Leo Full Moon

(Elizabeth Burton – Mosaic Artist)

Full Moon in Leo at 14 Degrees 48′- Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015 at 3:09 PM PST & 6:09 PM EST

Feeling your way through this full moon involves a brush with fate and destiny. I know astrology is suppose to be about free will, not fated outcomes, but actually it’s a combination. Whatever you choose you’re destined for eventual spiritual perfection and your path to that end is pre-determined by you.

Within this full Moon chart is a rare “Boomerang Yod” configuration, sometimes called a “Finger of God” or “Finger of Fate” aspect for its connection with your special life mission. The Leo Moon, in this case, occupying the all-important apex position, is attention-grabbing. It makes this full Moon especially special and significant. Below the Yod is diagrammed.

boomerang yod

This full Moon is full of love, its influence capable of easing the opening of the heart through means that may be pleasant but unexpectedly encountered. Venus and Neptune, traveling together, effortlessly dissolve boundaries that separate, moving you, if you’re receptive, into more highly refined and truthful realities. Empathy is more easily accessed, opening doors that change everything – or one very important thing.

Sometimes I write the following about Leo Moons:

“A Leo Moon is big hearted, instinctively generous, and usually insecure about her lovability. She sees herself as exceptional and special, a crowd dazzler born to entertain and to be rightly placed in positions of leadership. There is something obviously regal about her, magnetic and irresistible, but a hint of desperation as well. Sharing the spotlight is not her preference. She appears to want to be in a class by herself, a one-woman show absorbing all the adulation and applause to be had, but never feeling fully reassured that she is, in fact, well-loved”.

This is the one important thing that could change under this Leo Full Moon. It’s hard to imagine anything happier than Leo Moon fully receptive to love. We’re all Leos within one specific area of life indicated by astrological house placement.

The Aquarian Sun is providing the heat and the light that bounces off this full Moon. Aquarius is the sign of “receptivity to love”. Its Sabian symbol, “Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence” reminded me of the magical power of romance I experience vicariously as I look out my kitchen window while doing dishes, or walking down to “Hidden House Cafe” for coffee. Invariably, especially on weekends, a parade of lovers of every age pass by, strolling hand in hand, pausing, often in front of our house, to embrace, share an affectionate kiss, slow the passage time, and relish the moment. There’s something about the soft light filtering through the trees, the mission architecture, the fragrance, the butterflies, the weather, and the people that defies illusions of separateness. This is a quintessentially romantic place that favors the kind of heart-opening opportunities represented by this full-Moon.

Practically it seems like a smart idea to deliberately place yourself in the midst of lovers – or to be one. Like a walk near the ocean, it’s a soul reviving experience. Lovers are drawn to specific places for good reason. It’s not hard to find them. What they offer to everyone is magically transformational. The influence of their heightened vibrational frequency could open you to what’s most needed to accomplish your specific mission.

Through the rare Boomerang Yod, this full Moon is strategically placed to receive laser-like feedback from Pluto, the “God of the Underworld.” He is transmitting information from the depths revealing the need for a complete transformation of the kinds of methods we habitually use to accomplish our goals and our overriding mission. Leo is a fixed sign and doesn’t embrace change easily. What is required is a major emotional adjustment to release methods that are no longer efficient and effective. You are being given an easier option but easy isn’t always perceived as easier, particularly when “the hard way” feels most familiar.

Chiron also has a direct line to the Moon. He is simultaneously transmitting demonstrations of “effortless healing” opening our hearts to new, higher forms and techniques that could replace an old, obsolete repertoire. Chiron shows us, through subtle feelings and sensory input, an easier way to bridge the gaps. The Leo Moon is initially more stressed by this information and struggles to adjust.

The “reaction point,” directly opposing the apex Leo Moon, is the Aquarian Sun. Aquarius is known for his ability to detach from personal emotional concerns, to embrace higher-mindedness, the future, progressive ideas, and the ability to form networks of receptivity. He’s not a fiery dazzler though, a creative powerhouse, or expressive genius. He depends on his receptivity to Leo for that. Together they provide everything you need to move forward.

Pluto and Chiron are working seamlessly together to establish an environment that will make it possible for you to create an important opportunity for yourself.

The Sun/Moon midpoint suggests that anything you do to more highly develop and sensitize your five senses is key.

The midpoint between Pluto and Chiron equals the Sun. Repeated is the message to surround yourself with romance, to hang out with lovers, and to nurture your own love affair. Google a travel site that features romantic places, plan a trip or sift through the images and imagine yourself there. Walk on the beach and regularly expose yourself to the beauty of nature. There is nothing that heightens the senses more.

Thanks for reading.

Here’s to more sensitive senses, romance, and lovers that infuse the world with truth and magic.


Holly RePenn
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Professional Astrologer
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