Pluto on the Cusp of a Change in Direction

Pluto has been in retrograde motion since April 14, 2014 and is about to change into direct motion on September 22nd.   Any planet moving retrograde (Mercury does fairly often) changes the way we experience that planet’s energy. When Pluto turns retrograde we experience the energy at a deep inner level as an ongoing invisible process of psychic  transformation. Pluto changing into direct motion manifests outwardly in the form of visible change in our actual circumstances, perceptions, and behaviors.

Pluto, as an impersonal outer planet, is known to profoundly influence worldly events. War, climate change, deadly epidemics, and the widespread misuse of power fall within Pluto’s domain.  While in retrograde this god and ruler of the underworld, works on mass consciousness, changing the nature of collective psychic structures.   Those changes fuel how the world progresses and transforms itself toward higher levels of spiritual alignment.  There’s always an easy way and a hard way to do that.  Traditionally Pluto changes are so profound that there is a tendency to resist them for as long as possible, making it feel, unfortunately, that the choice is always “to do it the hard way”. Waiting until the situation is dire and our survival, on some level, is under urgent threat, seems to be the preferred approach.

On a personal level Pluto exposes what has been previously hidden, or makes it impossible to continue to hide from the reality of what we have become and the destructive nature of our current arrangement.  He increases our emotional discomfort, and, in retrograde motion, can halt all further progress while accelerating destruction, until we allow the inner transformation to proceed.  Depending on our sensitivity, level of awareness, and insight, we may be aware of some inner change taking hold or we may simply experience poor health, the feeling of being physically drained, a wish to escape, as effort and energy are misdirected

As Pluto’s change in direction becomes imminent,  it is not unusual to experience some defining event or interaction that signals our inner transformational change has reached the end of its current phase,, and some outer, significant realignment is now required.  The results of the inner revolution are about to manifest, out in the open, where others begin to see us differently. Often there is the feeling that the worst is over, that resistance is actually far more painful than acceptance, that the inner battle is drawing to a close.

Generally there is no going back as the old ways, for you, no longer hold meaning.  It’s now time to get busy exploring what might. This may require some risk, a willingness to face the unknown, the possibility of disappointing or offending others,  and a new commitment to yourself.

Briefly I will outline, according to Pluto’s transiting position in your solar chart,  where you are most likely to feel and experience significant change.  If you would like to discuss this on a more personal level, scheduling a natal chart reading is a good idea.

If you are a client I have your chart on file and would be happy to clarify where transiting Pluto actually falls in your natal chart.

If you are an…….

Aries – A change in social status, reputation, how the world now “categorizes” you according to some change in how you define yourself.  A willingness to take on more responsibility in exchange for greater power to control the direction of your life.

Taurus – A change in beliefs, a broader and bigger perspective, greater willingness to consider the unfamiliar, to exercise your freedom, and to expand your life.

Gemini – A change in your approach to the transformation process itself, a change in collaborative business partnerships or financial arrangements, more trust in yourself and your instincts.

Cancer – A change in approach to wielding your power within relationships.  A rebalancing of the scales in the direction of making more room for yourself.

Leo – A change in approach to your job and your health.  More confidence in your ability to handle your responsibilities, less need to prove your competency, greater sensitivity to satisfying your own inner needs.

Virgo – New freedom to create a life full of joy and love, less need to be accepted by those friends and groups who give little in return, greater love and respect for yourself, greater freedom to explore new options regarding lifestyle choice.

Libra – Change in approach to emotional satisfaction especially where career and professional interests are involved. Changing approach to family in the direction of more honesty,and  a willingness to give up some control over others in order to gain more control over yourself.

Scorpio – A change in mindset, the way you communicate, more honesty with others, an unwillingness to express yourself dishonestly to protect your material security or to shield yourself from the unknown.

Sagittarius – A change in your income, material security, and the values and priorities that used to support your life.  More confidence as a result of greater feelings of self worth.

Capricorn – A change in your relationship with yourself that fuels many changes in relationships with others. A change in your style of expressing authority and wielding power.  A more courageous approach to starting new things.  A change in physical appearance.

Aquarius – A change in the energetic matrix of your subconscious mind, release from old Karma, better health routines, a freer, more confident and relaxed approach to life and to facing the unknown.

Pisces- – A change in attitude toward friends.  Less willingness to sacrifice integrity to belong. A change in friends, group affiliation, and your relationship to the community. Finding your own “tribe,” the one to which you truly belong.





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