New Moon in Gemini May 28th, 2014 11:40 AM PDT & 2:40 PM EDT

From a healing perspective, this New Gemini Moon is stellar. Underlying and supporting it is the energy of a “grand trine” waiting for any signal from us that we’re willing to be in sync with its flow. The grand trine’s purpose is to smooth the path before you and to bestow an abundance of gifts that can make your life much easier.

Chiron signals a revival and renewal of your faith in your capacity to put your world in order. And the rest of the New Moon chart explains the details of how this can best be accomplished.

All New Moons reset and recalibrate your life at deep emotional levels. They make significant new beginnings possible. Heightened awareness during lunar events synchronizes your energy with the energy of the Universe to produce powerful effects. The main focus of this New Moon Energy is regaining control over your life. The Universe wants to see you in the driver’s seat once again, confidently arranging your reality to ensure the realization of your most cherished dreams.

Neptune rules dreams and old memories. Fortunately he’s aligning in a very challenging ways with this New Moon, bringing old memories and dreams to the surface in ways that remind us of what we used to long for…maybe before we began to think it would all be impossible. A chance occurrence within our immediate environment recently may have brought to our attention the painful distance between the future we once envisioned and the reality we face on a daily basis.

It is equally likely that the universe has recently provided us with the chance to have exactly what we’ve always wanted, but fear of the unknown, an aversion to conflict and to making difficult decisions blocks our path. Or maybe it’s the familiarity and comfort we find in playing the role of the powerless victim that stands in the way.

Asteroids Pholus and Bacchus play leading roles in the emerging New Moon story, suggesting that alcohol, drugs, over-indulgence, and maybe denial prevent us from taking responsibility for the direction of our lives. But Neptune’s Sabian symbol is “A Girl Blowing a Bugle.” Clearly this implies a call to action, a wake-up call of some kind that necessarily alters our perspective significantly.

It is important to mention Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, and his “critical degree status.” In the 29th and last degree of Gemini, he is emphasizing the “lateness of the hour,” the closing of a chapter in our life’s story, and a “last chance” scenario. We may feel some sense of urgency to be more fully in control of our circumstances. Or we may feel a stronger need to self-medicate, numb, or distract ourselves from the inconvenience and messiness of change.

Venus is in the 29th degree of her sign, Aries, as well. Aries represents action and reinforces Neptune’s message that it’s time to wake up to the possibility of acting in new, boldly effective, and courageous ways to gain possession of a life we canlove.

The Gemini New Moon itself, challenged by the asteroid Pallas in Virgo, asks us to analyze the details of our interactions, conversations, and arguments, so that we can identify habitual patterns that undermine our dignity, integrity, and control. Virgo is adept at finding the flaws, weeding them out, and making us more effective. Writing a plan for a new kind of strategy signals to the universe that you’re willing to be in sync with the powerful energy this New Moon brings into play.

The asteroid Juno, now transiting the sign of Taurus, opposes Saturn in Scorpio. Translation: It’s time to balance the amount of energy we direct toward fulfilling complex responsibilities with a renewed commitment to the development of our natural skills and talents. It is important to hone our skills, to make the most of our heritage and roots, to use our resources brilliantly, and to work on shaping our character into something that is strong, well-defined, and highly original. Maybe it’s time to advance our education in some way, to sign up for a workshop that interests us, to find a mentor, to read something new.

Saturn always points to the work that needs to be done. In Scorpio, moving through deep layers of fear and re-working limiting psychological conditioning is implied. So is self-discipline. Fortunately Saturn represents one of the three legs of the grand trine, making all of this much easier to accomplish than it would ordinarily be.

Saturn traditionally represents the wisdom born of some very difficult experience. The wisdom he offers, through this New Moon Chart, is best expressed through his Sabian Symbol “A Parrot Listening then Talking” Parrots represent very primitive levels of intelligence, lack of discrimination, and the absence of creativity. They simply mimic what they hear, regurgitate mindlessly, and let others do the thinking for them.

Unfortunately this reminds me of some of my past behaviors, especially when overloaded with responsibility, operating under time pressure, tasked with maintaing order in an environment that preferred chaos, dealing with sensitive, confused people, and mostly disengaged authorities.

In the interest of maintaining the status quo… and my sanity, I shifted into mindless “safe zones” indiscriminately repeating institutional propaganda, offering ineffective advice, and applying mostly ineffective, but conventionally accepted treatments. As a tired mother of two active boys, in the midst of trying to negotiate a difficult marriage, I admit to some amazingly mindless interactions that temporarily undermined my power to control the direction of my life.

Saturn advises a mindful,creative, dignified and discriminating approach to restoring personal power. Developing a sensitivity to sources of information, another’s motivations, and refusing to allow anyone to do our thinking for us, is an important first step. Being more circumspect in what we say as well as thinking things through and hearing things out before jumping to conclusions is the wisdom Saturn provides. Following through with his suggestions is most important precisely when it would be the most difficult thing to do.

Here’s to taking some important first steps. The universal winds are at your back and the time is right.

Gemini New Moon

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