Pisces Full Moon

This Full Moon culminates on August 29th, 2015, at 11:35 AM PDT & 2:35 PM EDT, at 6 Degrees, 6′ of Pisces. At its deepest level, and central to its core meaning, is Nessus, a minor planet with major healing influences. Nessus is aligned with this full Moon at 1 degree of Pisces. For astrology enthusiasts, it falls on the midpoint of Uranus/Pluto – the primary indicators of an “old order collapse” and the construction of something new.

With this full Moon we approach the culmination point in a process that has collapsed our personal “old emotional order.” Nessus and the Moon, both in Pisces, bring an end to the unfathomable ties that have always bound us to certain people, places, and situations. Those unfathomable ties had deep ancestral roots that have been, or are in the process of being, uprooted.

We’ve come to the end of a long karmic road upholding and mindlessly “carrying the torch” for ancestors who were oppressed, abused, and helpless. This full Moon in Pisces (conjunct Neptune) infuses a powerful dissolving energy that makes it virtually impossible to continue sacrificial and victimized emotional patterns. Pluto exposes and tells the truth. Uranus destroys. We may be feeling the internal destruction and subsequent emotional shift.

No longer do we have the motivation to sustain what we always have. We’ve transcended to a new level – or are in the midst of that process, basically because the cosmic timing is ripe for doing so.

It can be argued that the culmination and endings we experience in conjunction with this full Moon began at the end of February in 2009. At that time some powerful “slippage” was set in motion reflecting the new Moon at 6 Degrees of Pisces. It would make sense that at that time internal structures began to fail. On some level, we were beginning to loose our grip.

That may have been reflected in the form of deteriorating outer circumstances. For myself it was a time when both my mother and father were dying. Emotionally, on most days I could convince myself that it wasn’t really happening. But around that time denial was becoming harder to sustain.

Early spring of 2009 portended a time when we would have to abandon what had previously kept us emotionally tethered – the entire nature of your emotional/soul life.

The North Node (our current purpose and future potential) is presently symbolized by “The Light of the Sixth race Transmuted to the Seventh” This weird symbol speaks to the past projected into the future, or history revealing itself to our generation, in order to help us understand where we’re headed, especially if nothing happens to change the course of events.

Watching current leaders promote nationalism, listening to hateful speech, encouraging humans to define one another as enemies, attempts to perpetuate oppression of certain groups, certainly clarifies where we’re headed if nothing changes.

But things are changing in a positive way – one soul at a time, a process that’s building to critical mass. At it’s core the personal internal revolution we experience is changing the future of the way we’ll relate to one another.

Jupiter, highly energized by the Sun, opposes this full Moon. Both contribute to the understanding of the unfolding story. Jupiter is Pisces traditional ruler. His current Sabian Symbol, “A Black Child Playing with White Children” speaks to self-integration as being the main determinate of the type of relationships we will be able to sustain.

In order to survive emotionally, over the past six and a half years you’ve had to achieve a level of mastery over yourself that you didn’t have then. More pieces of yourself have been integrated. Most likely you’ve become more like yourself – your real self. Before this time you may have operated more like your ancestors, emotionally tied to living your life the way they lived theirs. Suffering was central to that scenario and it may have been valued and cultivated.

Venus, generally speaking, symbolizes the nature of relationships. Now in the sign of self-centered Leo at 16 degrees, she highlights the relationship we have with ourself – the one that determines the nature of all the relationships we have with others. Her current Sabian symbol, “Sunshine Just After the Storm” alludes to recovery and bounce-back, restoration and healing, and the freedom that follows limitation. The changes we’ve made (maybe not consciously) make life easier and free us to choose among an entire new field of life options.

Neptune opposes Jupiter -a rare aspect representing a rare opportunity. Now we can apply the advantages of fuller emotional integration to something more exciting. Neptune is symbolized by “the Jockey” – the athlete willing to fully express and capitalize on every skill he possesses to come from behind, to go for broke, and to win, despite the odds. We are cosmically supported and sufficiently integrated to give life our best shot now, despite any remaining fear of doing so.

And finally, Deneb Adige is a fixed star that aligns almost exactly with this Full Moon. This star is the tail of the Swan in the constellation of Cygnus. Swans feature powerfully in mythology. Most familiar is the story of “Ugly Duckling” who, after much pain and torment, transforms into a beautiful swan.

A duckling was born who was perceived by all the other farm animals as homely and worthy of abuse. For months he wandered sadly from barnyard to barnyard enduring merciless teasing and contempt. He spends a miserable winter alone outdoor in a cave near a frozen lake. When spring arrived swans descended on the thawing lake. Now fully mature and unable to endure a life of solitude and hardship, the ugly duckling decides to throw himself at the mercy of the swans, concluding that it’s better to be killed than to live a life of ugliness and misery. He is shocked when the swans welcome and accept him, then realizes, as he sees his own reflection in the water, that he has grown into his own beautiful image. Finally he is able to spread his beautiful wings and take flight.


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