The Sun’s Move into the Sign of AQUARIUS Sunday, January 19th

Today the Sun leaves the self-disciplining, structure building, realistic and cautious sign of Capricorn.  Since December 21st the cosmically available solar energy has been earthy and grounded.  Facing the music and taking care of business may have been the major focus…along with some fear of what the future might bring.  Capricorn forces us to deal with unpleasant realities, to set boundaries, to structurally define, to achieve something significant.  Capricorn rises to the challenge, expects to have to work hard, and wants to assert the full measure of its authority…mostly in the form of encouraging conformity and obedience.

However you’ve dealt with life challenges for the past month, you’ve taken your present course about as far as it can go without some kind of change in strategy or tone.  As the Sun transits into the sign of Aquarius a more intellectual, innovative, and understanding approach is required, one that focuses on your right to assert your individuality, to rebel against conforming forces, to make innovative ideas manifest, especially those that take into consideration the welfare of others.

Aquarius plays its own game, assuming that the “rules” Capricorn is so fond of enforcing won’t really get him where he wants to be.  Ignoring “important things” like status, reputation, going along with the crowd, and following universally accepted models for success,  Aquarius achieves a level of freedom that allows his giftedness to emerge.  Free of the need to appear socially acceptable he goes his own way and does his own thing, ultimately to the benefit of us all.

Aquarius finds social conventions extremely confining.  He values what conventional society does not – the human condition.   Socially the main goal of Aquarius is to connect with your humanness…the part of you that established convention would most likely label “extremely flawed.”   Aquarius frees you acknowledge where you’ve failed to “measure up”  by conventional standards and genuinely admires and fully accepts the part of you that simply can’t conform.   Aquarius interacts with “the lowliest among us” in the same way he interacts with the CEO, the Nobel prize winner, or his boss. He assumes that everyone is equally capable of  offering him what he most needs – the chance to connect with their humanity in an effort to more fully value and cherish his own.  Its this connection that most directly lets him know who he is.

As your urge to rebel intensifies this month, with the emerging dominance of Aquarian energy, make sure you put it to good use.  If a loved one encourages you to follow the crowd in an attempt to save you from the risk of rejection (and themselves the pain for watching you go through that) rebelling might be a good idea.  The Aquarian part of us doesn’t need to feel accepted in order to do our best work.  We need to be who we are.  And the world needs our gifts in their purest form.

If you’re being directed to do something that hurts the human soul, rebellion could be the best answer.  The caution is to not waste rebellious energy or trivialize Aquarian energy by becoming fixated on some basically unworthy  and narrow exercise….like demanding your right to wear purple socks to work, or reflexively taking an opposing position because you aren’t willing to spend the time and energy to become more mindful.

This month its time to set yourself free in some way, to give yourself permission to do things your way and to play your own game.  Its time to stop talking about innovative ideas and to take some steps toward manifesting them.  It’s time to do something about inequality, intolerance, and the degradation of the human spirit.  It’s time to express your most unique qualities.

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