Sagittarius New Moon

The New Moon is a dark time when we sense something has changed – the old has “run it’s course,” making way for something new. But it’s dark and we can’t yet see clearly. We’re not sure, during a Sagittarius New Moon, what’s about to unfold, but we sense that it’s something good. But this may feel unsettling in a way that “good things” usually aren’t.

Like a prisoner who has served a long sentence, we’ve grown accustomed, over the past couple years, to confinement and the type of hyper-vigilance involved in dealing with aspects of our worst nightmare. But we’ve been there, done that, and emerged transformed as a result. This new Moon asks the question “what will you do now that you have almost been set free?”

The new Moon rises in the first critical degree of Sagittarius suggesting something basic. Renewing your faith in life, building confidence, and growing into a more optimistic mindset takes some time. This New Moon is a prelude to Saturn’s transit out of the sign of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. We will continue to be faced with challenges but those will be very different from the one’s we’ve experienced over the past couple years.

Now we’re faced with something foreign that opens our mind to new possibilities. We come to the realization that what once seemed far-fetched and impossible may no longer be. Opportunities begin to present themselves, usually in the form of adventures that feels both enticing and threatening. We may begin to figure out that our knowledge base is inadequate. What we crave, more than book learning, is actual experience. Throwing ourselves into “sink or swim” situations teaches us the most about who we are. We’re hesitant now to be guided by another’s experience. We need to be able to experience life “first hand” to develop the wisdom we’ll need going forward.

It is possible that our beliefs, over the past couple years, have become old and stale, irrelevant and non-supporting of the person we’ve become. It may be increasingly difficult to expand into new territory holding onto what we’ve always assumed to be true. Old beliefs about relationships, what is required from us, what we can expect, and what we should want, may be especially highlighted now. It is possible that we may need to change our minds about romantic relationships, commitment, and the roles of women and men. Freedom within relationships, keeping it interesting, fun, and adventurous may take on new significance.

Mars, now transiting through Capricorn, is grounding us in reality, stoking some fear, and tempering our joy in ways that force a focus on our inadequacies. Jupiter, on the other hand, is encouraging creative freedom, an uninhibited, child-like approach to self-expression, sex, and love. Jupiter wants us to experience the sheer joy of being fully alive, discovering what we can do, and how talented we actually are. But the energies of Jupiter and Mars collide in ways that can leave us feeling lonely, wondering if we can trust our instincts and the new landscape. Major adjustments over the next couple weeks are needed and facilitated by the energy of this new Moon.

Using what we’ve learned over the past couple years about investigating beneath the surface, exploring uneasiness, and facing the truth, seems important. Left over may be some “yet-to-be-addressed” fear that must be cleared through intense, unique, and concentrated efforts to uncover what remains hidden and problematic. Energetic healing techniques, depth analysis, guided meditative states, hypnosis, and immersion into art forms, are specific examples of the kinds of healing techniques suggested by the new Moon chart. It is likely that adjustments we make will be pivotal renewing our sense of purpose, strengthening our ambition, and propelling us into the newly emerging Sagittarian phase.

Suggestions for harnessing the energy of this expansive new Moon include treasure mapping – creating a collage out of images that instinctively appeal to you, setting intentions and asking for guidance from the archer, who’s aim is direct and sure.

The following affirmations create a “Sagittarian receptive” mindset: My Opportunities are limitless. I seek the higher meaning in every experience. I am open-minded to foreign concepts, people, and ideas. I am a student, philosopher, and adventurer. I love a new and broader perspective.

Here’s to optimism, expansion, foreign ideas, new possibilities, and way more fun.
Sagittarius New Moon

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