Venus Moves into the Sign of Leo

On Tuesday, August 12, Venus is taking up residence in the dramatic, self-centered, fixed and fiery sign of Leo. Traveling through the sign of Cancer for the past month, her influence has most recently been felt through emotional nurturing, support, a focus on family, and heart-felt gratitude.

Smoothing over the rough patches is Venus’s role. It is she who comforts, relaxes, and infuses life with grace, ease, and flow. Whatever emotional struggles we encountered over the past month, especially with family, may have seemed, unexpectedly, to flow in the direction of love, cooperation, toward a sense of relief. Venus is famous for gracefully placing on your doorstep, at the exact right time, whatever kindness and support is needed. Her travels with Mercury over the past several weeks promoted kinder words, easier decisions, and the merciful delivery of information we really needed.

Over the past month you may have found yourself sensitized to beauty and reacting kindly where you might previously have been prone to emotional impatience. You may have felt the desire to beautify your home in ways that soothed and comforted. It’s time now for new kinds of actions as “old trips” burn out and new opportunities present.

On Tuesday, Venus in Leo makes her red carpet entrance. Boldly artistic strokes of genius adorn her as you begin to sense the intensifying Leo influence, connecting you with your own inner sense of royalty. Feeling more confident, entitled to the spotlight, and all the things that bring you joy and self-satisfaction, accompany Venus’s transition. As you operate within the realms of children, romance, and dramatic, self expression, creativity, love is emphasized, accompanied by the expectation of respectful treatment.

Venus in Leo does not take kindly to being unceremoniously dismissed or overridden. You may crush, with kindness, gentle reminders, over-the-top dramas, or just and fair ultimatums, challenges to the dignity of your inner feminine power and instinct. Relationships will be realigned in ways that clear channels and promote less inhibited, more imaginative approaches. Courage must now form the foundations of any compromise as Venus in Leo encourages us to hold stubbornly to our fiery intuitive center.

The Venus Ingress chart reveals conflict, though, as Ceres in Scorpio forms a tense 90 degree aspect to Venus. The absence of psychologically nourishing environments may be causing a type of psychic starvation that threatens to extinguish vital, self-distinguishing, sparks and connections. Direct action may be needed to forestall the death of something critical to your survival on some level. You may urgently need to be fed, through your immediate environment, the vital missing nutrients that will revive and enliven you. But these “vital nutrients” could be obscured beneath layers of distortion and old habits designed to hide vulnerability. A willingness to investigate and to expose the truth while releasing some control, seems to be the price that must be paid for a freer life that more accurately reflects the things you love most.

Venus is now bringing in “long shots” in the form of unconventional ideas and unusual opportunities. Attention to the quality of your surrounding environment is key as you place over it your stamp of individuality and approval. Childhood pictures remind you of your true nature before society’s pressures disconnected you from your most vital links. Now may be the right time to clear your immediate environment of anything you don’t “for sure” love. Leave the space empty until you’re able to fill it with something you do “for sure” love. Tell the truth about who you are to yourself and maybe another. If you’ve lost touch of the truth, admit it, and know that Venus is anxious to reward your “recovery efforts” with gifts that feel disproportionately larger than anything you might have expected.

Venus in Leo is closing in on a conjunction with Jupiter, making herself too big to be overwhelmed. In fact, she will be overwhelming her foes, taking courageous detours, circumventing resistance, magically revealing the treasure beneath the rubble, while fiercely protecting it so that it remains within your grasp.

It is now possible to replace a life spent avoiding harsh realities with a life that feels too interesting, imaginative, and fun to want to want to escape. A more insightful approach to your habitual role with yourself must emerge. Actions in a new direction must be initiated, taking into consideration Venus’s preference for more kindness, compassion, acceptance, and self-love. A more humane approach to yourself gives you the freedom to experiment and to find something more critically nourishing. It also makes finding the right relationship, or infusing with more joy and romance the one you have, much easier.

Venus joins the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, already in Leo, adding a touch of class to what could otherwise devolve into selfish, spot-light grabbing, gaudiness, or drama that is so self-serving it no longer generates any interest at all.

Vine Victor Deloria, Jr. was an American Indian author, theologian, historian, and activist. He was widely known for his book Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto (1969). He is famously quoted saying, in support of the Native American beliefs, “Religion is for those who fear hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.”

The astrology of the past year has put most of us in the position of “having already been there.” Fear is something we experienced intensely and survived its intimidating effects. Personally, for many, it’s no longer the potent motivator it once was. From August 12 – September 6th Venus, traveling through the constellation of Leo, makes her entrance to revive the part of you that is now more motivated by the joy of living a nourishing life you love.

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