Full Moon in Pisces Monday, Sept. 8, 2014 – 9:38 PM EST & 7:38 PM PDT

This watery Pisces full Moon culminates as we find ourselves moving through  dangerous waters into a calmer, more stable place.  The full Moon aligns with Chiron, the wounded healer, activating, once again, major emotional energy shifts.  What is required, as this Moon fully  reflects the brilliant light of Virgo, are conclusions based on reason, and the full engagement of a mind seasoned and stabilized in the ways of the world.

As I write, I find myself resistant to advise a controlled response to the heart, especially under a Pisces Moon, but everything seems to point in that direction. The full Pisces Moon, in this case, appears to represent the raw material that gives rise to instincts,  primitive power, and strong impulses, now ripe for purification, categorization, and full integration. Trust in our ability to organize, understand, form theories,  and make sense of emotions and instincts is needed.

We are now approaching the time to present ourselves in a new light,  to reveal previously hidden facets of ourselves, newly strengthened as Mars and Saturn transited through Scorpio. We have been hit repeatedly where we’re most vulnerable and have, mostly likely, out of necessity, risen to the challenge.  As Mars enters the final degrees of Scorpio we discover that inwardly we have, willingly or unwillingly,  developed everything we need to step up our game and to relate to others on a more meaningful level.  We may be testing out our new found strength and freedom to the surprise of everyone around us.  And we may be surprised ourselves by another’s new and unfamiliar approach to us.

If we have learned anything during this heyday of Scorpio power, we now find ourselves operating at a higher, more nourishing level.  If we have avoided the lessons, we may now find ourselves left behind, repeating outmoded behaviors,  regurgitating like a parrot who can only mimic without any real impact.  As a result, others, who have been willing to walk through the fire, may no longer find much nourishment in their interactions with us.

The other possibility is that we find ourselves in a committed relationship with someone who was able to dodge the Scorpio challenge.  We acknowledge, on some level, that they  are “the parrots” who can offer little in the way of real nourishment to us.

There are a couple of noteworthy aspects in this Full Moon Chart that may further refine its meaning and message.  First is the grand trine involving the Moon, and  the asteroids Vesta and Juno. A trine is traditionally thought of as  a highly supportive aspect, that may be felt, under this full Moon, as the seamless flow of higher level self-actualization, expanding capacity for accomplishment, and everyday obligations that now feel more infused with meaning and purpose.

But trines can also unblock the delivery of some pretty severe consequences that had previously been held in check in the absence of its influence.  If you find yourself repeating patterns of a willful refusal to cooperate with others,  baseless self-aggrandizement, and ostentatious self display, you may finally experience  the harsh consequences associated with that pattern.

The second notable aspect is the inconjunct (150 degree angle) between Pluto and Jupiter signifying the need for a major change in the way we’re willing to use our authority, to transform our role in society, to expand our free expression and  imagination, while surrounding ourselves with the “tribe” to which we truly belong. Any or all of these may undergo some permanent change that forever alters your trajectory. No change may indicate persistent resistance to change.

And one final point.  Borasisi, a trans-pluto object, aligns and intertwines with the Full Moon, further clarifying what’s at stake. Its influence is derived from its name –  the Sun character in the Kurt Vonnegut novel “Cats Cradle.”  This book was basically about science and its lack of ethics, and the lies of religions.  Vonnegut concludes that developments born of scientific truth are potentially more damaging than religious lies  springing from  the need to make miserable lives more tolerable.

I would conclude that it’s time to figure out what, if anything, we’re lying to ourselves about.  According to a noted therapist, the best way to figure that out is to identify what it is about yourself that you can’t laugh at or find within it just a little humor.   Then tell the truth, or, even more potentially advantageous, tell yourself a better fictional story about yourself.  That story could be grounded and integrated with a grounding ritual, imaginatively designed by you, to  harness this powerful full Moon energy. Full Moon energy exists for you to use in the highest, most personally meaningful ways.  Its one of the Universe’s gifts to you.

Time your ritual to coincide with the  culmination of the Full Moon for maximum effect… or as close as possible, but not before.  Before will leave you under the influence of the old, waning cycle.

Thanks for reading.


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