Full Moon in Aquarius August 20, 2013

In this Aquarius full moon chart, the fixed star Regulus plays a starring role as it aligns itself with the Sun.  Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo, a signature of royalty, monumental achievement, and powerful influence.  It takes the moon two and a half days to move through each sign of the Zodiac –   30 days to move through all of them.  It takes the Sun one month to move through each sign and one year to makes it all the way through every sign.  Regulus, a very slow mover, takes 2,500 years to make it’s way through just one sign.

Last December a monumental energy shift was initiated as Regulus moved from the masculine fire sign of Leo into the feminine earth sign of Virgo where it will reside for the next 2500 years.  Regulus in Leo saw the rise of the Roman empire, the Church, patriarchy, and beliefs that degraded the feminine.  Regulus, now heavily influenced by the sign of Virgo, marks a new age of healing, bringing back what’s been lost culturally and personally, and reviving the power of the feminine – selfless service, care of the earth, intuition, humility, and lessons from the ancient goddess cultures are surfacing.

Ceres, the goddess of motherhood, fertility, and nourishment aligns with the Sun and Regulus giving her, too,  a starring role in this Aquarian full moon scenario… and powerful influence as well.

Aquarius is unique and full of contradiction.  Known as a highly futuristic progressive thinker, there is no other sign that finds so many answers for themselves and their culture through understanding the ways of the ancients.  It is Aquarius who is most likely to understand that the present is outmoded and unsustainable and that the introduction of something new, having roots in something very archaic, produces the needed innovative breakthroughs.

Because this full moon is situated at the very end of the 11th house… on the cusp of the deeply mysterious 12th (the collective unconscious) – whispers from the ancients can be heard amidst issues of where we belong, reminding us of a time when life was more balanced, integrated, caring, – more nourishing, devotional, and respectful – more feminine.

What we’re experiencing at this full moon is an Aquarian harvest.  Reaping what we’ve sown may be yielding us a wealth of ideas, good powers of observation, abundant hopes and wishes, and, most importantly, the ability to change.  The Aquarian full moon awakens the desire for a life outside the ordinary. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis”  emphasizing unfoldment, self-renewal, and rebirth.

Aquarians traditional ruler is Saturn now placed in the intensely private and powerful sign of Scorpio. Rebirth may entail a deep reconnection with ancient memories, old archetypes, and a more nourishing way of life.  The blueprint has been stored for safe keeping in our collective unconscious.  One way of jarring loose what we already know in the form of guidance is to focus on the ancient goddesses, their myths, symbols, and temperaments.  A relationship with a mysteriously familiar goddess ensures the evasion of an ordinary life and entry into the world of enchantment and support.

“The study of the Goddess, the integration of her wisdom and glory into everyday life, is a spiritual path – one of faith, love, and dedication.  Each step along this winding twisting trail leads to greater wonders; each question answered leads to greater inquiries: and in every face of the Goddess discovered, we find a reflection of our own souls.  All things are goddess and all goddesses are one goddess,  Like a large well-cut diamond, each facet of the goddess is a new face, a fresh aspect; but ultimately, every side is a shining, sparkling part of the whole.” – Brandi Ausset

How do we make the unfathomable fathomable?

Astrologically Pallas Athene (Athena) is perfectly aligned with Venus (the feminine) in my own birth chart. Reading through parts of “The Goddess Guide” (Brandi Ausset), “Goddesses in Every Woman” (Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.), and “The Goddess Path” (Patricia Monaghan), there were hints that Pallas Athene might be an invisible presence making herself known through my own loves, preferences, and strengths.  Her symbol is an owl. I noticed the unusual occurrence of a baby owl hooting outside my bedroom window for a few nights when I was reading to determine which goddesses might be most naturally aligned with me. Athena is a protectress, athletic and fierce.  She is the patron of the city of Athens, a city I love, and of weaving. Of all art forms, textiles intrigue and excite me the most. I had a loom once, took weaving classes and weaved a few scarves  Physically I’m strong and athletic. That’s enough similarity for me to be devoting some time to feeling a deep reconnection and reflecting recognition.

Here’s to a revival of the feminine in your own life, a rebirth that aligns you with the deepest forms of soul nourishment, and a recognition of the great and powerful goddesses that now reside in you.

Full moon aquarius 8:2013





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