasionally my back hurt. I was ready for her to suggest pain medication and some test that involved radiation and I was prepared to nicely refuse. But here’s where things veered off course.

She looked at my back and seemed impressed by the degree of curvature in my spine. She asked me if I wanted an order for physical therapy and Japanese acupuncture. What?  Of course I wanted that -especially the Japanese acupuncture part.  She suggested 20 physical therapy sessions and 12 acupuncture sessions. Amazing. She recommended an acupuncturist who practices four blocks from my house.  Her office is located in the  same building as the “spine and sport” physical therapists.The cost to me was minimal in every way.

I followed up. I thought I would meet some interesting people and I thought it might be mildly helpful. But it’s been way beyond mildly helpful.  It seems that a physical re-alignment has triggered an emotional, psychological, and spiritual re-alignment that’s hard to explain away.  If I had to explain it astrologically I would say that Mercury’s placement in Taurus (physical strength and grounding) triggered it.

As the right side of my back gets stronger I  seem to experience  emotional breakthroughs, spiritual realizations, and sublime changes I can’t define or categorize. It has changed my approach to life, opened my mind, and invited new gifts in the form of information that seems to coincide and further build on the momentum in progress.

I forgot to ask for the vitamin D order.  But now it seems irrelevant.

The context and backdrop for this new Gemini new Moon is provided by the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square (massive undermining of “settled”  theories, beliefs, assumptions, and what we “know” to be true),  Pluto in Capricorn (massive structural breakdown), and the Uranus/Eris conjunction (unpredictability, forcefully accelerated progress in the direction of something more enlightening).

In the midst of massive breakdown, planting a new seed that thrives feels more possible now than ever. Everything falling apart opens the door to a new and different world and amazing possibilities.

Under a Gemini new Moon, the mind appears to benefit from an infusion of agility and flexibility that wasn’t previously possible.  Your old frame of mind knew it knew what it knew and everything around you may have reinforced that.  It’s been hard to make  changes under stable conditions.

The Sun, Moon, and Venus align as one at 14 degrees of Gemini. Saturn opposes that stellium and Neptune squares it. Saturn is challenging you to put together a structure that can accommodate the future.  Neptune confuses you and makes you feel victimized if you harbor any resistance to a more compassionate approach to yourself and others. The current message seems to be that only those new structures  built on compassion and love will survive.

So now it may be time to think futuristically and compassionately about a new approach to a new life.  A new Gemini Moon powerfully facilitates this by giving you an opportunity to change your past.  It’s done with an open mind willing to ascribe a different, more truthful meaning to past experiences. More than anything, under a Gemini new Moon, it seems important to plant the seed of a new and different past.  What does it mean that your relationship has been a disappointment?   If you’ve concluded that was because of the many “mistakes” you made, or those your partner made, or your compulsiveness, or a bad decision, or incompatible personalities,  it’s time to rewrite that story within the bigger context of what you’ve learned and what the purpose of your life actually is.

In this new Moon chart, Mercury at 21 degrees of Taurus rules the Moon, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter. It’s meaning is central to unraveling the meaning of the new Moon. On a basic level Taurus symbolizes the physical body, the senses, and the experience of feeling grounded. Establishing a sense of being physically balanced during upheaval, breakdown, and transition involves attending to the physical body and adapting skillfully to the changes it requires.

The Sabian symbol for 21 degrees of Taurus is “A Finger Pointing in an Opened Book”  According to the symbolist Diana Roche it speaks to rectification, seeing things in new ways, correcting misconceptions and gaining insight into experiences that have been misinterpreted, not fully understood, or under-appreciated. A new attitude toward your physical body, food, money, and your most natural instincts may be emphasized. Something new may be triggered by new information.

Adaptation to a rapidly evolving brain and nervous system is a common challenge shared by humanity since around the time of the 2012 winter solstice.  Your capacity for connecting on levels you hadn’t imagined requires an open mind grounded in a body that’s  balanced and better aligned. The notion of vibratory frequency, the ability of the body to hold a particular vibrational frequency, it’s healing capacity,  telepathic possibilities, new ways of communicating, and the power of invisible networks, may attract your interest and demand your attention under a Gemini new Moon.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysteri-
ous. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this
emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and
stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

-Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Since May I would guess you’re eyes have been opened in new and critical ways.

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