Scorpio Full Moon

(Kate Rattray – Spirit of the Leaves)

This full Moon, like all full Moons, opposes the Sun. The Scorpio full Moon lies exactly 180 degrees from the Taurus Sun. At exactly 11:42 PM EDT & 8:42 PM EDT, on Sunday, May 3rd, the Scorpio Moon is as big as it’s going to get. In its current phase it can no longer continue to expand. It surrenders, after culmination, to a two week process of purging and discarding whatever no longer supports your life.

Scorpio Moons take us on a trip into the underworld – the haunted, frightening place we avoid for as long as possible. Somewhere in the darkest recesses of our minds, we always knew it was unavoidable, though. Forced to explore what we’ve tried to deny out of existence, what’s revealed now is the truth of how untenable, destructive, and toxic a significant part of our life has actually become. But our current underworld obsession is only half of the picture and half the truth. Completing the picture, on the other side, lies the brilliance of the Taurus Sun.

The tension of the Taurus/Scorpio opposition reflects the earth and the underworld, the simple and the complex, the sensual and the compulsively driven, the superficial and the depths, the visible and the hidden. The information we need is how to slip ourselves into the space between these opposites. Shaman’s practicing earth magic know how to do that. We can enlist their help or remember how to do it for ourselves.

The Shaman is the mysterious embodiment of the perfect harmonization of Taurus and Scorpio. He is able to magically wield his powers to transform the earth’s natural resources into healing energy. It’s an alchemical process that balances us on the edge of polar opposites. His job is to prevent any permanent descent into the underworld, or any permanent disconnection from it.

Seeping into my mind this week are memories of magically healing personal experiences. My natal Jupiter in Taurus feels comfortable with earth magic and Shamanic healing, despite some deeply ingrained reservations. The pain of various life cycles, the “uncontrolled free falls” related to family, health, and relationships eventually leads me to imaginative alternatives that feel more comforting than strenuous.

I lived in Santa Rosa, California for a brief period of time during an especially Scorpionic life transition. Santa Rosa turned out to be an unexpectedly healing place for me. I was inspired there to develop a routine of walking around Spring Lake everyday while listening through headphones to Native American Drum Music. It was a routine I looked forward to and loved. Spring Lake was animated with the friendly ghosts of Native American spirits. Every path and scenic overview felt imbued with their presence, universal support, and willingness to reconnect. As I walked I felt myself progressively moving into deeper levels of relaxation. The tangled Scorpionic webs I created began to unravel and the sadness and anxiety that consumed me began to slip away. Initially I was oblivious to the change. The fact that I had become more like myself occurred suddenly to me and it was a surprising revelation.

I was never focused on a specific healing goal. I never consciously designed a healing project for myself. I was simply following my curiosity about drumming and exploring the beauty of my temporary new home. But it was very profoundly healing.

This full Moon’s Sabian symbol,”Telephone Linemen at Work” symbolizes the need for repairing our broken connections. Connections of all kinds are implied, including connections to the self, to your higher mind, to sensation, and the support of those in the invisible realm whose desire is to support you.

Since my Santa Rosa days I have learned about the physiological effects of drumming and its ability to shift brain waves into theta rhythms. Theta states mimic the “twilight phase” between deep sleep and wakefulness, between the subconscious and conscious mind, and between the underworld and the earth. That “in between place” provides the perfect environment for change. Alchemy churns, magic happens, and healing occurs.

During a new and different “crisis” phase I enlisted the help of an amazing modern day Shaman from Palm Desert. This time I was actively seeking help. She performed a variety of rituals that included various treasures from the earth. At one point she suggested I breathe my fears into a stone and then place it in a location of my choice – someplace outside, on the ground, wherever felt right. I was motivated to do whatever she suggested, but I had no expectation that its effects could be profound. The idea was interesting, it sounded kind of fun, and I trusted her. I found a stone and chose a dry desert-like patch of ground that looked as desolate and unforgiving as I then felt the world to be.

After a hasty retreat back into nurturing my “temporary insanity” I forgot about the stone, its location, and the ritual. After a couple months when I remembered to follow up I noticed the space around the stone had changed significantly. Living in a coastal desert, I expected to find the same dry sun-baked dirt surrounding my stone. But it was different. There were adorable small sprouts peeking up through the ground surrounding the stone, as though gently hugging it. I was actually feeling better and moving on with a happier life in spite of myself. The Shaman and the earth once again proved to be a powerful duo.

For me, the common thread running through my most profound and successful transitions has been how effortless and carefully disguised most of those healing experiences actually were. Nothing punitive, painful, or uninspiring seemed to be involved. In fact, it was the opposite.

The Taurus Sun’s Sabian symbol, “Shellfish Groping and Children Playing” suggests the importance of sensing and feeling your way through darkness while immersing yourself in something that feels like playful discovery or an enjoyable way to spend your time and energy.

Within a Scorpio full Moon chart, sextiles (60 degree angles between planetary placements) define times when we can create healing opportunities that transcend blood, sweat, and tears. In this full Moon chart, the Moon, Pluto, Vesta, and Sun are all tied up together in one big sextile formation. Opportunity abounds. Vesta involves what we hold to be most sacred within ourselves and the opportunity to deepen intimacy by sharing that information. The full Moon in Scorpio brings the realization of how intolerable and life-draining dishonesty actually is and the opportunity to uncover the truth. The Sun offers an opportunity for healing that is a byproduct of something that feels like play. Pluto offers the opportunity to participate in vigorous activity that is fun, raises fitness levels, and the ability to channel energy more efficiently. A stronger heart able to pump an abundance of oxygen to every cell in your body is the opportunity.

Scorpio is the magician capable of seeing the earth as an endless supply of raw material that can be skillfully manipulated to bring the dead back to life. The good news is that we all have Scorpio someplace in our natal charts.
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  1. Holly,
    Thank you for your consistent and deeply thoughtful, integrated and meaningful interpretations. They have been illuminating, comforting and coherence creating for years. Have a fabulous vacation and thank you for all that you do to share your wisdom.
    Nancy Hyatt( a friend of Peg’s from The DC area).

    • Admin:

      Nancy… How nice of you to take the time to send such a kind message. I’m so grateful to have you reading what I write …so consistently for so long. Thank you so much!
      Holly 🙂

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