The Sun Moves into Pisces.

On Tuesday, Feb. 18th, after a month long stay in the airy, detached realm of Aquarius, the Sun moves into the intuitive and very watery sign of Pisces. There is a flowing quality to this new energy that invites us to surrender to its meandering currents and to trust that we’ll be transported through some very healing and inspired territory. Pisces energy is difficult to harness. It’s subtle, highly refined, integrating, and generally available to us only in our most sensitive and relaxed state. Listening to music, starring into space, meditating, and focusing on quietly beautiful moments and breath alters consciousness in ways that allow Pisces to work its magic. And when it does you’ll be enchanted. Boundaries and blockages disappear revealing solutions to impossible situations. Emotions settle and integrate. Wounds heal. Torment ends and love replaces loneliness. Invisible, otherworldly support is palpable and compassion overwhelms. By the time the Sun finishes its trek through Pisces, at the end of March, you’ll feel rejuvenated, inspired and ready for the new beginnings that always accompany the Sun’s transit into Aries.

Or, you’ll miss the boat, ignoring natural cosmic rhythms, and the need to adjust to the highly refined nature of Pisces energy. You’ll assume that, as usual, more effort, more control, and more forceful assertion will deliver the satisfaction you’re looking for. But when Pisces doesn’t respond, that’s when it can all get really confusing… and that’s when the overwhelming urge for a few too many drinks, drugs, or whatever else might numb the unnecessary emptiness starts to seem like a good idea.

It can be hard to relax and to do less, but experiencing Pisces magical realm is well worth the non-effort. Take a deep breath on Tuesday, slowly exhale, and enter confidently into Pisces soothing dimension… at least for awhile everyday.

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