Full Moon in Gemini

Today’s Gemini Full Moon adds emotional energy to the scene already in progress. Leaving behind, letting go, making decisions, and moving forward is central. Most are in the midst of an important “rite of passage” at the end of a long road. It is inevitable what must be done now and that decisions need to be made. Essentially we’re in the process of moving away from the person we used to be, as we prepare to embrace the person we want to be. It’s a sad scene in some ways, but the astrology is lining up to deliver something much better. This Gemini Full Moon infuses a kind of energy that can be especially helpful in guiding us safely though the threshold.

There are many possible variations for life events now in progress. Gemini suggests the involvement of siblings, neighbors, long distance travel, and long held beliefs about ourselves. Feelings of spaciness, being “wiped out,” or emotionally overwhelmed are “symptoms” that often accompany any Full Moon. It can feel, for several days either side of a Full Moon, like stable “psychic organization” is being breached by a giant wave, washing away boundaries that we count on to keep emotions manageable. This full Moon is a cyclic reminder that we are at the mercy of what we are connected to. And whatever that is, most likely it needs to be something bigger.

This Full Moon Chart is typical as the Sun exactly opposes the Moon. Gemini and sagittarius are highlighted. There is the need to connect the imagination with some overarching vision and purpose to make your mark on the world. Not so typical is the heavy involvement of Mercury and Chiron, forming a stressful t-square that demands our attention.

Mercury in Sagittarius, powerfully strengthened by the blazing energy of the Sun, is symbolized by the “Pyramids and the Sphinx.” Nothing speaks more powerfully to the mysterious nature of our existence, to the creative genius of the human race, or to the unshakeable foundations and brilliance we’ve inherited. Now, as misguided efforts to look important have failed us, it is time to connect with something more sustaining. This Full Moon opens portals that connect us, vicariously, with ancestors and the ancients whose struggles and dreams were essentially the same as our own. Knowledge we need to pass through an important threshold is generously being passed on to us, guiding and encouraging us to play our role within a much bigger scheme.

I overheard this week many conversation involving a black civil rights leaders talking about the willingness to connect with and continue the important work of those who have “gone before us.” Those who had a vision for the way things could be and accepted the fact that it might not be fully realized in their lifetime, hoped that others would pick up where they left off.

The message of this Full Moon Chart is that you pick up where someone like you left off – someone whose vision was not fully realized but could be if you played your part. It is important, obviously, that you share a passion for their vision.

The light being reflected from this Moon is Sagittarian light. Its symbol is “The Ground Hog Looking for its Shadow.” What is implied is the importance of sensitizing ourselves to signs and clues that lead us to accurate conclusions about our future. Subtle clues allow us to discern predictable patterns. What is even more important is the ability to adjust to the changes that are indicated. Look for patterns in the signs and clues you notice.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon, “Two Dutch Children Talking,” speaks to vicarious sharing of experience, planning, and the creative exploration of perceived possibilities and opportunities. This Moon asks you to remember that you have the ability to establish yourself in a broad variety of situations. It warns against separatism and the refusal to communicate thoughts and ideas. Surprise! The Full Moon in Gemini is asking you to communicate your ideas.

Chiron, at 13 degrees of Pisces, guides us further by directing our focus to the mysterious power of “style.” It is through your style that you are able to make a powerful impact. How many times have you “not heard a word that’s been said” as your mind busily processes the subtly powerful messages conveyed through another’s style?

The wounded aspect of Chiron, and the integral role he now plays, suggests the need to assess your own personal style for distortions, arbitrary special effects, and manipulations that take advantage of others weaknesses. Separation from our ancestral links, inherited genius, and unique role, can impact our style in negative ways. It can make us the weak link in the universal life-saving chain.

Now is the time to raise your awareness about what you want your style to convey. Identify which mannerisms, associations, clothing, hair style, and special effects increase your confidence and strengthens the kind of impact you want to make. Make yourself easily identifiable to those whose visions and passions are your own. As you leave behind your old self, your style needs to reflect the real you that is emerging.

Mars, now in Aquarius, encourages experimentation, bold expressions of your unique ideas and affiliations, and the imitation of ancestral figures (meant in the broadest possible context) that inspire you. More specifically Mars wants you to tune into early signs that social conditions are changing and to identify where this opens new possibilities for your role in the scheme of the universe.

Saturn (challenge) is nearing the end of its two and half year cycle through the sign of Scorpio. We’re nearing the end of a phase of intense inner struggle with demons we’ve almost conquered. We’re almost free to take on a bigger role that has been, until now, out of reach.

The Gemini Full Moon sensitizes your mind to information that is most critical for you now. It is rooted in the past and connects you, through your mother most likely, to the largest and strongest support system you can possibly imagine. If you feel you are alone, you’re not listening.

Full Moon Mosaic

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