Leo Full Moon February 14th, 2014 at 3:53 PM PST & 6:53 PM EST

Valentine’s Day brings us a full Moon in dramatically artistic Leo at 3:53 PM PST & 6:53 PM EST.  This full Moon rises at 26 degrees of Leo. The broad outline of all full Moons is the culmination of emotion, sometimes expresses as an outer event, and a subsequent two week period of gradual dissolution where strength and  motivation begin to wane as we clear the decks for our new focus.  The Sabian Symbol for this full Moon is “Daybreak” with the accent on new beginnings, forgiveness, and second chances.  The Sun in Aquarius, reflecting its energy off of this brilliant full Moon, is symbolized by “An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled with Violets”  highlighting tradition, anchorage, and the rituals, memories, and keepsakes that reassure us.

This Full Moon harmoniously aspects Mars exactly.  It’s an extremely passionate aspect providing all kinds of opportunity for physical, sexual, and artistic expression.  Moods may change quickly and will not cause big problems if channeled into creative expressions that expand potentially lucrative networks and associations.  The Moon opposite Mercury can make you feel as though your gut instinct and logical mind are not on the same page.  In “astro-speak” it’s an “opposition aspect” that generates tremendous energy, drive, and motivation. It can feel like restlessness, anxiety, or, more positively,  like the integration of your instincts with your most innovative ideas.   Because Mercury, in its current retrograde phase, stimulates right brain dreaminess, as does a full Moon, the combination can be magical and a bit disorienting. Again, harnessing the energy is key.  Visualization and imaging of the circumstances we desire is an incredibly potent tool given the valuable raw material this full Moon is generating.

One more interesting point:  Ceres and the North Node in this full Moon chart at 0 degrees of Scorpio, fall on the solar eclipse point of October 23rd, 2014. Mind altering and enlightening information may feed us now in ways that clarify our path forward, but may also throw us off balance if we’re not connected to the things that anchor and keep us stable. This full Moon brings moments that feel very destined and pivotal, but this is the beginning of changes that will evolve to a whole new level around the eclipse of October 23rd, 2014.


  1. Marion:

    Excellent post.

    My natal uranus is at 26 Libra in the 6th house right at the eclipse point. Now with Mars and Ceres transiting it, I started to cook for the first time in my life at the age of 40. Completely and radically changing my daily routine.
    All these years my taste buds have been dead/dorment. I never ate for taste. Never was a foodie. But last week out of the blue i starting sensing taste. I became unhappy with the food my maid cooked and started cooking myself. My family are totally shocked, thanks to Uranus…:)

    But there is a little mistake in the post. The October 2013 eclipse was a lunar eclipse and not a solar eclipse and it was on the 18th and not 23rd. Perhaps you got mixed up with the 2014 data.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Admin:

      Isn’t astrology amazing? Uranus/Mars is the perfect combination for a sudden breakthrough and the 6th house Ceres defines the field of experience. Thanks you so much for the great example. I wish you all the best as you pursue your culinary adventures.

      (I posted a correction regarding mixing up the eclipses. Thanks so much for catching that).

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