Virgo New Moon, Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon in Virgo on Monday, August 25,2014 at 2 degrees 19 minutes of Virgo, at 7:13 AM PDT & 10:13 EDT

Virgo gets a bad rap in the astrology world. I remember “bad-rapping” the sign myself, partly because I didn’t really understand the energy at any meaningful level, and partly because my old haphazard ways felt threatened by Virgo’s conscientious approach. From the perspective of my Sagittarian Moon, Virgo simply hadn’t gotten the memo about the supremacy of the “big picture.” In my opinion (and Sagittarian Moons are opinionated) Virgo’s focus on detail was compulsive and completely “missed the point.”

Thanks to difficult personal experience, more in-depth study, and more contact with Virgos and their “way of life,” it’s a sign I’ve come to deeply respect. And I’m continually reminded, through my Virgo clients and friends, why that is.

Yesterday, in a reading I did for a Virgo client, the value of their contribution, the rare and powerful humility that drives them to improve and strengthen their effectiveness, and their single-minded dedication to providing better service was once again brought home. Virgo’s ability to sacrifice ego gratification puts them in the position of being the “power behind the throne.” They are the hidden brilliance, the ones willing to take on drudgery and the thankless tasks the rest of us refuse. Through their efforts, Virgos make it easier for the rest of us to shine. They are the ones you can count on to perform competently, at every level, to make it all work.

For a Virgo Sun this energy is central to the way they operate in every aspect of life. But thankfully, we’re all gifted with Virgo energy in some specific area of life. At this New Moon, that specific area of life is being sensitized, energized, and challenged to express in new, more highly evolved ways. Virgo’s wisdom essentially encourages us to focus on the quality of the process. Under the influence of a Virgo New Moon, how we get from point A to point B is the most important thing. Getting there is secondary. As we choose the methods we choose to achieve our goals, there is the need to pay attention to the details, to understand what we’re communicating about ourselves and how, over time, our methods define us, impact others, and influence the world. The Cosmos has arranged for important new emotional beginnings in the specific area of life housing our Virgo energy.

If your Virgo energy resides:

In the 1st house – The smallest details of your style and approach can send loud messages that impact the world in big ways. How you start something new, your attitude, preparation, and the role you play in relationships is highlighted.

In the 2nd House – How you handle the details of your finances and use your talents and resources to collaborate, cooperate, and stabilize your life demand your attention and invite a new approach.

In the 3rd house – More attention and thought can now be given to the details of how you communicate, not just what you say, but how you say it, as well as to your mindset and what you choose to focus on. Time for something new.

In the 4th house – How you deal with the past, how it influences each present moment, and how you can begin anew is significant. How you deal with family, make home improvements, and strengthen emotional security is highlighted.

In the 5th house – How you express love, relate to children, and use your creativity to serve others is important. How do you showcase your competency. The details matter and the methods you choose are significant.

In the 6th house – Virgo is at home here. The need to rework methods to improve their effectiveness, to choose new tools, to increase your competence, to improve your health, and to serve others in new ways is highlighted.

In the 7th house – Paying more attention to the details of how you relate to your significant other, to clients, and to the role you rely on others to play in relationships is ripe for some kind of new beginning.

In the 8th house – How you move yourself through transformative experiences, wield power, share responsibility, trust others, and deepen intimacy is in need of analysis and some kind of new approach.

In the 9th house – How you formulate your beliefs, react to circumstances that require growth, approach adventure, ascribe meaning to your life, or educate yourself at progressively higher levels requires more thought and a new approach.

In the 10th house – The details of the methods you use to achieve your goals, enhance your reputation, and assert your authority is ripe for a new, more sensitive and effective approach

In the 11th house – How you choose your friends, how you interact with them, your role in groups, how you acquire a sense of belonging and connection to the community, after careful analysis requires a new approach.

In the 12th house – How do you let go when it’s time to, transcend the tendency to worry and fret, access hidden sources of spiritual support, and end things you’ve outgrown. The details matter and you’re being invited to initiate something new.

This Virgo New Moon opposes Neptune. Together with it’s Sabian symbol, “Two Angels Bringing Protection” there is a strong indication of the presence of invisible assistance, spiritual support, and easy access to both. It is unnecessary and unwise to “go it alone” as you make changes, and begin anew. The perspective of spiritual guides residing in higher places clarifies what could otherwise feel confusing as we approach important new beginnings.

Here’s to new, more effective methods, better health, understanding the significance of small things, spiritual guidance, and the importance of how we arrive at our destination.

Holly 🙂
(If you’re a client and I have your chart on file, I’d be happy to remind you where the New Moon falls in your chart)

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