Libra New Moon Tuesday, 9/23 at 11:14 PM PDT & Wednesday, 9/24 at 2:14 AM EDT

There’s a lot happening now at the equinox, as the Sun arrives at the celestial equator and crosses into the southern hemisphere.  We’re in new territory and may feel the shift on many levels.  Now bringing summer to the southern hemisphere and winter to the north, the Sun has crossed the critical, celestial, equatorial juncture and conditions under which we live will change.  What’s happening in the sky, (according to me :), is essentially the metaphor for our personal experience.  We have made enough headway now to be able to dynamically change our circumstances in very visible ways.

In fact, the Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “A Butterfly Made More Perfect with a Dart Through It”  It alludes to a sudden sharp awakening of the awareness that we now have the freedom to shape our own destiny.  No longer seeing ourselves as “a small cog in a big wheel,” or a victim of circumstances,  action now seems to make more sense.  We have navigated our way through sacrifice and pain to earn this higher level of understanding.  This is a rebirth and we’re beginning to notice windows that are newly opened as a result of the doors that are closing or have been closed and locked.

There is a strange familiarity and confidence beginning to emerge as we realize that what we now know is something we’ve always known.  Interestingly we feel somewhat relieved, as though the nightmare is beginning to end.  For some it’s been more dramatic than for others, but we’re all experiencing the end of a journey and the beginning of something different and potentially much more satisfying.

Libra re-aligns in the direction of balance.  What has been entirely lopsided will undergo a correction. That is currently reflected by the equinox phenomenon where the length of daylight exactly equals the hours of darkness.  What has been soulless and uninspiring, ugly and distasteful, or numbing on many levels,  is undergoing demolition and renovation. New types of courageous action have the potential to move us into a whole new, more balanced scene.

Huenna, a minor planet, symbolizes disputed ownership and righteous succession.  It exactly opposes this New Moon, highlighting the importance of doing what it takes to begin to feel like “you own the place.”  Acting “as if” comes to mind and may go a long way toward consolidating your power and convincing yourself (and others) that you’re not usurping ownership, but simply taking possession of what has always belonged to you.

The minor planet Nymphe exactly aligns with this New Moon, giving further clues into its nature and meaning.  Nymphes are familiar to most as feminine spirits, significantly set apart from chaste wives and daughters.  They are uninhibited purveyors of love, animating nature and the natural world through song and dance.   berolinaMythically they are known to be the targets of Satyrs (masculine aggression and ambition).

Venus is the ruler of Libra and she exactly aligns with the minor planet Berolina.  Interestingly, Berolina is a nymph with a special affinity for water lillies.  She is the mythical figure after which the city of Berlin is named. A Berolina monument was once placed in the Alexanderplatz in Berlin but later melted down for use in war – a graphic and timeless example of the Satyr’s tendency to target the Nymph. There is currently a movement underway to replace her.  A leading German film studio in the 1950’s was named Berolina Film.

Water Lillies hold a special place in the evolutionary scheme.  They are ancient and fundamental – one of the first flowering plants from which all other flowering plants eventually descended.  Their ability to thrive was critical for the survival of natural beauty and balance in the world.   Resuscitation of the natural environment and life itself, as part of this New Moon message, seems especially obvious.  It is critical for us, as well, to actively nurture the part of us that is specifically designed to produce offshoots of beauty and balance in the world – artistic leanings, singing and dancing, music and love, film and romance -the arts in general.  The power of film to open hearts and minds to the destructive nature of social “norms” and to the possibility of change is now being starkly highlighted by global events. Bringing Berolina back to Berlin would be a cause with so much symbolic value and inherent power, I’m considering supporting it.

And finally there’s Nemausa aligning exactly with this New Moon.  The ancient city of Nimes, in Southern France, was named for this Celtic spirit guardian of natural springs.  It’s one of my coliseum nimescanals nimesdiannafavorite cities in the world. Incredibly old, Nimes existed in some form since the iron age. An important healing-spring sanctuary attracted settlements.  A cult of fertility and healing goddesses belonged to the sanctuary. 

In Nimes their exists reminders of ancient symbols of the masculine and feminine everywhere. One of the most perfectly preserved coliseums in the world stands in harmony with watery, canal lined streets and parks housing monuments to ancient goddesses. To me it’s a city whose foundations seem rooted in the beauty, balance, and harmony that Libra urgently seeks, but finds difficult to capture.

This Libra New Moon is an important turning point.  Decisions need to be made regarding how to create a more balanced and beautiful path through life.  As Venus forms an exact sextile (60 degree angle) to Juno, the goddess of commitment and balance, we encounter a chance to gain what is needed, but that chance may or may not be used. According to iconic astrologer, Bernadette Brady, a sextile involving water and earth, as this one does, requires that we create the opportunities for change as opposed to having those fall in our lap. Our success depends on how clearly we can see doors that are now opened that were previously closed.  It also depends on breaking through old conditioning and using the resources we have in very clever ways.

This New Moon places the creative wind at your back for the next two weeks.  Revealing your intent to the universe at the culmination of this New Moon, through some personally meaningful ritual, allows you to channel its powerful energy to your best advantage.

Here’s to a more beautiful and balanced life!

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