Cancer New Moon Friday, June 27th, 2014 at 1:08 AM PDT & 4:08 AM EDT

Mosaic by Anisa Sherif

Overall, this is a really nice new Moon. Ease, flow, beauty, romance, and harmony dominate it’s effects, most of those created by flowing aspects between the Moon and Neptune and Mercury and the North Node. In a tight opposition, rebellious Uranus does conflict with head-strong Mars. You’re probably familiar with these guys. For the past few months much has been made of the disruptive effects they could have on relationships, especially during April’s heated grand cross.

But another emphasis, just as valid, is the likelihood that you’ve made some courageous decisions along the lines of supporting yourself and what you most desire – as opposed to what you were “suppose” to desire. This New Moon appears to celebrate the decisions you’ve made to do something risky that was right for you, to go against the grain, especially if it disrupted ingrained personal habits or patterns. This New Moon has the potential to now open the gates to a new, romantic, maybe “dream-come-true” chapter in your unfolding life story.

The Moon, in her favorite sign of Cancer, favorably aspects nebulous Neptune, in his favorite sign of Pisces. This is the stuff of which Hollywood movies and happy endings are made, particularly when those involve home, family, the past, and feeling “at home” with oneself and life direction.

Repeating the Solstice theme, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon, “Game Birds Feathering their Nests” alludes to the growing importance of group involvement, of building community, of doing a job that is supported and appreciated, while feeling, at the same time, a growing sense of deep personal satisfaction. Something has been completed that allows a new opportunity for a fuller, more satisfying life.

What has been completed, most likely, is a connection with the part of you that never changes – that deeper, more soulful, and mysterious part that knows where it belongs and more easily recognizes like-minded soul mates. This full Moon encourages us to act, in some way, on that recognition – to align with our tribe, to begin to identify a common purpose, to join forces in some way, to consolidate power in the direction of achieving a common purpose that feels deeply connected to individual purpose.

Taking action continues to feel risky as long as Mars opposes Uranus. Making your viewpoints known is a skill involved in aligning personal goals with group goals. The fixed star Tegat, sits directly on top of this New Moon, strongly influencing its influence. That’s fortunate because Tegat symbolizes the ability to express personal distinct viewpoints in reasonable and acceptable ways, demonstrating manifest intelligence in the process.(Dr. Eric Morse) Revealing where we stand, through courageous personal statements, is like sending out a homing signal to your tribe so that they can find you.

What’s clear is that we are now in an important period of transition and re-alignment that unites the personal with the universal. We’re transitioning from the unsettled state of operating in isolation, or being misplaced in the wrong tribe, to longing for and finding our transpersonal family – the one to which we truly belong. We’ve never lost our ancient soul connections to this select group, but now, under strong, specific planetary influence, unification seems possible. It makes perfect sense that the Cancer New Moon would be delivering the same message she always delivers in one way or another, – it’s time to come home.

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