Aries Total Lunar Eclipse October 8, 2014 at 6:51 AM EDT & 3:51 AM PDT

Mosaic “Topaz Pool”  -Lori Desormeaux

Eclipse chart included at the bottom of the page.

This Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries represents the warrior, willing to confront any enemy who threatens his survival.  Opposing the Libra Sun, and his notorious insistence on peace at any price, the warrior is joined by a powerful coalition of three – Mars in Sagittarius who hates to be confined, Jupiter in Leo, now seeking to expand his personal creative impact and happiness, and Uranus, the androgynous “bomb throwing dissenter” – as he seeks to destroy powerful resistance to his right to be what he is.

Mercury, especially thoughtful as he moves into retrograde motion, could be part of the warrior’s opposition, but he’s beginning to waver. The warrior, in the form of this lunar eclipse, is intensifying the pressure on Mercury making him acutely aware, especially over the next three weeks, of the true cost of his “path of least resistance” style. (You may feel this on a personal level, as frustration). He is headed for a day of reckoning, though, when his over emphasis on allegiance to others may change in favor of a stronger allegiance to himself.

The “total” nature of this Lunar eclipse is significant.  It implies a complete rearrangement of current emotional states. In January of 2015, when the Sun forms a conflicting aspect to this Lunar eclipse point, we will have to act to align the new emotional arrangement being put in place now.  But March of 2015 is the real turning point when Mars, Uranus, and Pluto all align with the current eclipse point and we stage a undeniable revolt. The important point is to set your intentions now, at a time as close as possible to the eclipse, but not before, so that you, as a co-creator with the Universe, have some influence over the nature of your new emotional design.

A warrior replaces fear with a passionate belief in the cause he is fighting for. In the eclipse chart, Vesta is placed at the critical 0 degree of Sagittarius emphasizing a passionate belief in freedom, the right to an inspiring, adventurous life, and the right to grow and expand continuously to keep it all interesting.

Juno is the only other chart placement in a a critical degree.  She represents commitment.  In Leo this is clearly an indication of a commitment to yourself and to creating a life that reflects all of who you are.  Leo is about developing skills and talents in ways that attract you back into your own tribe where you can figure out how to best use those talents to benefit all its members.

Nineteen years ago there was a lunar eclipse at the same degree and sign as this one.  In October of 1995, most likely you experienced an opportunity to focus on developing the skills and talents you had identified, and a chance to rebel against inner oppressive forces. On a national scale, the Million Man March of African American men took place in Washington D.C. in October of 1995.

The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree then, and now, is “An Indian Weaving a Blanket,” emphasizing diligence, active participation, personal fulfillment and pride achieved through creative self-expression. It represents self-fulfillment and enjoyment through opportunities to use personal skills and talents to benefit others. It represents the freedom to be all of who you are.

Interestingly, the Sabian symbol for the Sun’s placement in the eclipse chart is “Circular Paths,” – a focus on the wheel of life.  This symbol speaks to the repetition of experience, self rectification, or the process of “returning to center” for the purpose of reflection, self-assessment, and inner realignment.  This reflects retrograding Mercury’s purpose as well.

The cause you must be committed to now is becoming who you were born to be from a creative and artistic standpoint. Venus’s Sabian symbol encourages you to stick with what you like. You may need your inner “bomb throwing dissenter” Uranus to overthrow the structures you put in place 19 years ago and to power you through any residual fear that continues to get in your way. He’s on your side. The truth is that various parts of you are aligning with each other to move you in the direction you’ve always wanted to go. The battle lines are drawn and you’ve ended up on your own side for a change.topaz pool

Here’s to winning!

Aries Lunar Eclipse 10:8

































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