Jupiter in Virgo – The Impending Big Shift

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Twelve years ago, on August 27, 2003, Jupiter entered the sign of Virgo.  It was then that we began a cycle of expansion in the area of life where Virgo permanently resides in our natal charts.  The exact nature of what would unfold over the ensuing twelve years was a mystery then.  In general, though, we assumed an analytical approach, paid careful attention to detail, and, most likely, worried about repeating some previous mistakes. We set high standards for ourselves,  tended not to give ourselves a break, worked tirelessly, sacrificed much (too much probably) and were driven to offer excellence in the form of service to another. We honed our skills, critically evaluated our progress on a regular basis, and set our sights on perfection.

All of this we did in an attempt to solidify and protect the most creative, loving, and vulnerable parts of our nature. We had found something that made us feel alive, some beautiful creative piece of our true self, and recognized the need to ground and grow it into something resembling perfection.

If all went well, over the past year we came to terms with the extent of our success in that regard,  the price we paid for it, and what could no longer be sustained.  And we let go. We began to think more about ourselves, how hard life had become, and how falling into the role of a victim was not serving us or anyone well. We started to crave a return to a more exciting and balanced way of life, more happiness, more engagement, and a challenge that felt new and vital. We know it’s possible, but we also know  we need to unravel some routine, method, or habit we set in motion over the past twelve years.

Jupiter transits into Virgo on August 11th (tomorrow) and, in a general sense, our mission for the next twelve years is to assume responsibility for our own happiness through careful attention to purifying habits, routines, and methods. We’ve learned how easy it is to fall into patterns that becomes unsustainable,  counterproductive, and eventually toxic. Now, as Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo, it’s time to clean it up, to develop some new skills, to insist on a new direction, and to challenge ourselves to improve.  Keeping track of our progress is important.  Continual assessment and reassessment to determine what works and what doesn’t is necessary. Demanding of ourselves the self-discipline required to protect our vitality and enthusiasm for life is required.  Ultimately we must take responsibility for the habits we assume.  We must be more discriminating about the kind of work we agree to do.  And we must pay close attention to be able to recognize when rest and adjustments are needed.

Jupiter in Virgo says it’s time to grow up. If your life isn’t what you want it to be it’s time to stop blaming that on another’s shortcomings, bad luck, or a past that cannot be changed. It’s time to look in the mirror with renewed determination to do what you know you can do.  Procrastination is a bad sign.  It’s a good idea to start something tomorrow, no matter how small, that signifies a willingness to cooperate with the universal shift and a new direction.

As Jupiter shifts, Mercury, itself newly in the sign of Virgo, opposes Neptune, highlighting confusion and a tendency to deny what is real.  Just as likely though is the possibility we’ll be gifted with an abundance of spiritual guidance and the kind of human assistance we really need. That scenario gains momentum as Jupiter approaches an opposition to Neptune mid-September. What can be forecasted is the likelihood that we will have initially underestimated the amount of work required to establish new patterns and habits.  But knowing that now can be helpful when you suddenly realize that you need to dig deeper.

On September 13th there is a powerful total New Moon eclipse in Virgo, starkly highlighting personal critical flaws as well as generating the impetus needed to begin to correct those.  Eclipses make it impossible to comfortably retreat into old emotional states of being. Eclipses change the matrix of your emotional make-up – forever. This is a very timely occurrence and, once again, reaffirms how supportive the universe can be of personal progress.

On the plus side it is entirely possible that this year you will find exactly the kind of work that revitalizes and makes you happy.  It is also likely that you will develop habits that easily support excellent health for the next 12 years.

I will attempt to personalize Jupiter’s shift into Virgo for each sign in this week’s horoscopes published on Wednesday, August 12th.

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