Sagittarius New Moon Friday, Dec 11th

(Laura Stern – Mosaic Art)

New Moon 19 Degrees of Sagittarius 03′ Friday,December 11, 2015 at 2:29 AM PST & 5:29 AM EST

Are you in the mood to move your habitat?  (“Pelican’s Moving Their Habitat” is the Sabian symbol for this New Sagittarian Moon.)  Making a much needed change – after the delay and confusion involved in tinkering around the edges – could take some work. I’m sure you, like everyone, would just as soon take a pass on that. After all, taking a pass has worked for awhile, but Mercury’s recent move into reality-based Capricorn, is telling you that actually it hasn’t worked all that well. Actually it’s taken a toll and that toll is beginning to interfere with your freedom to expand and grow into a bigger future.

So skipping steps is a typical Sagittarian “strategy” – if you can call it that. Actually we don’t even see steps.(I have my natal Moon in Sagittarius so I’m taking the liberty of speaking for this Moon) Those are categorized as “details” that we generally don’t deal with. We rely on Virgo to do that – and she does a great job. And seeing steps in some kind of sequential order? No. We don’t do that either. As long as the big picture doesn’t get too messed up and we can focus on something vaguely promising, we’re fine.

But since Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius back in December of 2014 – and now Mercury’s decided to actually lead that “down-beat reality parade,” we get the message that we have to grow in directions that don’t seem like much fun. We used to say “if it isn’t fun what’s the point?” Now we’re toning that down a little – temporarily. There does seem to be a point.

We’ve become too confined within the structures we’ve built. And even if we can tolerate those (we’re good at tolerance) why should we? The answer to that question needs to be blunt and honest – and maybe kind of funny if you decide to look at it from just the right perspective.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to be proven wrong. A change, especially a big one, could indicate that we’ve been wrong about something at some point. That’s hard for a “know-it-all,” and we can certainly be that. Actually we do know a lot. When my Sagittarius Moon starts talking about all the life experiences I’ve had, people think I’m lying….(or exaggerating, which isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility for a Sag – that’s pronouced “saj”) It just seems to others like we pack an awful lot into one lifetime. But that’s what we do, and we learn a lot in the process, and we like to share what we know – generously.

But emotionally we cannot tolerate feeling confined. That would be like being a Cancer without a home, or a Virgo who’s no longer needed, or a Leo without an audience, or a Taurus without something delicious to eat, or a Capricorn on vacation, or a Scorpio without a juicy secret, etc., etc…..

We wither when we can’t express enthusiastically our most adventurous needs to step into the unknown and figure it out as we go along, when we can’t be honest, when we can’t grow in a direction that feels fun and exciting, when we can’t expand our world to include more of the people and things that mean the most to us. We wither without an abundance of love of the type that is tolerant, light-hearted, encouraging, fun, and generous. The kind of lover we need has to make us laugh often and has to give us space to roam and discover. Let me be clear. These needs are not optional. They’re not “it would be nice to have” kinds of things. These are necessities that we need in order to survive and thrive – like food and water.

So, at the moment, Sagittarius rules a realm of your life that is being challenged to breakout and “move beyond.” Saturn will challenge you and work with you on this project until December of 2017. Then he, himself, will be moving on. Within some realm of your life, it’s time to move your habitat to a place that makes it easier to survive and thrive.

Neptune is making it especially easy, through 2016, to undo life-long bad habits. If those bad habits relate to playing the martyr, avoiding and evading, undermining your own efforts, neglecting your health, or otherwise taking on some “self-less servant” kind of role for the convenience of an a–hole, (Sag rude blunt talk) – those can be unraveled relatively easily now. Sagittarius’s partner sign, Gemini, advises you to start telling the truth. And Pisces (part of the “mutable” club) advises you to break out whatever makes you feel artistic and creative. Virgo (another member of the “mutables”) encourages you to devise an intelligent, rather detail oriented (you can do it Sag!!!) plan for the kind of future you envision when you’re not busy thinking about what you deserve, or what seems “do-able” from your current, admittedly or not, limited perspective.

When you’re in a state of heightened anticipation, when you’re planning your next trip abroad, laughing with friends, creating more space, considering higher education, and loving the fact that you’ve surrounded yourself with meaningful people, place, and things, you’re on the right track.

Here’s my take on where there’s is work to be done. I’m looking from the perspective of your Moon sign – because we’re talking about the Moon here and she works on a different, deeper level, than the Sun. If you don’t know your Moon sign e-mail me or click here to check the moon tables.

If your Moon is in the sign of…..

Aries – You have Sag (and Saturn) in your 9th house. Sag is most at home in the 9th house. So it’s as though Saturn has invaded a once spacious part of your life and made it smaller so that you feel extra pain and have the urge to do something about it. It’s time to plan your escape – meticulously. It’s time to identify the kinds of people, places, and things that feel meaningful to you. Find ways to deliberately bring them into your life. It’s time to break the bad habit of trying to control others. You’ve got your hands full with yourself. Transfer those controlling impulses to the wild territory that is your own mind. Rein that in and set some limits that you will enforce. No more mind-wandering back into old suffering themes and dilapidated, barren, opportunity-less places. Time to focus on the future you want and what is needed, here and now, to create it.

Taurus – For you Sag falls in your 8th house of “trying to keep the rug from unexpectedly being pulled out from under you.” What has become clear is how confined and small you keep yourself in order to prevent what is essentially unpreventable. Fear looms large in this area of life. But trust can as well. It’s time to work on trusting yourself to create the kind of future you need – to break out of this cage, regardless of what you financial partners and intimate partners decide to do. It’s time to stand on your own two feet, even if you feel that at the moment there is no need to. It’s time to stop leaning on others to cushion the blows. You’re the most reliable and trustworthy source you have. Strengthen yourself financially, and do the things you need to do to increase your sense of self worth. That usually means doing the things your afraid, or too lazy, to do. Break some old bad habits. It will never be easier.

Gemini – Saturn in Sag has invaded your 7th house of relationships making something about that space feel small and confining. That’s because the past looms large emotionally. You need to update yourself by letting go of old programs that continue to play in your head. Bad relationships from the past, suddenly having the rug pulled out from under you, misplaced trust, – all of that belongs to the past and it needs to be released. You don’t need, under current circumstances, to have complete and total control. If your partners are so unreliable that you actually do need complete and total control, then it’s time to find new partners. Most likely you need a new style and approach to relationships that can only happen if you release the confinement of the past.

Cancer – Cancers need to take a look at what they do in order to sustain their relationships. Most likely it is something that confines you to a space that makes it necessary for you to be more perfect than human, more oriented to detail than cognizant of the big picture, more guilt-ridden than joy-filled, or more servant-like than partner-like. That is most likely the result of some bad habits that have been in place for awhile. Those need to end in order for you to have the space you need to do the kind of amazing, uplifting, work you’re capable of doing. Your methods simply need adjustments. What is at stake is your ability to “put on paper” the brilliant, creative ideas you formulate in your mind.

Leo – Leo could use some expansion in the “fun department.” That joy and uninhibited exuberance has been confined is in some kind of ongoing distorted approach to work, responsibility, and health. Chances are this area of life contains an element of compulsion. In other words you can’t not do, or undo, what you know isn’t that good for you. Actually you can, but it takes the opposite of hard work, which you’re somewhat addicted to. It takes a conscious effort to identify what you enjoy and to see that as “on par” with the value of work. Learning to have fun, maybe even before all the work is done, is an act of self-respect. There is “a time and a place” but for you love, laughing, playing, entertaining, performing, and being child-like, has all been diminished and devalued in some way. It’s time to rethink your beliefs in this regard.

Virgo – So lately there may have been some big projects at home that have confined you in some way. Or you haven’t felt “at home.” Or your security has been undermined in some way. Or the past is grossly interfering with your need to “get on with it.” Whatever the cause for confinement, you can thank some inhibition or scarcity within the love/joy/creativity department. Somehow your creative instinct for “making money” has been held back. Partners may not be generously contributing. Kids may be expensive. Lovers may be distracting you, or complications involving past love relationships may have distorted your current beliefs. Its all adding up to a sense of security that feels inadequate in some way. It’s time to do some work to better integrate the past so it does not function as a distorting influence. It may be time to define what security means to you and to create the kind of financial security that makes you feel safe and at home – wherever you are.

(I meant to write one sentence for each of these Moons. How did this happen? Damn that Sag Moon! Overdoing it again.)

Libra – Libra may be feeling confined in terms of how they communicate. You may have to choose your words so carefully that you can’t say what you really think anymore. Or you may not be able to think in any big-visionary kind of way. Too many smaller, “crisis” issues may keep landing on your desk. Or the future may be just too scary to contemplate. Decision-making may feel especially confining. How did you get here? It has something to do with your shaky sense of emotional security. Alienating others with the truth may not be a luxury you feel you can afford – even if it would help the other. Fear of abandonment may be too large – or fear in general may be too large. There is something about the way you communicate that may need some work. Disciplining your mind may be un-finished business. Stepping back for a larger perspective on the direction your current approach is taking you in could be clarifying.

Scorpio – Scorpio may be underestimating themselves in ways that confine them to a narrow range of possibilities. Self-worth may be lacking to the extent that others have seen an opportunity to control you through veiled threats, insinuations, or other unscrupulous means. Scorpio may be losing ground in the area of financial independence. All of this appears to stem from not being able to say what they think, to tell the truth, to formulate an effective plan, or to use the leverage they have for fear of retribution. It’s time first to be honest with yourself – to tell yourself the truth about how valuable you actually are, minus your financial means, in the scheme of things. And it’s time to come down to earth in terms of what you can practically be expected to do for the near and long term future. It may be time to say no and mean it. It’s definitely time to stop allowing fear and poor self-esteem to dictate financial decisions.

Sag – So Sag is feeling confined by their style and approach to life, to their work, etc. You may not feel as confident as you once did in initiating something new. Your beliefs about your own value, innate talents, ability to make a living, and general worth within the marketplace, may have pigeon-holed you in some way – forced you into a style that wasn’t really you. So you’re stuck in shoes that don’t really fit and wondering how long you can sustain this facade. It’s time to let it go. Sink or swim. There is no loss you could experience that would be as bad as failing to assert the real you. What you did in the past may have been necessary, but times up. Your style is most likely way more fun than you’ve been letting on – fun for you and others as well. If you’re feeling burned out find your real voice and get loud.

Capricorn – Capricorn has felt confined by basically being shut out of any contact with their deeper, more vulnerable self. Capricorn never thought they could afford that luxury. Too much to accomplish. To much work to do to be babysitting the “cry baby” part of themselves. But they have also been disconnected from their deeper instincts and the intuition that guide most people. That’s part of the reason why Capricorn has always had to work so hard, to be meticulously prepared, leaving nothing to chance. Essentially they go through life with one hand tied behind their back and they do it well, considering… But now, fortunately, you’re older, more tired, and can’t sustain what you used to. So your reconnecting. Becoming more friendly with the part of yourself that’s softer is work and its hard, but the rewards couldn’t be greater. It’s time to take some big risks to befriend your vulnerable self. It may be time to deliberately explore the mysterious worlds that inform half of who you are.

Aquarius – Sag occupies the 11th house for Aquarius. Are you feeling lonely? Like you’ve spent too much time trying to achieve what you were trying to achieve for the past few years, and now find yourself asking “where has everybody gone?” Or maybe you’re surrounded by friends but you feel disconnected from them and their interests. Or maybe you’ve been afraid to make the kind of professional contacts you need to make. Or maybe your world has become small and boring and you need to go out on a limb to shake it up. You’re different, a lonely genius, but you’re very social and you need people. So think about ways you can join a club or a group that you feel might stimulate your mind. Find where like minded people hang out and take the risk of joining them. You could always quit the club if it doesn’t work out, but your mind is in need of fresh material…the “prima materia” that can be turned into a creative “work of art”.

Pisces – Pisces life has become too small with regard to their career and professional life. You may feel like you are repeating yourself, that you could do what you do with your eyes closed, or that your job does not allow for advancement, or is ill suited to your areas of expertise. But mostly, now, it may be ill-suited to what your soul craves. The reason for that may be a fear and a refusal to entertain some source of wisdom, different philosophy, or higher knowledge that could stimulate professional growth. You may think you know-it-all, or have seen it all, when it comes to mind expansion. What you may discover is that something old or ancient, well-known and well-worn, has some potential that only you can further develop. You may have to directly experience it to understand its potential for moving not only you, but the masses into the future. It’s exciting stuff that requires a new kind of openness and expansion.


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