The Venus Star Point

Astrologer and scholar Arielle Guttman introduced me to the importance of the Venus Star Point, a chart placement based on Venus’s unique and mysterious orbital path. (It is not the planet Venus in your chart). Every eight years Venus completes a journey that traces, in the sky, the pattern of a five-pointed star. It is an infinite repeating pattern of profound significance.  Your Venus Star Point is the sign in which one specific “star pattern” originated, the specific pattern in motion at the time of your birth.

Astrology’s language – like art, architecture, music, and nature itself –  is mathematics. Arielle and others have noted the mathematical significance of the five-pointed star.  Its structure is based on the 1.618 ratio that is known as the “Golden Ratio.”   It’s also known as phi, the divine proportion, or the golden mean.  It is known as nature’s perfect proportion for bringing parts together into a greater whole.  star golden ratio

That is the goal of the type of astrology I practice, so the Venus Star Point has easily taken on primary significance for me and my work.  What seems to be emerging is a powerful link connecting the different qualities of energy present in an astrological chart –  how to naturally put the various aspects of a life together in a harmonious ways.  It’s practical information you can use.

Inherent in the structure of nature is the ubiquitous presence of the 1.6 ratio. Examples include the structures of galaxy spirals, hurricanes, the geometry of DNA, ocean waves, flower petals, and nautilus shells. It is the distance between numbers in the Fibonacci series. It is the pattern of life itself.

Einstein, DaVinci, and a myriad of scientific, business, and artistic geniuses have structured their work on the 1.6 ratio, believing in its power to manifest beauty, harmony, connection, integration, and progressively higher ways of operating.

nautilus shellBy synchronizing our minds and bodies to become attuned to the particular rhythm the Venus Star Point represents,  we attune ourselves to the cosmic energy of the heart – love, compassion, and peace. Currently the human race is involved in a common struggle to raise our energy center of operation from the sacral chakra to the heart chakra. This is the key to breaking through the current restrictions we face on personal, political, and global levels.

It has been difficult, until stumbling upon Arielle’s work, to make practical recommendations for how this could be achieved on a personal level. The Venus Star Point seems to illuminate the specifics. It is an astrological placement whose time has come.

Intuitively I have always felt that Venus was the pivotal planet involved in raising the vibration of the planet. Arielle makes the point that Venus is not just a metaphor for love, but that she actually transmits the energy of love.  Tuning into the Venus Star Point is a way of intensifying the beams she is transmitting to us.

(If you’re interested in more on the Golden Ratio and how it’s subtly underpins some of our best known music, art, architecture, business models, the most effective fitness prescriptions, and health recommendations, here is Matthew Cross’s informative, and very brief presentation.  The images are amazing.)Spiral of life





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