Saturday’s Sagittarius Full Moon

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Full Moon Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at 2:14 PM PDT & 5:14 PM EDT 1 Degree of Sagittarius 14′

It is possible that over the past couple weeks your perspective on your relationship to yourself and the world has changed. Full Moons symbolize, among other things, culminations and endings. Maybe you had pursued something for as long as you could. Chances are you outgrew your circumstances like a child outgrows his shoes. However important, useful, or sacred, it became (or will become) uncomfortable or unnecessary to continue walking around in shoes one size too small.

Change is hard especially if we’ve built an identity around a situation we rely on. But something tipped the scales to the point where it no longer felt natural or life-supporting to keep things as they were.

You may have analyzed it “every which way but Sunday” trying to figure out how you could sustain something you were deeply attached to – or recover it. But Mercury, on the cusp of re-establishing its forward motion, requires a decision or a release. That decision may involve financial stability but also coming to terms with natural cycles, progressions, and the ability to re-establish yourself.

Because this is a lunar influence, emotions and memories are energized. Your past may be an issue. Your home may no longer reflect who you are and what you need. You might have to change your life direction. You might have to move.

The history you have with someone may be an emotionally difficult consideration. But seven placements in Pisces make holding onto something you’ve outgrown very difficult. Pisces eventually dissolves what we cannot bring ourselves to release. Relentless Pluto can make it all so toxic we sense our survival at stake and become very practical.

Eclipses at 1 degree of Sagittarius (the exact sign and degree of this full Moon) occurred in Nov. 1965, Nov. 1984, and Nov. 2003. This family of eclipses (Saros Cycle 4 South) indicates the sudden ending of associations or a relationship, possibly involving a younger person. There is an intense emotional component – a sense of a traumatic transformation of some kind. Information, learning, or something foreign can be intricately involved.

I remember November of 1965. My world fell apart at a young age when my Dad was transferred from Cleveland to Ann Arbor Michigan and we had to move. It was a traumatic transformation. Now, on a more refined level, my old way of understanding myself and my place in the world is changing. It feels intense but also somewhat spacious and exciting. Some things do get easier with age and a broader perspective.

The Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini. At a physical level our nervous system is now challenged to move into alignment with the new higher frequency at which we may now – or soon will be – operating. The move to a higher frequency may be occurring as a result of a better understanding, new thought patterns, or the release of something heavy and restricting.

Balancing Gemini and Sagittarius can also manifest as the need open your mind to the kind of information that will challenge your current, relatively small perspective. Listening to another’s point of view, actually reading a book that was recommended to you, noticing synchronous connections, and traveling to places in your heart, soul, mind, and on the physical plane, that put you in contact with something you don’t know. Adaptation may be a challenge. .

In some sense this full Moon offers the opportunity to reignite your mind and to re-awaken your essential passion. Smoldering is a fire within that needs a small spark to bring it back to a full blaze. After a period of “sleepwalking” through an untenable or difficult situation, you may be feeling more awake.

Saturn, the ever-present “wet blanket,” makes us work harder than we want to for good reason. If we refuse or pretend, he keeps us stuck and allows us to travel down countless dead end roads.

Currently Saturn may be making it difficult for us to feel inspired by ordinary things or circumstances. It takes work, focus, and discipline to see things in a different way – to look at things we’re used to seeing with a fresh pair of eyes. This is the fundamental first step in ohanging whatever it is you want to change – or to recover completely from a traumatic transformation.

Personally I had always thought that if I accepted a bad situation I feared could not be changed – or worse, decided to see it as useful and maybe advantageous to me, it would persist. But there seems to be the opposite dynamic at work – some universal fact about cause and effect.

Changing perspective begins to dissolve what’s been crystallized or “set in stone.” It takes some work, self-discipline, and prying open of a closed mind, to ascribe new meaning to old things. Considering the possibility that there are other ways to interpret your life experience besides the way you currently do seems to be the precursor to change. Whatever meaning you choose to give something can be changed.

You could interpret a painful relationship as punishment for bad judgement, for weakness, for breaking the rules, for not being smart enough, courageous enough, powerful enough, loving enough, beautiful enough, or clever enough to make it better.

Or you could interpret a painful relationship as a gift that teaches you something thing you need to know about yourself – something that frees you to confidently be who you are while making decisions that are right for you. The likelihood of changing something you don’t like is better if you ascribe to it meaning that doesn’t diminish but rather supports you. In truth that is the purpose of all difficult experience – to support you as you attempt to be as true to yourself as you possibly can be. That is the way the universe works.

The Karmic Sabian symbol for this full Moon is “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire” It alludes to reminiscing about the good old days. More poignantly it signifies a reunion. The opportunity this full Moon represents is the opportunity to move closer to your true self.

Sagittarius Full Moon

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