Capricorn Full Moon July 1, 2015

(Solo Mosaico)

Full Moon 9 Degrees of Capricorn 55′ – Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 7:20 PM PDT & 10:20 PM EDT

My dream last night fits with the symbolism of this Full Moon. I believe in the power of dreams to explain what goes on beneath the surface of human consciousness, but I’m always a little surprised at how disconnected those can seem from the reality and focus of my actual life.

Like everyone’s life mine’s been a cycle of ups and downs. But thankfully it now feels relatively calm and mostly joyful. Against that backdrop, the desperation I felt in my dream seemed odd.

I dreamt I was unexpectedly in a situation where I had very little money, no place to live, no job, and no familiarity with my surroundings. I had made a decision to change course at some point, and was excited about starting my new life. I thought I had all the bases covered but something, obviously, didn’t go according to plan. Just exactly what went wrong was unclear, but I knew for sure it was my fault. Afraid and desperate, I was trying to figure out how I could “save face” and not “scare off” a few new acquaintances I was going to have to rely on for help.

Concerned about whether or not I would have a place to sleep that night, I pretended to be interested in my new surroundings, asking questions about where things were, the hotel down the street, the safety of the neighborhood, the good deals, and the things only locals would know. I needed those around me to be generous and was trying desperately to be as nonchalant and likable as possible.

I woke up not knowing if anyone had saved me from myself. I felt uneasy and unsettled as I opened my eyes and realized that it was just a dream. I was relieved but it took awhile to shake off the weird feeling. Now I’m wondering what kind of a shaky, desperate, subconscious foundation actually underlies my seemingly nice life.

Full Moon’s activate the subconscious mind. I don’t normally have dreams I can remember, but when I do the Moon is usually full. This Full Moon is an especially intense one, approaching within very close range, Pluto and his unsettling tendencies. Pluto’s current “ruler” Saturn, has retrograded back into Scorpio where Pluto feels most “at home” and freest to express his most natural, often relentless, self. It’s like having a family member or childhood friend step into the role of your new boss. You don’t have to tone it down for them.

Pluto’s “most natural self” can be threatening. He’ll pull the rug out from under you without a second thought if you’re stuck in some toxic patterns. He’ll take away all your hope, and relentlessly batter you into submission and surrender. He is the ego’s worst enemy and makes efforts to “save face” look foolish. He sees through it all as he lights you up like an X-ray. In Pluto’s presence, there is no place to hide your vulnerabilities from yourself or others.

The Sun/Mars combination in Cancer can be interpreted as the sensitive, proud warrior, ready to put up a fight for the cause of “safety and security” against forces for transformation and revitalization (Pluto). Obviously we see this being played out on the global stage with the “ground-shifting” supreme court decision redefining marriage, the undermining of the world’s monetary system with a potential Greek default, earthquakes, ongoing climate change and its repercussions, prison guards helping prisoners escape, confederate flags being removed, etc. The issue is the rapid undermining of old institutions and, for some, the subsequent challenge involved in finding their source of security without them.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun, whose light and “quality of energy” is being reflected by this full Moon is “A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut” The emphasis is on actualizing potential by recognizing what hidden beauty is being exposed as old institutions and beliefs fail.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon itself is “An Albatross Feeding From the Hand.” This symbol undermines the notion of scarcity or “when there is more for you, there is less for me” types of beliefs. Reality is exactly the opposite. Shifting our focus to a more free flowing sense of generosity that stems from the knowledge of interconnectedness is the message.

Abundance is the reality. This theme is repeated by Mercury’s placement in the Full Moon chart, and most dramatically by the current Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

This Full Moon asks us to step up our game as we consider what it is that defines our security. If your security is threatened by the crumbling of old, even ancient, institutions and practices, your definition of what it means to feel secure may need to evolve. A more evolved sense of security is necessarily rooted in something more fundamentally unchanging.

There is much that is out of our control, but what we can do is to voluntarily cooperate with the flow of the universe. Saturn offers wisdom through his symbol, the “Halloween Jester” The Jester is the antidote to stress and spiritual crystallization. He embodies a spontaneous, experimental, playful and enthusiastic approach to life – a freedom from the normal rules and regulations that have traditionally characterized standard approaches. (Yes, this is Saturn, the voice of responsibility talking). It’s time to lighten up, to break patterns, to let your hair down, and to have a good time. Only this approach can bring into your life the kind of magic that reveals, first hand, how the world really work.

Knowing how the world works is a true advantage that stabilizes and balances you as old forms of security slip away. Humor is no longer optional and seriousness is no longer synonymous with a responsible approach to life. The requirements are changing quickly and change always reflects the Moon’s most fundamental message. It is wise to be light on your feet and playful even while dealing with the massive changes implied by a Moon snuggled up to Pluto.

If this full Moon falls in your….

1st house- It’s time to begin something new with a lighter approach. Notions of failure or success must be replaced by a focus on whether or not you’re having any fun. Your appearance may need to change. If you wear black a lot, maybe something more colorful or fun hat would represent progress.

2nd house – A reordering of priorities may be in order. If you believe that fun and games can happen only after the work is done, reverse that. Because lightness is the new, more responsible approach, giving something you really enjoy higher priority on your to-do list makes more sense.

3rd house – Examine your routine and the people, places, and things you encounter regularly. Do they make you laugh? Do you make them laugh? Are your surroundings happy, and are you doing the things you most enjoy doing regularly. If not make the adjustments you need to make and break the rules you need to break.

4th house – Now is the time to put a different spin on the past. If there were family members who were impossible, can you find a way to have a more fun with those memories? Can you find the humor in your own past embarrassing failures and clumsy efforts to come to terms with being human? Find the funniest old family pictures and frame a few of those.

5th house – Go ahead and break the rules regarding raising the “perfect” child, being the perfect boss, accomplishing the most universally admired goals, and obtaining the most wealth. You can skip some steps. Find the humor in your overly serious approach, and experiment with something new and different. It’s time to work at having more fun.

6th house – There is a humorous side to all the guilt and perfectionism you feel on a daily basis. Co-workers, when viewed from a more flexible and tolerant perspective, can be a source of great joy. And your health routines could definitely be more fun. It’s time to figure out how to experiment with different, more enjoyable self-improvement routines or the fun of telling yourself what’s always been prohibited “this is as good as it gets”

7th house – It’s time to infuse more fun into your primary relationship or the search for the right relationship. It’s time to see your partner through more tolerant, fun-loving eyes. If you have become “no fun’ somewhere along the way, it’s time to change that. And maybe it would be easier to ignore the idiosyncrasies that drive you crazy if you’re focused on creating something beautiful strictly for your own enjoyment.

8th house – Time for more playful approaches to sex and intimacy. It’s time to be more experimental, to have more fun with astrology or other magical taboos that traditionally inspire suspicion and fear. It’s time to believe more in the practice of magic and to consider if a lighter, funnier business partner would be more effective.

9th house – It may be time to lighten up on religion, philosophy, to have more fun in graduate school, to take a business trip where you find more time for enjoyable socializing. It might be time to experiment with living in a different country or to break the rules regarding what you allow yourself to say.

10th house – It may be time to think about changing your career without the heaviness that usually accompanies that. It may be time to experiment with different ideas regarding your future life direction and with choosing something based exclusively on how much joy it sparks within you. Its time to joke around with those you are responsible for.

11th – If you’re not having that much fun with your friends anymore, it’s time for some new friends. Or if you’re really having fun with your friends its time to spend more time with them. It’s time to focus on the dreams that spark the most joy for you and the connections that open you up to more experimentation.

12th house – It’s time to spend more time alone doing the things you love most. It’s time to abandon what fails to spark any joy. It’s time to embrace something decadent in the privacy of your own space. It’s time to indulge in something inspiring, relaxing, and rejuvenating. It’s time to laugh until you cry.

(If I have your chart on file, I’d be happy to let you know in what house this Full Moon falls for you)

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