Venus Star Point Shift October 25, 2014

Venus, known as “the brightest star in the sky”, is a planet, of course. It’s an attention-getter and it’s got my attention. Recent celestial events represent a significant re-organization above, below, and within. Happenings included the solar eclipse at the critical 0 degree mark of Scorpio, a Sun/Venus conjunction, Mercury turning direct, and a phase shift of the Venus Star Point (Not the same as Venus in your chart. Click here to learn more about  “The Venus Star Point.”)

Venus, as a symbol of the feminine, is intensifying, though it’s difficult to look at current global events and come to that conclusion. What we appear to be experiencing now is a backlash against the inevitability of Venus’s powerful rise. (For more info read Feminine Leadership; A Cosmic Perspective.)

Astrology’s language – like art, architecture, music, and nature itself – is mathematics. Arielle Guttman and others have noted the mathematical significance of the five-pointed star. Its structure is based on the 1.618 ratio that is known as the “Golden Ratio.” It’s also known as phi, the divine proportion, or the golden mean. It is known as nature’s perfect proportion for bringing parts together into a greater whole. It is a real clarifier when the astrological question becomes how to integrate all the various facets of a personality into a smooth, well-functioning life.

Today, October 25th, 2014 we experience a Venus Star Point shift.  If you picture a five pointed star, Venus’s natural orbit pattern in relation to the earth, this is a day when its orbit reaches the tip of one of the star points and begins to head in a new direction.  Four years ago, in October of 2010, the Scorpio “morning star” phase kicked in. If you think back to that time, whatever was initiated then reaches a culmination point and begins to wane today as we enter the “evening star phase.”


The Scorpio Venus Star Point phase began in 1926 and ends in 2026. Phase shifts happen a total of 25 times during this period and today’s shift marks the 23rd time. We are approaching the end of an era.

Venus has two faces – the goddess of love (the evening phase) and the goddess of war (the morning phase), keeping us constantly between stages of love and war. It is the feminine interplay of lightness and darkness, the holistic nature of Venus that makes her love the epitome of power, greatness, richness, and depth.

According to Ariel Guttman, no matter which phase we were born under, we have the capability of being the lover or the warrior. Those born during the morning phase, however, are instinctively more willing to do battle, to express anger and rage, to become activists, and to fight for what they believe in. Those born during the evening star phase, the lovers, are less comfortable with conflict, preferring to compromise, to harmonize and to connect with their inner life. The key to the salvation of the world is the integration of both facets of Venus.

What Scorpio represents is a purging of the old and useless in favor of a rebirth into something more vital. It’s a process of releasing what we’re powerfully attached to and it’s painful – even excruciating. It’s what keeps us vital, though, and resistant to living our lives robotically, detached from any life-giving source, feeling as though our experience is some absurd mistake, or that the life we’re living actually belongs to someone else.

On the macro level we’re knee-deep in this revitalization process. Rebirth is 12 years away. It lies just over the horizon. Twelve years relative to the history of the world is a nano-second. The Scorpio Venus Star Point is preparing to phase itself out very soon. The year 2026 appears to be the dawn of a new day and today marks one of the crucial final turning points.

The Sabian symbol for this pivotal degree is “A Broken Bottle and Spilled Perfume.” On a personal note, my father died in October of 2010. There are many things I have put “on hold” since that time, many emotional reservations, a reluctance to feel, and to commit. I’m assuming it’s now time to pass out of this relative child-like and unhealed state into something more fully integrated. I’m hopeful that the power of this Venus Star Point Shift will assist me in moving toward something more vibrant and deeply satisfying.

On a more general note, as the Venus Star Point now shifts into the powerful but less defensive evening star position, we may find ourselves tired of being at war with the planet, with an enemy, or with ourselves. It may be easier to feel more receptive to another’s point of view or to our own inner urgings.  We may be more motivated to find common ground and some bigger space for harmony to take hold.

Venus, whether morning or evening star, is exalted in the sign of Pisces – the oceanic realm of interconnected oneness. It’s path traces a shift from the “center of operations” currently  located in the Sacral Chakra into the higher, unifying realm of the Heart Chakra. It’s where we’re headed and, despite all appearances, it’s closer than you think.


  1. Tasya Situmorang:

    Hello there admin of the article! ??????. I find this article of yours to be well-written ??. I especially love how you touched on Venus’s phases (when I first read about Venus and Her phases, I instantly fell in love with it and became addicted to it. I still am addicted to reading about Venus and Her phases that I read about this one on a daily basis from different astrologers ??). When I was born, 28th November 1996, Venus was in Scorpio ??? in 8th house rose before Sagittarius Sun ?? in 9th house, so I’m a Morning Star Venus. Let me phrase Venus’s phases: Her phases have something to do with not only our emotional modus operandi (emotional make-up) but also our relationship (Venus rules relationship and social life) with our close(st) associates (such as family and friends), society we live in and eventually the world, how we respond to the world based on our experiences. Please correct me if I’m wrong! I want to ask you one question: in my immediate family member, I’m the only family member that has Morning Star Venus ???. My dad, mum, younger brother and sister… all of them have Evening Star Venus ???. My mum (born on 1st October 1970) has Scorpio Venus too, but She was behind Libra Sun when my mum was born ??. My dad (born on 2nd November 1965) has late-Sagittarius Venus standing behind Scorpio Sun ?? when he was born. My younger brother (born on 9th June 1999) has Leo Venus that rose after Gemini Sun ??. My younger sister (born on 8th December 2000) has Aquarius Venus that rose after Sagittarius Sun ??. Phase wise, my dad and younger brother were born shortly before Venus reached Her maximum evening elongation (my dad was almost 2 weeks before the maximum evening elongation and my brother was born just 2 days before the maximum evening elongation). My mum was born when Venus was in between the maximum evening elongation and retrograde station. My younger sister, I believe the Venus phase was 1+ month away before She reached the maximum evening elongation ??. I was born when Venus was in between maximum morning elongation and superior conjunction. So, what do you think about these?

    • Admin:

      I think it’s all very interesting. Schedule an appt for a Venus Star Point Reading. The fact that you’re a Morning Star amongst “evening stars” is significant. Thanks for your comment…Holly

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