Cancer New Moon

Lynn Adamo – Mosaic Artist


The one thing that provides us with a passion for life is the one thing we need most vigorously to protect. As the impending new Cancer Moon rises, we need to redefine our priorities. A major shift in our main focus is signified. Symbolically, psychologically, or maybe literally, we need a new home and a new “base of operation” to support a different, more nourishing approach to life. A special talent we possess may need a different kind of environment to ensure its further development. There may be something we love to do that needs a “room of its own.”

Venus in the critical 29th degree of Leo, ruling the 2nd house of safety, security, and survival instincts, screams for attention, as Leos often do. Aside from the Moon, she is the real standout in this new Moon chart. Venus rules relationships and our survival. The cure for what ails us, especially regarding the role we play in relationships, has everything to do with how stringently we protect our life, ourself, and what we “own” in the broadest sense of the word.

Astrologically the 2nd house defines what we own – the resources we possess that allow us to survive. Because Venus is in the final degree of her sign, there is the suggestion that we’ve come to the end of the road in terms of our approach to “keeping ourselves alive.”

Most likely a limiting relationship of some kind keeps you in an place somewhere between life and death. You may blame the relationship for preventing you from feeling fully alive and passionate about your life. This is an illusion born of confusion and a reluctance to choose.

There is alway confusion about what to expect at the time of the new Moon. It’s a “seeding” time begun in total darkness. We may sense the basic nature of the new possibilities taking shape, but the details remain elusive.

The Sabian symbol for this new Moon, “A woman and Two Men Castaways on a Deserted Island” symbolizes dependency and a tendency to feel helpless and incompetent without the support of others. Important now is the need to prioritize and to make choices rather than to try to have it both ways.

The population of “walking dead people” thrives and physical survival is only one dimension described by the 2nd house. This new Moon presents Saturn in Scorpio harshly challenging Venus. He tempts her into making herself small, less ostentatious, more compromising, more afraid, and more satisfied with less of what she loves. He also throws her way the opportunity to uncover the source of her willingness to ever consider such options.

Psychologically the Pluto/Mercury/Mars opposition can feel deeply unsettling. The role we’ve always played within relationships is limiting. Brought to the surface now may be an awareness of how ineffective and/or destructive your “designated” role” has become. Fortunately and figuratively the new Moon suggests a big change. The lease is up, there’s toxic mold growing in some corner, and we’re being “evicted”.

Fortunately universal energies help as Chiron (the wounded healer) powerfully supports this new Moon. Chiron allows for a healthier and more effective personal approach to life. Whatever has previously confused, made us feel victimized, or fueled the belief that suffering and guilt was inevitable, can now be eliminated. During this new Moon, and for the next couple weeks, the Sun highly energizes the healing process.

If your main focus is stoking the personal fire of passion and desire within (staying fully alive), food issues tend to subside. Food and nourishment are central issues wherever the sign of Cancer is involved. Mercury’s Sabian symbol, “A Group of People Who Have Overeaten and Enjoyed It” speaks to the importance of balance and finding the source of overindulgence, gluttony, and excess. Food “epiphanies” and resolutions are likely at this time.

Pollux is the fixed star that aligns exactly with this new Moon. Mythologically he is one of the twin stars in Gemini. His brother Castor symbolized creativity, writing, and seeing things in a very poetic and optimistic manner. He skims over the deeper, darker influences of life.

But Pollux deals with darkness and aggressively speaks in terms of deeper truths. There is nothing sugar-coated about his manner of communication or squeamish about his willingness to unearth what lies beneath. He has learned through difficult experience and painful loss that the most valuable treasures are almost always deeply buried. He knows what he needs and is not reluctant to choose.

Actually the message seems to be that we can’t have one brother without the other.

So, one way or another, its time to choose, to move to a “new house”, someplace more capable of supporting your passion for life – the key to your survival.

Cancer New Moon

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