Cancer Full Moon January 15, 2014 at 8:52 PM PST & 11:52 PM EST

Have you ever suddenly had an enlightened moment, a mental breakthrough, or a thunderbolt-like realization that seemed to come out of nowhere? After months of struggling to understand, to find the right key, to unlock the right door, to emerge from the fog, suddenly it’s come together.  It may be a vague feeling or an undeveloped thought, but clearly you’re walking on firmer ground. Neurons have been threatening to make the connection for awhile finally got close enough to jump across some critical synapse and Voila!  Here you are!

Breakthroughs are possible now as Mercury, the planet of mental processes, has entered the sign of Aquarius, the sign known for breaking all the rules.  Aquarius doesn’t follow the logical “step by step” method of reaching an accurate conclusion.  Aquarius leaps and bounds to its destination, skipping lots of steps, landing you, somewhat disoriented, in a place you had wondered if you’d ever find.

This Full Cancer Moon, dominated by the influence of the Goddesses (Vesta, Ceres, Eris and Black Moon Lillith) reflects back to us the Sun’s Capricorn rays.    Capricorn is known to grab you by the collar, insist that you grow up and tow the line, and control your emotions until you achieve something of significance.  Only then, according to Capricorn, are you allowed to bask in the Sun, and then only briefly.  Capricorn is all about delaying gratification, working to exhaustion, and ignoring the importance of a deeply nourishing and satisfying journey.   Pain teaches us important lessons and Capricorn is known to be especially generous with pain.

But have you ever taken an austere and heavy handed approach only later to realize that something gentler and kinder would have been more effective?  When the Moon reflects the the Sun’s light, it comes to us in a softer, gentler, more refined state. With your same significant goals in mind, Cancer offers an effective alternative strategy – a softer process, more care and nurturing, kindness and compassion, sensitive suggestions and patient understanding. Rather than grabbing you by the collar, this Full Moon moves to place you on a more solidly integrated foundation, allowing you, instead, to take yourself gently by the hand.

Whatever began at the new Moon on January 1st now reaches a culmination. You may feel like a different person than you were then…stronger, less impatient, fearful, and wondering if you could sustain the brutal circumstances you had locked yourself into.   A new strategy and approach to life can now begin to take the place of an old, inflexible, and haphazard one.  This strategy has the potential to take more of you into consideration, to be more holistic, smarter, and “you” oriented.  A simply elegant rather than unforgiving course of action will now be more effective.

Because the new strategy can be grounded in what you truly desire, it has the potential to land you in a place of deeply nourishing satisfaction.  This all unfolds gradually as the Full Moon wanes, but now the essentials have been set in place. You’re light years ahead of where you were on January 1st before you take your first step.

I will personalize the Cancer Full Moon for you in this week’s horoscopes to be posted tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and here’s to looking inside with kindness.


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