New Moon in Pisces Mar 1, 2014, 12:01 AM PST & 3:00 AM EST

In general, new Moons mark new beginnings, new phases, and new cycles of life. If a new Moon touches a sensitive point in your birth chart, the new beginning can feel very significant, or it may simply feel like a fresh infusion of energy and emerging opportunities to move in a particular direction.  If you’ve recently experienced  the urge to clean, clear, finish up, or to otherwise release remnants of an old “burned out trip,” you now have a clean slate on which to write the upcoming chapter.  You may also have the security of knowing that you’re in sync with the Cosmos.

We are now under the influence of the Pisces new Moon occurring early this morning at 12:01 AM PST & 3:00 AM EST. Initially we find ourselves in the dark and as the new Moon moves toward fullness and the night sky brightens, so does our ability to feel, more accurately the reflection of the new beginnings taking shape.  This could be subtle, given the shapeless, formless nature of Pisces.  To me, this new Moon speaks to the nature of consciousness, growing awareness, hunger, longing, the past, what’s missing, and broadening perspectives.

New Pisces beginnings may take shape in the part of our consciousness that lies just beneath the surface of awareness.  Unusual dreams or off-handed conversations may stir old memories, old wounds, and old feelings – long buried and forgotten.   Longings may surface surrounding nurturance, our mothers, family, home, and various reminders of earlier life influences.  Connecting to some awareness of how we’ve come to be who we are,  and the nature of the underlying thread that consistently shapes our approach to life may begin to shape some kind of new and important awareness, giving us better information about about what we need and how to move forward.  The Moon’s harmonious aspect (an exact trine) to Jupiter suggests the effortlessness with which old memories and hungers may now be triggered…and the gifts they might bring.

Dana Gerhardt writes an interesting article in the April/May issue of Mountain Astrologer entitled “Hungry Moons.”  She discusses the fact that there exists a side of our mothers we never see and never know, outside of our awareness…  and how that missing part of her influences our decisions, our relationships, and life direction. In the article she quotes Rosjke Hasseldine, a therapist and thought leader. (Gerhardt and Hasseldine speak specifically about women, mothers, and daughters.  But under a Pisces Moon distinctions are blurred, so I will take the liberty of suggesting that their insights apply, to a lesser extent maybe, to men as well).

“A daughter’s relationship with her mother lays the foundation for her relationship with herself.  Mother’s set the template for their daughter’s self-care, which lets them know their limits, set healthy boundaries, access intuition, and make heart-congruent choices.  Emotional self-care keeps a woman’s vital energy flowing.”  This may not seem like ground breaking information to most of us, but in light of our current challenges, it is a timely reminder that may highlight the root of the resistance and pain we may currently be experiencing.

Taken as a whole, the new Moon chart appears to be challenging us to step up our game by transforming ourselves in some significant way.  We realize, on some level, the sacrifices that may need to be made. This is placing an unusual amount of stress on most of us as we move through, or resist, various stages of the transformation process.  Uranus and Pluto are relentlessly challenging us to release old templates and attachments that keep us cycling in self-defeating patterns.  If we refuse, or can’t  grasp what it is we need to do, our life may feel like it’s spiraling in a downward direction and our most cherished aspirations slipping away from us.

As Mars retrogrades, in conjunction with this new Pisces Moon, we are encouraged to review the relationships we have with others from the perspective of how those are influenced by the relationship we have with ourselves…from a more aware and holistic perspective. The Sabian Symbol for this new Pisces Moon, “Men Seeking Illumination” speaks to dedication, to growing awareness, to seekers on a path, and to the long unbroken succession of lives influenced in undesired directions by what they can’t see.   It alludes to the dark forces of the unconscious and its ability to control actions and decisions.  It speaks to the need to be receptive to the part of our past that is being triggered now…specifically the part that highlights how we were nurtured.  Most importantly, it alludes to that unseen part of our mother’s life that we’ve never consciously known.  If we pay attention to our own feelings now,  this new Moon may bring into our awareness inklings and distant memories of the nature of our mother’s mysterious hidden life.

The Sabain Symbol for the balance point of this new Moon is “A Boy Molded in His Mother’s Aspirations for Him.”  This symbol speaks to a mother’s unfulfilled aspirations and to the personal turning point we now face.  The question being asked is whether or not we can make the sacrifices and release the attachments that give us the freedom to fulfill our most cherished aspirations…however painful or terrifying that might seem.  Can we do what it takes to break free of the spirit-killing, unbroken, “line of  succession”, or will we need to place the burden on future generations…unconsciously molding their lives through default,  in an attempt to retrieve, through them, what we never should have given up on for ourselves.

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