Sagittarius New Moon Dec. 2, 2013 4:22 PM PST & 7:22 PM EST

This new Moon brings many reasons to feel optimistic.  There are indications that less stressful times lie ahead, resolutions will be reached, the storm has passed, and life returns to a freer and more stable state.  Feeling eager to close the chapter on what has been a highly intense and uncertain several months, the new Moon chart indicates an impatience with letting the dust settle and taking the time to notice the beauty that surrounds the very early tentative stages of an unfolding new way of being. Trying to push major life transitions ahead of naturally unfolding stages and rhythms without appreciating the time it takes for new life to unfold and ripen can be energy draining.  It can lead to decisions that lack conviction, a poor sense of timing, and set backs.

But Sagittarius paints in broad brush strokes the outlines of a vision that feels inspiring, complete, and urgent. Sagittarius senses the shape of things to come long before they actually manifest. With her broad perspective, abundant enthusiasm, strong beliefs, and ability to manifest what she wants in any given moment, she can miss the importance of “facts on the ground”.

A Sagittarius Moon is interesting in that  there is no other sign that burns bridges quite as haphazardly. The past can hold little meaning as she focuses on the future. Sagittarius  has a tendency to make the impact of emotions bigger than they deserve to be. Gemini, the Sagittarius balancing point, encourages us to see things as they actually are, to take the facts of our situation into consideration, to report back to ourselves the unbiased truth, to avoid premature conclusions, and to prevent backing ourselves into corners.  Gemini would like us to stay curious about our options for awhile longer, to be light on our feet, to divide our eggs into several baskets, and to consider the possibility that one big dream, no matter how magnificent, might leave us feeling restless.  The sign of the twins teaches that we might actually need two big visions to manifest in order to be able to settle into something that keeps us enthused.

This new Moon promises an awakening, new insight, a dawning realization, an “AHA!” moment that lets us know we have reason to feel optimistic. We’re now in possession of a degree of self mastery and discipline that would have seemed unachievable a year ago…and a broadening perspective that makes everything look different.  Our broader perspective and greater degree of self mastery may have nullified what previously felt meaningful and familiar. Whether or not we’ve run away (a favorite Sagittarian pastime) we may feel like we’re in uncharted territory, strangers in a strange land searching for something to hold onto.

Sagittarius can begin to feel desperate if he can’t immediately identify something big and adventurous to feel enthused about.  In the interest of allowing things to unfold naturally it seems wise to focus on the here and now, the beauty within that is emerging, the amazing ways we’re being put back together again,  the little things that make us feel like ourselves, and the connection to others that makes us feel like we’re back home again even though we know we’re not there there yet.

As an astrologer born under a Sagittarius Moon and raised by a Sagittarian mother, for decades I’ve navigated my way through life intimately familiar with the sign’s fiery strengths and neglectful weaknesses.  Rarely have I experienced a lack of inspiration, enthusiasm, and eager anticipation of what the future might bring.  But this year things were different.  I had moments of wondering if my Sag moon was sleeping, lost, or simply taking a break. Like a friend I didn’t appreciate until they left, I missed her a lot.  As she begins to make her presence known again I notice things I used to take for granted…like laughing when I’m trying to be serious, daydreaming about escaping to someplace exotic, feeling righteous in my beliefs but interested in opposing views, inspired by words of wisdom, and, once again, eagerly anticipating what the future might bring.

The new Moon in Sagittarius refreshes and renews a more hopeful and optimistic way of being on a universal and personal scale.  Here’s to new beginnings and welcoming her back.

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