Saturday’s Total Libra Lunar Eclipse

(Mosaic Artist – Antoni Gaudi)

Total Libra Luna Eclipse on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 5:06 AM PDT & 8:06 AM EDT at 14 degrees of Libra 24′

This eclipse emphasizes repeating cycles, and a universal insistence that we eventually recognize our tendency to revisit, over and over, circumstances that are frustrating, but seem somehow inescapable. The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is “Circular Paths.” It may be experienced as a revelation about what must change in order to extricate ourselves from some ongoing emotional “catch 22.”

This eclipse in the sign of Libra involves, as Libra always does, the need to strike a balance between what we give and what we take, to find a way to peace, smooth functioning, and rewarding relationships. Libra can sometimes take things too far, though, assuming that everything can somehow be accommodated and that everything, one way or another, is negotiable.

But there is no “free lunch” and this eclipse may bring us face to face with the magnitude of the price we’re paying to avoid conflict and change. There are some things that should not be negotiable. Sometimes it’s just necessary to say “no.” This is as far as I go. I will not heap any additional weight on my already over-burdened heart, and my struggling soul that’s in need of some rest, real nourishment, and special care.”

In my experience, the word “NO” almost always initiates conflict, especially if it’s aimed in the direction of someone who is used to hearing “yes” and assumes that keeping the “waters calm” is your highest priority. That may no longer be possible.

Highlghted during the Aries Eclipse of October 8, 2014, was a familiar feeling, a “tugging at the heartstrings” type of situation that may have accompanied some resentment, as we felt ourselves automatically driven to provide some kind of self-sacrificing accommodation. It was one of those “circular paths” we followed reflexively that always led to a deep inner diminishment of some kind.

But that eclipse in October exploded and rearranged well worn, deeply embedded emotional paths, leaving us free to step out of predictable patterns. This eclipse wants the answer to the inner questioning the October eclipse initiated.

If you step out and take some risk now for the sake of protecting your inner life, expect sparks to fly. Maybe those sparks come in the form of intense personal feelings of guilt, regret, fear of retribution and the inevitable changes you will set in motion. Maybe you respond as you always have, but you’re aware that it no longer feels as easy as it used to. Or maybe you’ve doubled down, shielding your conscious mind from any potential breakthrough, while experiencing an elevated level of unexplained anxiety.

The eclipse chart is difficult one, but, as always, it provides some insight and a path forward. An emotional re-alignment is now being cosmically facilitated and the “blood supply” is being reconnected to important pieces of yourself that have lingered for a long time on the threshold of death.

There is a configuration in the eclipse chart involving the Sun, Moon, and Pluto called a t-square. Any t-square represents a formidable challenge. The resolution usually lies at the empty leg of the configuration, in this case opposite Pluto in the sign of Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for this resolution point is “A Man Before a Square with a Manuscript Scroll Before Him.”

The accent is on logic, systems, and structures, and the logical instability of structures that fail to support the totality of their weight and substance. The message seems now to be that it is important to support the needs of our heart and soul as we strive to stabilize in a deeply satisfying, peaceful place. Taking all of yourself into consideration makes things more complicated initially, but aligning with the physical laws that determine what thrives and what dies is a smart strategy.

The question being asked last October was essentially “Are you who you claim to be?” If the answer now is “partly” or “sometimes”, or “yes, except when my imagination fails me” this eclipse is a chance to bring things “up to standard.” Sometimes the fastest way to do that is to say “no, not this time,” and mean it.

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Libra Lunar Eclipse

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