Virgo Full Moon at 14 Degrees – March 5, 2015

(Mosaic Koko Dances)

Under any full Moon, balanced relationships are highlighted. The best of any sign is a delicate balance between its own properties and the properties of its opposing sign. Full Moons place the Sun sign exactly opposite the Moon sign challenging us not to go too far – or not far enough – in one direction or another.

This full Moon in Virgo reflects the soft, subtle brilliance of the Pisces Sun. Both are represented in equal measure. Virgo is a sign that continually asks the question “is this useful and how could it better?” Pisces feels the truth of universal oneness through feelings that melt the heart and render the ego irrelevant. Virgo seeks the truth through facts and evidence. Pisces feels the truth as kindness, compassion, and artistic creations  wash away the illusion of separateness. Virgo is associated with purification practices – those that eliminate debris, error, and anything that skews perfect manifestation and functioning. Detoxification of every kind is ruled by Virgo.

Pisces is associated with integration – another word for healing.  Detoxification logically precedes healing. Purification and healing are interdependent and intricately intertwined.

This full Moon is interesting because the Moon and Pisces have a natural affinity, both being related to emotions and feelings. Here we have the sign associated with applied science, analysis, and the mind (Virgo) being represented by the Moon and the Sun (the ego) represented by the sensitive sign of Pisces. It’s a deliberate mysterious “mix-up” that emphasizes the message of one being dependent on the other for its existence and finest expression.

How does this play out in your own life? As always it depends on the positions of Virgo and Pisces in your natal chart.

Virgo Full Moon

Mercury’s placement is critical, as the natural ruler of Virgo, for interpreting the meaning of this full Moon.  In the sign of Aquarius, justice and fairness, humane practices, rebellion, and revolutionary thinking enter the picture.   Jupiter, retrograde in the sign of Leo, emphasizes self-love and a growing awareness of the truth about ego driven interests. Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, emphasizes a breakdown of boundaries that define and separate.

Putting a finer point on the interpretation, Uranus in Aries, the ruler of Mercury in Aquarius, aligns  with Venus as both square off against Pluto in traditional Capricorn. The facts and evidence (Virgo) reveal the hidden truth (Pisces) that deeply entrenched powerful interests (Pluto), within and without, are polluted and diseased. These interests, as well as the  nature of the relationships they spawn (Venus) are being courageously challenged  (Uranus) for their ego-driven (Jupiter in Leo), soulless, abusive (Pluto) and deceptive (Pisces) nature.  Detoxification and purification (Virgo), on personal and global scales, are needed to enable the integrative, healing process (Pisces) to take hold.

If the Virgo full Moon resides in your:

1st house – Emerging truths regarding the nature of your relationships, and some cold, calculating process, challenges you to eliminate an imbalance that is deeply entrenched.  Your role within relationships may be in need of an effective detoxification in order to promote healing and a return to warmth and love.

2nd house – Emerging truths regarding the nature of joint financial interests, some injustice, or skewed relationship based on a lack of trust, is being challenged.  Your desire to contribute more of your talents and experience and to have those valued by another (a return to balance) requires a detoxification process to root out fear and mistrust.

3rd house – Emerging truths regarding the nature of your future and what it is that give your life meaning are challenging the nature of some cold, inhumane calculations that fail to take into account your dreams and what it is that gives your life meaning and purpose.  It is a dynamic that requires detoxification of a partner to root out a distortion that causes pain and destruction.  This full Moon may point you in the right direction.

4th house – Emerging truths regarding achievement, deception, confident expressions of authority, your father, and some cold, ego-driven, calculations, are in need of some purification and a return to balance.  Relationships between your true nature and achievement goals may be distorted.  You are being challenged to heal and to  “return home”.

5th house-Emerging truths regarding your sense of belonging is intricately related to feelings of being unloved or, at least, a cold, calculating approach to yourself and limitations in your ability to express love. There is some detox process required to heal your feelings of being unworthy of belonging to a group your soul longs to join.

6th house – Emerging truths regarding the nature of your relationship with “that which you cannot control” is being revealed along with the destructiveness and injustices that has unleashed.  A detoxification of the nature of your relationship with  that which you cannot control is in order.  The elimination of a “circulating toxin”, deeply embedded, enables a healing process that allows you to live and let live.

7th house – Emerging truths regarding a deficit of courage and limited ability to initiate something new reveals a fearful approach to life that needs to be detoxified. Deeply entrenched dependencies need to be up rooted so that a more effective “in control of your life” style can be developed.  This full Moon assists in initiating the healing required.

8th house – Emerging truth regarding the amount of support you feel coming from others reveals a potentially cold, lonely situation involving financial calculations and deeply entrenched psychological conditioning.  A detoxification process that uproots a lack of self-worth or feelings that you do not deserve support is in order.. A healing process can now be initiated.

9th house – Emerging truths regarding some negative thinking, an inability to control thoughts, and a cold, calculating, overly critical relationship with your mind is in need of detoxification. A kinder relationship with your thoughts (or with siblings and neighbors) is in order.  Let the healing begin.

10th house – Emerging truths regarding the nature of your relationship with your essential self, your family, and foundations may feel cold, calculating and critical. A detoxification to up root boundaries and separations that have occurred may be in order so that the healing process can put you on firmer foundations.

11th house – Emerging truths regarding the nature of your relationship with love, sex, creativity, and exuberant, child-like self-expressions is in need of some detoxification and healing.  An over critical approach to what you create and to your performance in general needs to be up rooted.

12th house – Emerging truths regarding your relationship with your health,  work, habits and effectively handling responsibilities may be distorting. An overly critical, cold, or calculating approach needs to be up rooted for healing and a return to warmth and kindness needs to occur.

Please e-mail me if you don’t know where the full Moon resides in your chart.

Thanks for reading and let the detoxing begin.


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