Creating Summer Solstice Magic

Many times I have written about the value of imagery and ritual to connect you with the powers of the universe. Today the Sun is at the peak of its power in the Northern Hemisphere. Its essence symbolizes the power of fire and heat to transform, enlighten, and revitalize whatever has grown cold. This is the reason that most Solstice celebrations involve fire – a large bonfire or a small candle lit for a few hours aligns us with this timeless cyclical culmination of solar power.

The possibilities for how to personally celebrate and connect are endless. Whatever seems most important to you now is all the raw material you need to spark the creation of a magically-infused, meaningful ritual. The ability to harness the power of nature to fuel something transformative, healing, enlightening, and heart-warming peaks today.

Traditionally Summer Solstice celebrations involve creating and honoring some personal representation of the Sun. Constructing a mandala from natural materials you feel drawn to as you wander around, under the Sun, might feel right. (This article is illustrated with an example of a flower petal Sun).

Placing a symbol of what has grown cold in your life out in the Sun, next to a candle, or into a fire to be heated and transformed in the direction of what’s best for you seems potentially life-changing. Lighting a candle in a place that is dark and routinely neglected is symbolically powerful if you imagine the darkness to represent a part of your mind that needs to be enlightened, or a piece of your heart in need of warmth and healing.

More ideas include the creation of a “flower essence” by choosing a flower you’re drawn to. Place the flower in a glass bowl, mix it with spring water and place it in the Sun for several hours. The Sun and heat transfer the essence of flower to the water. When the process is complete, the water will be infused with the vibration and wisdom of the flower you chose. Strain the water, filtering out the flower petals, and pour it into a jar or bottle to be used for healing purposes in whatever ways you choose.

Timing is everything. Today represents a sacred time and an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the supportive energies that peak once a year, every year, for all time. It is a chance to reconnect with the Source of Life and all that implies for you.
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