Full Moon in Leo

(Mosaic Art – Bets Youngquist))

Leo Full Moon Saturday, Jan.23rd, at 5:46 PM PST & 8:46 PM EST

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the source of all life and illumination. It is likely that over the past couple weeks something important has been newly illuminated or clarified. Possibly an inner source of power, a talent, an idea, or emerging situation, cast under this progressively brightening lunar light, reveals a new direction that feels both unlikely and boldly accurate.

Nine months from now (October), if all goes well, “a new baby will be born” in the form of a personal creation guided by recent revelations. The beautiful new baby is mostly the result of a focused effort to undo something you’ve always done. Actions you take on February 1st further clarify the nature of your understanding and the extent of your willingness to eliminate longstanding road blocks.

Standing in the way of progress may be unnecessary distortions related to relationships – relationships to partners or relationships to a particular realm of your life experience. As you embrace some important change, inflated egos, dramas, and childish dependencies may be the first things that need to go. One of the gifts of this full Moon is the ability to focus intently on identifying practical actions that can clear your path.

I can hazard some guesses as to what has recently been highlighted for you for future development and a new direction. These are based on your Moon sign.

Click here for a table to determine your Moon sign. If you know your birthtime and would like a more precise answer, send me an e-mail and I’ll let you know.

Clarified for Aries may be the extent of their power to influence and transform business partnerships and to restore trust that has been destroyed. The coast is cleared through a focus on practical actions to change the nature of your connections and thoughts to solidify your professional/social role.

Clarified for Taurus are revelations regarding your ability to transform others on a personal, open-hearted level, through artistic power. A focus on practical steps to distance yourself from the known and familiar while learning something new (most likely related to communication) releases your power.

For Gemini revelations involve the extent of your power to transform and strengthen mysterious connections to the soul. Releasing your full power involves a willingness to focus on practical actions to diminish distracting, compulsive, power struggles.

For Cancers revelations involve the power to open hearts through powerful projections of compassion and love. Releasing your transformative power requires a focus on practical steps to unleash yourself from meaningless responsibilities within relationships.

For Leos clarifications involve their power to provide stable foundations, warmth, and cocoons for healing wounds from the past. Practical steps to unleash this transformative magic requires a focus on changing compulsive work habits that distance you from your soul and block access to an inner guidance that gives you strategic advantages.

Clarified for Virgos may be the hidden power of honest words and a purified mindset to transform outdated beliefs and perspectives. An intentional focus on practical actions that remove distortions related to love affairs and children is key to releasing your full power.

Clarified for Libra is the extent of their ability to wield power and healing influence through financial stability, resource management, and the elevation of your own, or another’s, personal sense of self-worth. Needing your focused attention and practical action are compulsive issues related to control through financial manipulation and dependency.

Clarified for Scorpios may be the extent of their power to transform physical health and strength as well as styles and approach to lifes for the purpose of healing unsatisfying relationships. An intent focus on taking practical action to unravel misleading communication, to tell the truth about money, and your sense of self-worth, releases your full power to influence and change.

Clarified for Sagittarius is the intangible, immeasurable, magical nature of their power to transform and heal through the suspension of normal rules and attachments. Practical changes and intense focus need to be applied to the areas of personal self worth and financial stability.

Clarified for Capricorn is the extent of their social power and ability to dramatically influence progress through engagement with groups, the masses, and humanity in general. Practical actions free groups and alliances to progress into the future. Intent focus and practical actions designed to increase your independence and willingness to lead may be required.

Clarified for Aquarius may be the extent of their power to heal and the powerful, leadership role they are capable of playing to usher the masses into the future. Now an intentional focus on practical actions that can facilitate the release of traditional expectations and the suspension of rules, place “front and center” what has thus far been marginalized.

Clarified for Pisces is the extent to which they are able to extend and expand their power and influence in the world through direct, possibly foreign, experiences. Needing their focus and attention is a willingness to reach out to strategic new contacts and alliances held together by universal love, common purpose, and intense creative urges.

As Sagittarian Moon’s know best, resistance to change is rooted in the subconscious mind, outside the bounds of awareness. More indirect, unscientifically proven methods are better at releasing chronic resistance than traditionally recommended, mainstream, step-by-step processes. An openness to using the urgings of the muse – music, dance, poetry, writing, art, contemplation, and the beauty of nature to release persistent resistance may be most effective.

Polyhymnia, the greek Muse of sacred music and eloquence, is traveling side-by-side with this full Leo Moon. Listening to (or making) sacred music – or music that is sacred to you – may be a particularly effective way to eliminate compulsive resistance.

Worth mentioning as well is Terpsichore’s influence over compulsive mindsets and routines. She is the muse of Dance and astrologically she is placing a lot of pressure on Mercury/Pluto in the form of an exact square aspect. She is fighting back against the urge to do what you’ve always done. So practically speaking, if you find yourself having the same same thoughts that have always prevented meaningful change, it’s time dance. .

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