Virgo New Moon September 5, 2013

Today the New Moon Event occurs at 4:36 AM PDT and 7:36 AM EDT. For many this is a period of spiritual testing of our ability to express our own uniqueness and full power against our family background.  Our roots, traditions, and inherited wounds affect our current experiences. To what extent does your family inheritance help or hinder your effectiveness now?  Is there a need to separate from your roots or to devise a plan to feel more a part of where you came from? Is there a chance that inherited beliefs and behaviors, now automatically expressed, are keeping you from being fully yourself and contributing what the world needs most from you?  Or has the blueprint been handed down for you to sharpen your skills and achieve your objectives.

The Virgo New Moon is here to purify in an attempt to set us free. It sends energy that allows us to scrutinize the details of our situation,  to honestly evaluate where we came from and where we’re headed, to pursue methods that get to the root of our limitations, to focus and discipline our approach, to consider what our health and automatic actions are trying to tell us.

oak treeIn this New Moon Chart, Nessus (our wounds) opposes Pallas (the father, repetitive patterns, and justice/fairness issues).  Melanie Reinhart says the following regarding the Nessus influence: …” the buck stops here, indicating that in some situations it speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.” In some sense this New Moon defines an ending that enables us to move forward.  We put some previously unexamined pattern to rest in the area of life defined by Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo suggests that methods most effective now encourage us to see our lives through the eyes of a child (remembering our own innocence and childhood).  Our work (Saturn in Scorpio) may involve returning to a memory from the past.  Interestingly the Sabian Symbol for Saturn is “The Moon Shining Across a Lake”  According to Diana Roche this symbol embodies “the reflection of a reflection” which symbolizes a regression into the past.  It also symbolizes a shift toward a gentler, more peaceful, and mellow consciousness.

The ongoing Uranus/Pluto square speaks symbolically through this New Moon Chart as “A Flock of Wild Geese”  and “An Albatross Feeding From the Hand” respectively.  These represent the preference for striking out on any journey toward freedom within the security of a group and the ability to be generous with your time and resources.

The following will help you to determine where the effects of this New Moon will most likely be felt.  Use your Ascendent sign if you know it, otherwise your Sun sign.

ARIES – The 6th house of work, health, what your responsibilities are and how you handle them handle them

TAURUS – The 5th house of how you express love, relate to children and lovers, and free yourself to create.

GEMINI – The 4th house of your foundation, emotional stability, your home, family

CANCER – The 3rd house of your daily routine, your communication skills, your mindset, siblings, and neighbors

LEO – The 2nd house of money, your resources, your ability to value and stabilize yourself

VIRGO –  The 1st house of your physical body, your appearance, your style and approach, what and how you initiate, courage

LIBRA – The 12th house of spiritual development, things that are invisible or hidden, intuition, automatic programming, and artistic ability

SCORPIO – The 11th house of friends, group work and association, feelings of belonging or alienation, dreams, hopes, wishes

SAGITTARIUS – The 10th house of major life achievements, career, professional standing, dealings with the public

CAPRICORN – The 9th house of faith, beliefs, venturing into unfamiliar territory, higher education, and freedom to explore

AQUARIUS – The 8th house of major life transitions, trust, financial partnership, intimacy, and deep psychological conditioning

PISCES – The 7th house of relationships, balance, beauty, equality, and open enemies

With Virgo the matter is always a rejection of the obvious in an attempt to access the root cause of our dis-ease. Once the root cause is known a natural process of purification takes over if we let it. The challenge is to identify seemingly “insignificant” emotional details and to assume that they hold great importance because, when the moon is new in Virgo, they always do.

Thanks for reading 🙂

love, Holly





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