Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 12, 2014

The full Moon/Sagittarius combination blends together emotions, past experience, and beliefs, highlighting the possibility that old, stagnant beliefs keep us ineffective in some particular area of life. What prevents beliefs from evolving is embedded fear based on some previous, very difficult, experience.

Saturn, in the midst of his two and a half year trek through Scorpio, represents the kind of embedded fear and lack of trust that results from having the rug suddenly pulled out from beneath you, being exploited in some collaborative effort, trusting someone who turned out to be untrustworthy, or being stripped of our power by someone ruthless, abusive, or desperate.

Saturn in Scorpio continues to insist that it’s time to address what’s uncomfortable and complicated, and to finally resolve it. The full Moon brings into awareness the need for change – the need to realize that we’ve come as far as we can in one particular direction. It’s time for an ending that makes room for a new beginning. It’s time for a new adventure.

Cosmic energy cycles, like those represented by the full Moon, influence our personal lives in ways that often reflect world events. Increased pressure surrounding the conflict between climate change science, for example, and the stagnant beliefs of “climate change deniers” feels significant under this full Moon. Most likely this mass resistance, being played out on the national stage, reflects something similar we’re experiencing on a personal level. Are there facts and hard realities in your personal life that invalidate what you’ve always believed to be true? Do they interfere with your ability to act effectively? How does this affect your survival on some level?

This is my own current story. I have always believed, from the very beginning, that my business and professional life had to be a “one woman show,” me working hard, by myself, to be the best astrologer I could be, while providing the best services I’m capable of providing, in complete control of every detail, reaping the benefits or suffering the consequences alone. But, over the past week, I’ve begun to consider that, given emerging “facts on the ground,” in the form of all the additional work this growing labor of love demands, I may need some help. My goals may require that Mosaic Astrology be based on a foundation of “group effort” rather than a solo performance. But I’m vacillating as I consider the implications.

Saturn in Scorpio demands that old fears be uprooted to make room for an evolution. The Sagittarius full Moon focuses that evolution on new beliefs and a broader perspective.

The placement of this full Moon in your birth chart gives clues as to where these energies may be operating in your own life. There are many possibilities as to how and where planetary energies express. You probably have your own story. I will attempt to personalize the astrology for you in this week’s upcoming horoscopes, to be posted on Wednesday.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon, “Immigrants Entering” is a reference to the willingness to leave something safe and familiar in the hope of finding greater freedom and meaning in life. The need to move to friendlier, more supportive surroundings is implied.

Neptune in Pisces loosens our grip on old behaviors as it exactly opposes Pallas in Virgo, diminishing the tendency to compulsively repeat old patterns.

The Sun in Gemini’s Sabian symbol “Three Fledglings in a Nest High in a Tree” speaks to the importance of being willing to give something new a try while closing the door on something that no longer provides much potential for growth.

Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol, “A Literary Society” involves the critical examination of a shared literary work of art and group discussion of the personal perspectives, beliefs, and feelings triggered by someone else’s story. This tradition facilitates learning, clarification, the mental preparation involved in bringing yourself into a new place.maya Angelou

There is now a “mutual reception” relationship between the Moon and Jupiter, representing a smooth and seamless connection between our adventurous tendencies and the experiences of an older, wiser woman. Maybe it’s your mother, your grandmother, or a woman you observed navigate the difficult territory between endings, new beginnings, and a more vibrant way of life. Old family stories may provide inspiration for the kind of change you need to make. Immigration, as a symbol of courage and trust, is a part of many family histories and stories.

Pholus, a mythical centaur, aligns perfectly with this full Moon, in the same sign and exact degree. His influence is powerful and encouraging. He is known to trigger a flow of cascading events that introduce new possibilities and energize new states of existence almost instantaneously. Iris, reflecting the iridescence of the rainbow, aligns in a counter-balancing position, promising that if we stop lying to ourselves in some crucial area of life, life will open up.

As you stand at the threshold of some important change, Mercury begins it’s three week retrograde phase. Thankfully you have some time (but not much) to review, reconsider, recover some important missing information, and to refine a more personally effective strategy.

Every full Moon message embodies culminations and endings. If you’ve taken something as far as it can go in a particular direction, it’s time to believe in something new, and to be inspired, (maybe by an adventurous feminine example), so that you can take the small step that releases the cascade. Because this full Moon is in Sagittarius, it may feel like a very big step. In the overall scheme of the Universe, most likely it is.

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