Virgo New Moon Eclipse

Dyanne Williams – Mosaic Artist

New Moon Partial Eclipse at 20 Degrees Virgo 10′, Saturday, Sep 12th, 2015 at 11:41 PM PDT and Sunday, Sep 13th, 2015 at 2:41 AM EDT.

The Virgo Eclipse signifies an official entry into “bouce-back” mode. After an extended period of cleansing and purging, after holding steady through monumental turbulence and change – or not – we’re in recovery mode. This is “the sunshine after the storm phase” and it requires big adjustments on every level as we reawaken to the fact that we shape our own destiny.

The skills required of us when in “survival mode” are very different from those required when we’re feeling safer. Now that we’re standing on more solid ground – stronger, realigning back into what’s familiar and enduring within – desires begin to strengthen and new methods are required. Now we may be hungry for a personal achievement that will reflect what we’ve learned and the person we’ve become through the stormy turbulence. Now we are challenged to bring various disconnected elements of ourselves together into newly functioning whole.

Ceres is especially powerful in this New Moon chart. Stationary direct and placed in Capricorn (achievement), she defines the food we need, at this moment, to feed our body and soul. We’re hungering for respect, for recognition as an expert in some specialized area, for more authority over our life direction, and for a more socially influential role. Our bodies are hungry for food that is clean and restorative.

Ceres is mother earth. In this eclipse chart she conflicts with both Mars and Uranus reflecting the massive adjustments now necessary as a result of masculine domination, war, violence, and a failure to cultivate a cooperative relationship with the earth. Physical and emotional stress are reaching epic proportions. Humanity is in need of a monumental essential correction.

Symbolically a New Moon eclipse is a dark time when our sight is impaired by the absence of moonlight. We’re feeling our way through the dark, relying on our instincts, trusting ourselves, and hoping for spiritual guidance. But this eclipse chart is asking us to act boldly, despite our impaired ability to see clearly into the future.

Mars, now in the sign of Leo, requires acting with audacity and boldness. It requires us to learn something new, to showcase our talents in the best possible light, and to take risks. It requires us to assert ourselves in a broader variety of social situations. It is possible to do this successfully because Virgo facilitates everything we need.

Virgo is known for fixing things, problem solving, and good judgement. The risks we take can be well-thought-out and calculated. Through hard work, analysis, and a more detailed orientation, we can be unusually well-prepared with all the facts at our fingertips. It is possible now to project both humility and a fierce kind of love through our willingness to be bold and dramatic. The Leo/Virgo combination facilitates this fortunate blending over the next six months. We simply must choose or refuse to use the available energy.

There is no sign more capable of giving us the opportunity to be effective, constructive, hard working, self-disciplined, focus, and persistent than the sign of Virgo. Now this energy, powerfully infused in the form of a partial New Moon Eclipse, can be received as a timely gift. Combined with the influence of Chiron in Pisces our hard work and practice during this time influences our performance in the direction of graceful, effortless beauty. Like a ballerina appearing to float across the stage, under Virgo’s influence we are able to beautifully finesse desired outcomes. Like a writer lost in his own inspiration, our pens may fly across a page as we marvel at our own beautiful, brilliant words.

I mentioned in this weeks horoscopes that this eclipse is a part of the “18 North” family of eclipses. Prior to this eclipse others belonging to this same family occurred, most recently in 1961, 1979, and 1997. The flavor of this family is one of feeling physically taxed and overwhelmed in some way – exhausted, ill, or injured – while at the same time obsessively and compulsively driven to meet standards of perfection. It infers suffering brought on by the inability live up to impossibly high standards, the ensuing guilt, feelings of failure, etc.

For those interested in the deeper meanings of this eclipse energy I offer the following:

I remember the 1979 eclipse clearly because I was a new mother with a newborn not quite 3 weeks old. I had imagined myself the perfect mother, far surpassing my own mother’s performance, with incredibly high standards for nurturing and loving my first born son. I imagined myself highly capable (I was a pediatric nurse at the time) with knowledge and information that, combined with my best intentions, would make my performance as a new mother pretty much flawless. As any sane person would imagine, it didn’t work out that way. Virgo is the most effective energy possible for humbling you if you need to be humbled.

I remember how completely and totally physically exhausted I was and how emotionally strung out. I remember falling asleep while rocking my baby in a rocking chair during one late night feeding – maybe I was asleep for just a few seconds, maybe an hour, who knows. It was terrifying.

I remember a few “near misses” during bath time, falling down a flight of stairs while carrying him, and I’m sure there were more “horrifying examples of ineptitude”, but thankfully I’ve forgotten them.

I do remember losing my confidence and feeling more like a hazard than an effective mother. Sitting in judgement of imperfect parents as a young nurse came back to haunt me. It was devastating on many levels. But I needed to be devastated and broken. Feeling overwhelmed by the love I felt for new son saved me and changed me as it would again and again throughout my life.

Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces symbolizes over-confidence regarding one’s own sense of competence, the inevitable “fall from grace”, and the ultimate fix.

Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Poet, and one of my favorites, has his North Node (life purpose) at 20 degrees of Virgo, the exact degree and sign of this upcoming Solar Eclipse.

“Ode to Broken Things”

Things get broken
at home
like they were pushed
by an invisible, deliberate smasher.
It’s not my hands
or yours
It wasn’t the girls
with their hard fingernails
or the motion of the planet.
It wasn’t anything or anybody
It wasn’t the wind
It wasn’t the orange-colored noontime
Or night over the earth
It wasn’t even the nose or the elbow
Or the hips getting bigger
or the ankle
or the air.
The plate broke, the lamp fell
All the flower pots tumbled over
one by one. That pot
which overflowed with scarlet
in the middle of October,
it got tired from all the violets
and another empty one
rolled round and round and round
all through winter
until it was only the powder
of a flowerpot,
a broken memory, shining dust.

And that clock
whose sound
the voice of our lives,
the secret
thread of our weeks,
which released
one by one, so many hours
for honey and silence
for so many births and jobs,
that clock also
and its delicate blue guts
among the broken glass
its wide heart

Life goes on grinding up
glass, wearing out clothes
making fragments
breaking down
and what lasts through time
is like an island on a ship in the sea,
surrounded by dangerous fragility
by merciless waters and threats.

Let’s put all our treasures together
— the clocks, plates, cups cracked by the cold —
into a sack and carry them
to the sea
and let our possessions sink
into one alarming breaker
that sounds like a river.
May whatever breaks
be reconstructed by the sea
with the long labor of its tides.
So many useless things
which nobody broke
but which got broken anyway
-Pablo Neruda

Thanks for reading.

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