Taurus Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 28th, at 11:14 PM PDT, and Tuesday, April 29th at 2:14 AM EDT

Painting by Gustav Klimt. He has Pluto in Taurus… transformed through art and beauty)

It is likely that, since the eclipse in Libra on April 15th, and the grand cross climax on April 23rd, your primary relationship has changed. Possibly it appears, on the surface, to be unchanged, but that is deceptive. Your attitude toward your partner, or toward relationships in general, has reached a turning point. You’ve changed. Some previous relationship belief, behavior, limitation, or goal has ended. There may be a major transition in progress.

The Taurus eclipse, by sign, quincunxes the Libra Eclipse. A quincunx is a 150 degree angle that has the effect of stepping into your life, like an actor onto a new stage, where the previous performance has undergone major revisions. The plot has changed, the actors have different roles, the scenery is new, and it’s time to adjust. Bernadette Brady describes the quincunx in this way: “The quincunx causes change and separation in its mode as a traveler. It walks on stage and stops the play, changes the plot, or moves everybody to a new theatre. Change and separation can be expressed in many ways, starting with the ultimate separation of death, traveling, illness, moving house and home, or maybe just isolating yourself because you’re studying.”

So what is the general message of this Taurus New Moon Eclipse? It’s the same message Taurus always delivers, it’s just being written on a relatively clean slate so it’s easier to read. Taurus wants you to solidify the parts of you that have grown flabby, the parts that have gotten into the habit of living in a depleted state while paying too little attention to building your reserves. Taurus often expresses his sentiments in terms of money, but not always. Are you financially solid or does there need to be some concerted effort to shore up your position? Do you need to dig deeper to find the self-discipline needed to do what needs to be done?

Taurus, the bull, is concerned with your self confidence and sense of self worth. He seeks to protect your ability to remain steadfast and unfazed in the face of rejection, fear of the unknown, and manipulative power plays designed to keep you operating in a more familiar state. If you’re an actor in the play, and your role has changed, and your confidence is wobbly, you’ll have a difficult time delivering a solid, believable performance. Scorpio, Taurus’s partner, may be the best place to look for some guidance.

Taurus encourages enjoyment, your need to have what you most desire, what nourishes and satisfies you. Taurus promotes peace, love, and harmony. He’s not much into hard work for the sake of hard work. He prefers the ease of harmony – to harmonize himself with the natural world. He sees the natural world as the ultimate source of wisdom and patience. He knows that, “to everything there is a season and a time…” Taurus avoids going against the natural flow because it depletes his reserves and diminishes him. He rules music and often uses it to harmonize himself with the intelligence of underlying, universal rhythms.

Taurus is the artist, the connoisseur, the gourmand, the musician, the one who concludes that self denial is simply the insistence on continuing some unnecessary struggle. But he is able to be who he is only because his partner, Scorpio, provides the all-important counterpoint and balance.

Scorpio keeps Taurus from boring himself to death by keeping things fresh. Scorpio tells us when we’ve hung on for too long, banged our head against the same wall too many times, and are in danger of living a life that’s losing its meaning and purpose. Scorpio awakens us to the need for deep transformation, challenging us to surrender something outdated and limiting – something that often still feels like an essential part of us. As we let go, we feel the emotional counterpart to being physically beaten severely, tearing our heart out, or losing our right arm. Or maybe we feel like we can finally breathe again. And then we heal and move on as Taurus re-sensitizes us to the abundance of pleasures that await.

The Taurus New Moon Eclipse reveals to us the value of our mind and our thoughts as we step into something new and seek to create something we actually desire. Everything starts with the energy of a thought. It used to be an act of faith to believe that the nature of your thoughts created matter and your reality, but science confirms it.

Peter Baska writes:

“We create our world through our thoughts. Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking all seem to agree that the universe/god is actually a set of laws and principles that we can count on to create our world. Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman both speak in terms of M Theory and String Theory to further postulate how thoughts become matter. Our minds are essentially idea machines that refine our thoughts into electrical impulses which communicate with the same source energy that creates everything from nothing.”

“…The law of attraction is not some new age thinking without scientific basis. It is a fresh perspective that clears the fog surrounding the subject and applies contemporary quantum physics to provide foundation. Thoughts equal energy; Energy equals matter; Thoughts equal matter.”

Beautiful thoughts transform our lives in positive ways.

During this Taurus Eclipse, Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, aligns closely with the Sun and the Moon. (See eclipse chart below) Because Taurus is involved, there is the suggestion that we indulge ourselves in artistically creating beautiful paintings in our minds- scenes of what we’d like to create, going forward, for ourselves. No inhibition, holding back, or limitation in the form of what we think we can accomplish – just complete immersion in what it is we truly desire to manifest.

Scorpio encourages us to uproot our old ideas of what was possible for us. Because Saturn remains in Scorpio until the end of the year, we are encouraged to develop the discipline to regularly revisit and nourish our visions…to embellish them, to infuse them with the energy of our attention, and to fill the empty spaces within us with the beauty of what we can now imagine. This is the gift of the Taurus Eclipse.

Scorpio’s gift is the presentation of a truth that could set us free. Winston Churchill reminds us, though, that “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” The universe, in the form of a Solar Eclipse, is powerfully supporting our efforts to move forward…and because Taurus is intricately involved, it may never be easier.

Taurus Solar Eclipse

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