Aries New Moon Sunday March 30th 11:45 AM PDT & 2:45 PM EDT

The New Moon in Aries represents the possibility of the purest of new beginnings.  Some new beginnings are light and clean and others carry over remnants from the past in the form of artificial constraints and heavy baggage.  Aries is where all new beginnings begin and this sign can be best understood within the context of Pisces, the sign that precedes it.

For the second half of February and most of the month of March we have the potential to be rapidly transformed inwardly by a soft and unassuming Piscean energy.  It encourages the release of the old and outdated, ending what is no longer sustainable, leaving us with a clean, empty slate on which to write our new story. As our  inner landscape changes and we evolve emotionally, our outer life and what it symbolizes can begin to lose its meaning. We start to feel like it must be someone else’s life we’re leading.  We feel lost, disconnected, bored, and maybe sad. But the old life structures and arrangements can be hard to undo.  And, most likely, we’re unaware of what’s at the root of our dissatisfaction.  There’s a gap that needs to be bridged and the North Node in this New Moon Chart verifies this.  Its Sabian Symbol is “Humanity Seeking to Bridge the Span of Knowledge”

This New Moon rises at 9 degrees 59 minutes of Aries.  It’s symbol, “Old Symbols that have Lost Their Meaning”  refer to outer lives that don’t keep up with the pace of  emotional change and the evolution of inner states. .  Here’s a personal example.

For a long time when I would see or smell a rose, it conjured up happy memories of my grandmother whose name was Rose.  Her garden was full of amazingly fragrant, eye-poppingly beautiful roses.  She spent a lot of time tending to those and it said a lot about who she was. And sometimes when I was outside in her garden, the strong fragrance of rose combined with the scent of baking cinnamon rolls wafting through her open kitchen window, and I would start to remember what it was like to be five years old, anticipating a cinnamon roll or two, (or five),  and one memory would lead to another, and it was all very pleasant.

Rose remains a powerful symbol for me now, but given the passage of time and more recent experience, it conjures up something different. While on vacation four years ago my partner Michael gave me a jar of L’Occitane’s Rose Scented Creme. I appreciated it deeply for obvious reasons. While overseas, on that trip, I received the terrible news that my father had died unexpectedly.   I have almost no memory of what happened in the subsequent 48 hours except for unwittingly trying to carry through Heathrow’s security my “way over three ounce” jar of Rose Creme. Security guards confiscated it and for the past four years the rose has evoked memories of the loss of my father and the shock that followed.  I arranged my life accordingly.

But recently the rose’s meaning has changed again.  While vacationing last month with Michael, he commented that walking past a L’Occitane store made him feel the importance of replacing the creme I lost four years ago. He explained that it felt like something was left unfinished.  I listened to his words with mixed feelings.  He said it would symbolize the closing of a chapter and things having come “full circle.”

I was skeptical. I loved the sentiment and tried to receive the gift in the spirit it was given, but I wasn’t anxious to relive Heathrow or the sadness.  It wasn’t until I returned back home to California that I got the wake-up call.  As I unpacked the gift, surprisingly it didn’t fill me with sadness. Instead it was more like a conversion experience, a sudden change, a quickening, where in an instant I realized I was standing on new ground. The old emotional compulsions and artificial constraints I had placed on my life were gone. I was grateful for Michael’s wisdom and love and bringing to my attention how, in contrast to my outer life, my inner landscape had, in fact, changed. I felt more confident and motivated to create something new.  From my point of view, Pisces prepared me for the impending Aries season and a whole range of new possibilities.

Symbols convey what words cannot. They encompass much more.  They are the language of the soul and, astrologically, the Moon represents the soul.

Aries and new beginnings are mysterious.  When you plant a seed in the ground it’s invisible for awhile. You never know what’s actually going to break through the ground, or if anything will.  There’s a lot of energy expended beneath the surface as a seed develops into a sprout and travels upward, against the force of gravity, toward a break through. Aries symbolizes the urge to be, to feel ourselves in our own skin, to physically experience the excitement of realizing our potential, and to instinctively know that we must make our own way.

So after you’ve gotten the wake-up call and you’re fully awake,  the question becomes “what can I initiate that will honor my feelings, instincts, and inherent potential.” At this point, no logical justification for your actions is more valid than “this just feels right.”

Mercury often delivers the main message of any chart.  Its Sabian symbol here, “A Gigantic Tent,” suggests the need to recognize the new capacity for putting your life in order.  It emphasizes the importance of pulling various pieces together into a unified and organized whole. It signifies the sudden rebirth of self-confidence and self-esteem.

The warning in this new Moon chart comes from Uranus, whose position is less than 3 degrees away from the Moon.  Uranus in Aries is a highly impulsive, easily misguided energy.  It’s symbol  “An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion”  is a warning that is repeated by Pallas, the goddess of pattern recognition.  There is the need to slow down, to sensitize yourself to outer signs and symbols that will guide you in the right direction  There is the danger of missing some important detail and the potential for wasting a lot of energy.  There is the need to be patient and thorough as you weave your way through this new beginning.

Juno, the goddess of commitment, is positioned 2 degrees away from Uranus. Her symbol is “An Indian Weaving a Blanket”   This represents the pride of a skilled craftsman who is able to artistically express himself and his values through his work and, at the same time, produce goods that that meet a basic need in human society. There is tremendous satisfaction in being able to use personal skills and talents to benefit others and we can be, at this point, committed to nothing less for ourselves.

The Sabian symbol for Mars, Aries ruler, at 23 degrees Libra, is. “A Chanticleer”   More than anything this symbolizes the wake-up call.  It is for those who remain asleep to their changing inner landscape and evolving emotional capacity.  It’s time to update your self-image, and to take the first steps reordering your life to reflect the inner evolution.

Pluto is positioned in dynamic aspect to the Sun, Moon, Uranus, Juno, and Jupiter in this new Moon chart. He is asserting his powerful influence over much of the energy being generated over the next two weeks.   And his influence speaks to the magic of the present moment and its potential for expressing all that ever has been or will be. This new Moon, and the process of beginning anew, could feel incredibly profound on some level, as though you’re touching the core of life itself.  There is something enduring and foundational being expressed through the new beginnings that take shape over the next couple weeks.  Pluto’s symbol is “An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved in Granite.”


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