Taurus Full Moon


Full Moon in Taurus at 14 degrees on Thursday, November 6th, at 2:26 PM PST & 5:26 PM EST

When I think of Taurus, tranquility is often a word that comes to mind, but not when I look at this full Moon chart. There are too many planets in Scorpio, Saturn among them. Mars is riling up Pluto as he encroaches on the “god of the underworld’s” territory. Pluto can be ruthless and tyrannical without provocation, but he’s got it now. At worst their meeting represents the fusion of conceit and intellectual vanity with delusions of power and omnipotence.

Uranus, the unpredictable bomb thrower, is standing by to add fuel to any potential Mars/Pluto explosion. Juno, the asteroid of commitment, is now completely committed to celebrating a promotion of some kind. She’s a further annoyance to Pluto forming, with him, an irritating quincunx aspect that demands some major adjustments. There’s more, but that’s basically the backdrop for today’s full Moon event.

The Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon in Taurus. This opposition of these two is always present whenever there’s a full Moon. As such, full Moon’s always suggests the need to balance opposites, to focus on relationships, cooperation, and accommodation.

In contrasting Taurus and Scorpio I liken Taurus to a well-fed guy, sitting on his humble front porch, drinking beer, feeling satisfied that he’s “got it made,” while Scorpio, projecting a sophisticated and intense image, stands in front of his mansion on a hill, gazes over his magnificent view, and concludes “there’s just something missing here.”

Scorpio is always striving, usually inwardly stirred-up, guarding secrets, exposing the truth, suspecting of nefarious motives, accusing, healing, investigating, and, with Saturn is involved, as it now is, working tirelessly against great odds to achieve what others would deem impossible.

Taurus, on the other hand, is all about letting it happen, natural unfoldment, patience, a dignified, unhurried approach that conveys the wisdom of how the natural world works. He relies on his senses for information. A conserver of energy, mainly his own, is the basis of his reputation for laziness. He can be stubborn, boring himself and others with his insistence on sameness. And he often experiences inner turbulence as well. The more inner turmoil, the greater his insistence on keeping everything outwardly the same. He is focused on material security, physical needs, simplifying, and more capable than most of feeling deeply satisfied.

So now we must balance these opposite ways of feeling and being. How might this play out in real life? That depends on what this full Moon stimulates in your own personal astrology. Generally it is tension between needing to make a stronger, more immediate impact, while, at the same time, fearing that pushing through your agenda would result in failure.

An unhurried, dignified approach is called for at a time when inner (and outer) pressure is intensifying. It is tempting to strongly assert power and control to affect immediate change. But something needs to be transformed first. Most likely it is our motivation for wanting what we want. Remember Pluto and Mars, the activation of ruthlessness and the fusion of conceit and intellectual vanity with delusions of power and omnipotence.

The Sun/Moon midpoint falls in the 15th degree of Leo. Midpoints suggest how opposite energies can best be blended in ways that lift us above duality. The Sabian symbol for this midpoint degree is “A Pageant” The emphasis is on group excellence and the dramatic articulation of social ideals. It represents the need to make a valuable contribution to the common good and welfare of a group, not just the common good and welfare of yourself.

To bring this all down to earth, we look to Saturn. At 25 degrees of Scorpio his Sabian Symbol is “An X-Ray” symbolizing investigation, the ability to see through superficialities and pretense, to penetrate to the heart of the matter. The truth about what’s motivating you needs to be uncovered and transmuted into something purer.

So now it’s time to be honest. The question is not so much what it is you want to achieve, it’s more about why you want to achieve it. Money and power are always issues when we talk about a Taurus full Moon ruled by a Scorpio Venus. Reflected at this time as well, is the notion that how you get from point A to point B matters as much, if not more, than actually getting there.

It may be time to slow down temporarily, to reflect. Venus’s Sabain Symbol, “A Woods Rich in Autumn Coloring,” emphasizes harvest time and the importance of natural unfoldment, life cycles, nature’s abundance, and timing. Timing is critical. Inherent is a warning about forcing things to a premature conclusion.

There are many ways to own power and to convey it. One, often overlooked,is how you carry yourself. The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is “A Man Muffled Up with a Rakish Silk Hat” symbolizing a dramatic effort to radiate dignity and personal distinction. It represents self-composure and resourcefulness in meeting the challenges of life. Acting “as if” is important now. Role playing what you’d like to be is key, not only to believing in yourself, but to having others believe in you as well.

Nature has a dignified, unhurried approach to manifesting magnificence. Taurus reminds us of the power of the senses to transform. If you need some help calming down and reconnecting there is no better way than to immerse yourself in the natural world of plants, trees, oceans, gardens, rivers, streams, mountains, moon, stars,etc. Sitting for awhile, relaxing with your back against a tree absorbs and purifies with little effort on your part.

The full Moon is about culmination and release. Rituals that involve the natural world are especially powerful under a Taurean full Moon. Take time out to set intentions for releasing self-serving motives, haphazard appearances, hurried actions, ruthless methods, arrogance, pushiness, and whatever your heart tells you you’d be better off without. Time your rituals for as close to the full Moon culmination as possible but not before.

Here’s to motivational purity, a style that radiates dignity, and the power and sacredness of nature’s ways.

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