Top 10 Reasons to Consult with an Astrologer

1. Your astrology chart is based on objective data – the time, place, and date of your birth. Its patterns and symbols reveal unique qualities and natural tendencies that strongly influence how your life unfolds. An astrologer looks at a chart as a radiologist looks at x-rays, with no need to “arrange the data” to fit established standards. It is what it is.

2. Knowing what “it is” is important because it keeps you grounded in what you instinctively know to be true about yourself. Without that validation, you may dismiss the uniqueness of your design relying on “experts” for generic recommendations that diminish your power and passion for life.

3. A consultation with an astrologer reveals your life purpose. Once that’s confirmed, difficult like decisions can be made with more confidence.

4. An astrology chart defines and validates your desires, making it easier to distinguish between what you want and what your culture, family, friends, and co-workers want you to want.

5. An astrology chart reveals what you, as a unique individual, need most in a committed relationship. It may be love, romance, and “happily ever after.” But it may, just as likely, be something entirely different.

6. An astrology reading clarifies your values. It defines what’s really most important to you and allows you to see whether or not the arrangement of your life supports your values.

7. An astrology chart brings to light hidden talents and strengths that may be ripe for development. A better use of your innate resources makes achieving your goals easier.

8. Astrologers are trained to identify cycles that coincide with time frames. Opportunities as well as challenges are time limited. Knowing your specific time frames, when the cosmic winds are at your back, can help you navigate life more intelligently.

9. An astrological chart defines your niche, the social role you were designed to play, and how you can play it in ways that are most natural, and therefore most effective, for you.

10. Astrology expands your perspective in ways that clarify the meaning of specific life experiences. No longer is it necessary to waste time asking “why me.” Within the bigger context, you understand the purpose, how it all makes perfect sense, and how the specific challenges you attract can free you to express your highest potential.

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