Mars Moves Direct On Monday, May 19th at 6:31 PM PDT & 9:31 PM EDT

From December 8, 2013 – July 26, 2014 Mars has taken up residence in the sign of Libra. Seven and a half months in an unusually long time for the “warrior” to reside in any one sign. His normal pace, with the exception of one retrograde period every 2-2 1/2 years, is a six week trek through each sign.

In the scheme of life, “the warrior’s” very slow pace through Libra is significant. It’s a message for us, from the universe, that it’s time to focus on our independence and effectiveness in asserting our desires. It’s time to be faced with how capable we are of assuming a leadership role in risky situations, how aware we are of our physical needs and how willing to effectively assert our right to have those needs met. The universe wants some answers as to how courageous we can be in protecting our territory.

My granddaughter will be two years old on June 1st. It’s interesting that a normal 2-2 1/2 Mars cycle coincides with what we refer to as the “terrible twos.” For a toddler, as Mars returns to its natal position, strong self assertion comes into play, many times in the form of saying “no” to things they used to willingly accept. For parents it becomes a full time job to avoid counter-productive conflict, to keep everyone safe, to respect the developing spirit, to know where the hard line is and to effectively “push back” when it’s challenged. IMG_0997

As Mars transits through Libra, for us, we’ve had to play both roles – that of two year old, who instinctively knows that fiercely protect his independence allows him to survive and thrive, and that of the parent who understands the big picture, the value of finessing their way through some of the resistance, and the need to strongly assert themselves when non-negotiable lines are crossed.

For us, during this long Mars transit, the main question the Universe wants answered is what part of you is non-negotiable? Do you have the ability to finesse relationships in ways that protect your territory and your integrity? And do you have the courage to say no and mean it when the lines are crossed.

Astrologers generally agree that Mars in Libra prefers to avoid conflict. I would say that Mars in Libra is instinctively better at getting their needs met without conflict. It is Mars in Pisces (or Neptune in the 1st house) who can easily relinquish everything because they don’t recognize “hard lines”. Everything blurs into one, as a beautiful impressionist painting or a destructive delusional tsunami. They are voted, at least in my book, the ones most likely to attract a partner who embodies the characteristics of the “eternal two year old.”

Any retrograding planet is introspective and introverted by nature. Quietly we take advantage of a “lull in the action” to reassess, reconsider, rethink, and re-organize our thoughts and priorities. What we’re looking for, I believe, is the updated version of what’s no longer negotiable for us – that hard line that ignites the spark that keeps us effective and alive, as well as providing the structure and security we crave. We’re looking to renew our commitment to ourselves.

Over the next couple days, as Mars slows to a standstill before changing direction, it’s important to clarify what you have concluded and the decisions you’ve formulated. As Mars moves direct it’s time to get moving again, to make the necessary changes, to act on your decisions, to clarify for yourself and others where the lines are drawn.

Mars in Libra can do this nicely, if given the chance. He can feel what it would be like to be on the receiving end of his actions. He can demonstrate that protecting his territory and integrity doesn’t have to involve resistance, angst, “boots on the ground” or a combative approach. Mars in Libra’s forte is his ability to create the conditions necessary for a beautifully effective “meeting of the minds.” He can sell the win-win approach – the value of cooperation , compromise, and a mutually beneficial, creatively brilliant, solution. He’ll naturally take the extra time to adjust his tone and attitude to for the sake of effectiveness and he can create the conditions for a big “sigh of relief.”

But, in the end, Mars in Libra, (the warrior in sheep’s clothing), is still Mars. And his sign ruler, Venus, now in Aries, is in no mood to sacrifice her desires or her ability to be effective in creating a life she loves.

Expect your relationship with yourself to be challenged right through Mars last breath in Libra on July 27th. There is a lot at stake. As I’ve written before, if the non-negotiable parts of you are challenged by another, or by your own resistance and fear, you have no real choice other than to “let the lines be drawn” and to fully participate in any battle that ensues. And you must win.
Mars Direct


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