Aquarius Full Moon Friday

Full Moon at 7 Degrees of Aquarius 56′ on Friday, July 31st, 3:34 AM PDT & 6:43 AM EDT

This Full Moon appears to be connected to the “moon family” initially established at the New Moon on January 30th, 2014. Then, when I was writing my interpretation of that Aquarian New Moon, I said the following:

“Considering this new Moon chart, Mercury, the messenger, in the critical 29th degree of Aquarius, delivers a “critical” message. It’s time for some soul-nourishing moments that renew hope and reconnect you with the very unique and unusual aspects of yourself. Lost in the everyday need to conform and control is the momentum that naturally builds when we’re able to express our most natural way of being. Reconnecting with personal rhythms is a critically important element of re-energizing the authentic self and the right time appears to be now.”

Considering the connection this time represents to that new impetus a year and a half ago, we’ve now reached a culmination point within that cycle. Registering at a subconscious level in January of 2014 was a new focus on unleashing into the world our most unique and valuable gifts. It was a time when we felt, at a subconscious level, what that would entail, what would need to be set in place, what would need to be unraveled, and it may have seemed confusing and insurmountable at the time.

But since then we’ve made progress.  Emotionally we’ve shaken loose from some old attachments and set about rearranging our lives to make more room for ourselves. But we may have postponed addressing the most difficult hurdles until now. This Full Moon represents a pivotal turning point when we will decide if we continue to go forward or if we back down and “acknowledge” that it was, from the beginning, insurmountable.  We may feel that our emotional security is at stake (it is) and that our strategies for survival, up to this point, are at stake as well (they are). But it’s time to decide.

The next critical time in this “Moon family” cycle arrives at the end of April 2016. Then we will know if we have “unleashed ourselves,” if the battle is won, and we’re freer, or if we’ll wait for the next cycle to address the inevitable once again.

Aquarius and its modern ruler, Uranus,  are the “rule breakers” of the Zodiac.  They have  little respect for the entrenched “status quo,” and the pressures to conform that trade stability for a more humane and enlightened approach to life.  Should you decide to make way for the development and sharing of your most unusual talents, the universe is now providing an “entry point” for those.

Uranus turned retrograde last Sunday and will not move in direct motion again until December 26th, 2015. Uranus retrograde intensifies rebellious urges and focuses you inward. Now we address internal rather than external barriers. Those are usually the biggest and scariest ones.  Now we frame fear as a surmountable challenge or a justifiable reason for retreat – or we do some alternating dance between the two.  Our perspective matters, determines our reality, and can be changed at any time.

Mars in Cancer (emotional courage)  may be responsible for some intense emotional challenge at this time. In Cancer since June 25th, Mars is nearing the end of his residence in that sign.  He’ll be moving on soon, and there is some dawning sense of urgency to prove that you can be emotionally courageous at a pivotal time in a challenging cycle. Mars Sabian symbol “A Dark Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder,” highlights leadership and embracing destiny.

Saturn in Scorpio (emotional confinement) and Jupiter in Leo (freedom of expression) align in a tense, conflicting aspect. So the question becomes “how hard are you willing to work to surpass your limitations?” Proving yourself to yourself may be necessary. Self-discipline is key as well as heightened awareness of just exactly what is at stake. Saturn in Scorpio alludes to a “life and death” struggle.

Relationships are always highlighted during a full Moon.  Because the nature of any full Moon is the Sun’s opposition to it, there is a struggle for balance between the masculine and feminine, assertive and receptive, “husband and wife,” aspects of life.  At odds is a personal demonstration of the highest virtues in everyday living while rising up against oppression for some great cause – in this case the cause may be your life and the freedom to live it to its fullest potential.

What is the message at this point in this 27 month cycle to unleash your full potential?  It may be a message of rebalancing energy. There is the suggestion that this requires some movement into new circles, toward new connections, new associations, new friends, and a different kind of community. It’s worth examining the possibility that whatever associations felt comfortable and nourishing in January of 2014 may no longer be. There has been some major change since then. Whether or not that momentum continues to build has yet to be decided.  But it’s logical to conclude that holding onto what no longer supports you weighs you down, especially if you intend to follow through with freeing yourself.

So if you have any inclination to “quit the club,” to join a different kind of community, to cultivate new contacts, and to associate yourself with different kinds of people and a different way of life, over the next two weeks it’s time to give it more serious consideration.

Just a word about burning bridges since Aquairius (and Aquarian’s) are notorious for doing that.  As an Aquarian myself I have burned my share. I was aware of the conventional wisdom and advice surrounding that strategy – never knowing when you might need the people who had your door slammed in their face.  I’m remembering now an incident where I suddenly quit a job I never really liked with co-workers who never fully appreciated my unusual offerings 🙂  It paid well and came with a certain amount of prestige, but the bottom line was that it was a betrayal of who I was.

A couple years later when I lost the nerve to continue with a major transformative chapter in my life, I returned to ask for my old job back. The answer was no, of course. That made it more difficult for me to give up on the new and better direction I had initiated and, in retrospect, that was one of the most fortunate things that ever happened to me.

So here’s the Aquarian full Moon version of sage advice on burning bridges:

“Sometimes burning bridges isn’t a bad thing if it prevents you from going back to a place you never should have been to begin with.”

If you choose to burn a few, may those flames light your path into the exciting future you deserve.


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