Virgo Full Moon, March 16, 2014 – 1:08 PM EDT & 10:08 AM PDT

At any full Moon, the Sun is at a 180 degree angle from it.  The soft light of a full Moon is the refection of the Sun bouncing off it’s atmosphere.  On earth, there’s an interesting corresponding phenomenon where we see, in very intense ways, ourselves reflected back to us in the people we come in contact with…especially those closest to us. This happens to varying degrees always, but during a full Moon, it’s especially intense.

While under the influence of a full Virgo Moon, we become more sensitized to the small details of another’s way of being.  And we can become very confused or very intuitive about what it says about them.  Less often do we remember that the information we’re receiving reflects important information about us. It can be eye-opening to see the details of our “blind spot” reflected in someone we love… or despise. When interpreting the astrology of any dilemma, the statement “there is no other” is never truer than under a full Moon.

If you look back over the past week, and into this weekend, and think about your emotional ups and downs in relationships, you may have noticed your critical thinking skills and discriminating faculties  working in overdrive… or, as we say in the astrological world, your “Virgo tendencies” coming front and center …stimulated and highly sensitized. You may have noticed yourself, more carefully than usual, scanning your partner (or client or friend) for flaws and shortcomings.  What you noticed may have felt confusing or vaguely enlightening, unclear, disappointing, or overwhelming.  The critical flaws you identified may, themselves, have been of a Piscean nature – the quality of this Sun’s energy reflecting off the full Moon.

Pisces “flaws” involve the failure to do or say something, avoidance, lack of support, lack of clarity, attempts to confuse, deceive, hide, or undermine.  Weakness, attempts to take the easy way out, or a failure to show up in a truly engaged way, all fall under her rulership.  On the positive side, Pisces represents artistry, compassion, overwhelming love, selfless service, healing, intuitive insights, and connections with spiritual support and enlightened ways of being. Pisces has a tendency to mix these highest and lowest expressions of herself into inspiringly beautiful or devastatingly painful “works of art.”

At some level we always sense the truth, and the truth this week is that we’re being given some critical information, through what appears to be someone else’s shortcomings.  And that will change us.  It will help us heal and keep us healthy.  This week there is some “small detail” capable of producing a big effect.  Virgo knows instinctively that small, apparently inconsequential things, have the potential for big effects.  What may have seemed like just more of the same, or a casual interaction that we easily dismissed, was in fact, very consequential. What is concealed under this full Moon, for us, is the magnitude of the significance of this particular point in time.

In the full Moon chart, the Sabian symbol for the Sun is “A Harvest Moon” representing the highest point in any cycle that immediately precedes achievement of something significant.  The fact that this harvest moon symbol is occurring in springtime emphasizes that within it’s seeds lie the potential for an important new beginning.  It may signify the final payment of some very limiting Karmic debt.

The Sabian symbol for this Virgo Moon, “Grand Dames at Tea” represents fruits of a lifetime of labor manifesting in very satisfying ways. The symbol for the Moon’s ruler,  “A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis”  represents transformation, self renewal, and rebirth, echoing the major significant nature of the current threshold we face.

So what is the work that needs to be done under this full Virgo Moon?  Saturn’s symbol at 24 degrees of Scorpio tells us that we must bypass inner resistance, focus on ourselves, and open, in practical ways,  to the information we need to know.  Mars tells us that we must see our part in the drama from a higher perspective.  Stepping out of our current paradigms is critical.

This week, from a practical standpoint, when someone is lying to you, for example -failing to follow through with their responsibilities, or demonstrating a lack of respect     – rather than advising, confronting, arguing, or expressing anger, the planets suggest a different response. Indirectly you may be being given important clues regarding a personal rebirth, so asking yourself in what ways you may be lying to yourself, refusing to acknowledge the truth, taking the easy way out, or otherwise failing to act with integrity is beneficial.   If someone refuses their support, ask if you’re ignoring or dismissing a part of you that craves support and nourishment.   It’s all about making yourself whole. There is no other.  There is simply a mirror.

Neptune, the Sun’s ruler, is symbolized by “Officers on Dress Parade”  This is a call to self-discipline, commitment, and an investment of time and energy in personal self-improvement. It speaks to pride in accomplishment.

Venus makes it all easier now.  Her Sabian Symbol, “A Popularity that Proves Ephemeral”  allows us to face self-criticism with self-confidence and fortitude rather than discouragement.

The North and South Nodes emphasize the rewards of accepting the challenge of this full Virgo Moon. They include a life that runs more smoothly and relationships that feel more natural and deeply satisfying.


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