Leo New Moon

(Mosaic Artist – Line Mortensen)

Because the planets are so aligned during this dramatic Leo New Moon, in ways that bring sudden breakthroughs, unexpected gifts, and extremely positive, pivotal emotional change, I want to mention first how you can most effectively play your part as a co-creator.  This new Moon is begging for an intention from you. The energy is so powerful it absolutely requires a clarification  regarding what you want.  I have written about the art of manifestation in the past but not for awhile. Skip over the following paragraph if you know it by heart or have your own effective means of manifesting.


As close as possible to the time of a New Moon, but not a second before, is the best time to set your intention. I usually wait about five minutes past the scheduled time. This New Moon event  occurs at 7:53 AM PDT & 10:53 AM EDT on August 14th.  Adjust your timing for your specific time zone.

Focus as intently as possible for 15 minutes on what it is you would like to manifest in your life. Make sure you are in a place where yo are unlikely to be interrupted. That focus should be an attempt to bring all of your senses into play.  Visualization (seeing what you want to manifest) is not as powerful as feeling it (imagery).  For example, if you would like a new home, imagine what it would look like as you walk in the front door. But more importantly imagine the feel of it. Notice the smells that surround you as you enter. Imagine yourself walking over to comfortable couch, sinking into it, noticing the softness of the fabric, the warmth, and the “just right” feel of the cushions supporting you.  Notice how safe you feel, how everything that surrounds you is something that inspires joy.  Notice the sounds, maybe your favorite music playing or the sounds of the natural world outside – ocean waves, birds, or soft breezes blowing through open windows. Or maybe the uplifting sounds of some boisterous, happy kids running through the room.  Feel your bare feet on the type of floor you imagine.  Run your hand over the finely crafted antique that is perfectly placed, or the sleek lacquered chest, or the old salvation army find that perfectly reflects an important piece of who you are. Notice the pictures you’ve chosen to hang on the walls. Feel the memories they inspire or the future aspirations they perfectly capture.

Then, and this is a very important point, let it go. Forget it. Send it on to your higher mind to figure out the details of how to make it happen. Trust that it will and don’t micromanage. You are a co-creator, not the sole creator. You need your higher mind partner and your higher mind needs to know what you want in order to cooperate.



The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is a “Carrier Pigeon” It symbolizes the process of carrying and receiving information. Answers can appear magically at this time. Telepathy is highlighted along with other highly developed mental faculties.  There is now a remarkable ability to understand the higher meaning of things, to make the right connections, and to pick up on cues you ordinarily miss. Dreams can now be a particularly fertile source of much needed information.

This New  Leo Moon has the potential to trigger something big, bold and dramatic.  Aside form the exact alignment of the Sun and Moon at 21 degrees of Leo (the Sun and Moon are always exactly aligned at a New Moon), the next closest aspect is between Chiron, the wounded healer, and this New Moon. That is very significant.

The Moon and Chiron form an angle of 150 degrees.  Bernadette Brady, a prominent astrologer/author, explains its key principle –   moving into a new situation; change; release, letting go. “The quincunx (150 degree angle) causes change and separation.  It walks on stage and stops the play, changes the plot, or moves everyone to a new theater. It wants you to move into a new situation whether or not you feel ready.”  Within the context of the Leo new Moon,  the new situation may feel like a drastic departure, something dramatic, artistic, and “shamefully” self-indulgent.

The overwhelming message here is about releasing and letting go of an old emotional wound for the purpose of moving into a more joyful and exciting space. The nature of the wound to be released is Piscean.  Pisces wounds express as a tendency to feel victimized, helpless, and “blown around by the wind.” Pessimism predominates as well as the belief that life is mostly about suffering and self-sacrifice. Obviously that point of view creates a life of unnecessary suffering and self-sacrifice.

Interestingly Uranus, prominently and harmoniously placed, reverses things, encourages a rebellion against the status quo (in this case a very healing one), and the courage to take some risk.   If you’re waiting to make your move until you feel emotionally comfortable  that, most likely, is not how things will unfold. First you must – guided by current opportunities and what you love most – make the big change, take the risk, jump off the metaphorical cliff and the emotional healing and comfort will follow. It’s wise now to expect and anticipate change and to create the kind of opportunities you want.

Jupiter, by virtue of its current critical 0 degree placement in Virgo, is highly influential.  Embracing the “Virgo realm of life” is a great idea when Jupiter is its representative. Jupiter in Virgo is magnificently generous when it comes to rewarding effort.  At this moment in time, it would be crazy not to try harder, to attend to  some detailed and necessary work,  and to strive for excellence.  It’s time to narrow your focus and to act with the skilled precision and confidence of a neurosurgeon cutting away something that is strangling your life.  It’s time to accept responsibility for the type of life you’re creating. It’s time to stop the whining and to feel the excitement being generated by new opportunities.

Mars always indicates how and where to direct your effort. In Leo, in the 5th house, he leads you in the direction of something bigger, more “high profile” more fun, more creative, more exciting, more rebellious, artistic, and more expressive.  It’s time to do something that flies in the face of self-sacrifice and victimization.  It’s time to do something because you love doing it.  Alternately it may be time to experiment to determine exactly what it is that makes you “come to life.”

Personally I want certification of my foreign citizenship in addition to my American citizenship. I want the world to open up for me. I want another passport, the opportunity to live and work in the European Union, to make my life more exciting, to contribute more, and to have the influence and opportunities that a “citizen of the world” has. Unlike most, I have that unusual opportunity.  Basically a “quirk of fate” gave it to me.  But it requires a targeted effort on my part to acquire the necessary papers and to stop wasting time whining about the crazy bureaucracies that take their time “getting back to me.”  The process is arduous but doable and, as I write about this New Leo Moon, I realize that I need to embrace full responsibility for achieving what I want.  No one will be handing this to me. Timing plays a big part, though, and with Jupiter in Virgo it is likely that my efforts, like anyones at this time, will be richly rewarded.

Mercury in Virgo harmoniously aspecting Pluto in Capricorn adds additional universal support for efforts to uncover hidden information, to connect with the right people, to fill in information gaps, and to heal your thought processes and beliefs in ways that transform your life.

If you’re privileged to observe a Virgo, up close and personal, study what they do. They render the smallest details important. They are highly critical, identifying the flaws in what would appear to most as “perfectly fine.” There is no end to their quest for excellence and they persist, follow through, discriminate,  and work tirelessly to make everything they encounter better.

And if you have the privilege of working with a Leo, notice how much pride they take in their work, how they view it as a personal reflection of themselves, how creative they can be when it comes to problem solving, how they avoid taking on responsibilities that aren’t fun for them, and, ultimately, how it’s all about them and what they want.  If you think that’s an irresponsible approach, this Leo New Moon asks you to think again.

One more thing.  Don’t be surprised if an exciting love affair, full of potential, with the kind of partner you’ve always wanted appears out of nowhere.  If that’s what you want, expect it, intend it, and hand it over to your higher mind. The universe would like nothing more than to see you ecstatic and well-loved.










  1. Mary Hollis:

    Please include me on your email list

  2. Mary:

    Thanks for a nice article..

    I have been reading that new venus (inferior conjunction of sun-venus) is very similar to a new moon. Also we know that Venus Rx., (particularly before the conjunction to sun) is a bad time for nice and new beginnings.

    So is it not better to wait till ‘New Venus’ also comes to pass at 19.21 GMT on 15th August to set new intentions? Because this New moon and New Venus seem to be inter connected?


  3. Mary:

    Another question if i may. Are other inter-planetary aspects in this new moon chart significant…eg. Exact square between Pluto and Vesta.

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