Jupiter’s Ingress into the Sign of Cancer June 25, 2013 6:40 PM PDT


Jupiter will be transiting into the sign of Cancer tomorrow night. It takes twelve years for Jupiter to transit through each sign – one sign per year.  For some historical perspective, the last time Jupiter transited through the sign of Cancer was July 13, 2001 – August 1, 2002.  If you can remember what was happening in your life then, you may get some idea of what to expect for the upcoming year.  If you know your birth chart, the areas of life most affected by the upcoming Jupiter transit will be the house where your natal moon resides and the house ruled by the sign of Cancer.

For me personally 2001-2002  was an eventful year.  I remember it well. Cancer falls across the 5th and 6th houses of my birth chart – love/adventure/job/health.  I quit my job that year, left my midwest home, drove across the country to take a job as a traveling nurse in Northern California, and had some amazing adventures amidst truly inspiring scenery.

I signed 13-26 week contracts as a traveling nurse, and moved frequently within the state of California that year.  I had no home of my own or permanent job. I was far from my grown kids and missed them.  I was uprooted continually in every sense and attempting, on every level, to establish some sense of security.  The over arching theme was classically Cancerian and, during that year, it was a very big deal.

But because it was Jupiter transiting through Cancer, not Saturn, I was enthused and having fun while searching for some sense of security. My world was becoming much bigger and my temporary job assignments filled me with confidence as I seemed to perform well with little orientation no matter where I landed.  I met traveling nurses and doctors from all over the world, was invited into the homes of Californians for Thanksgiving and Christmas barbecues.  My financial picture was rosy as I benfitted from the many perks traveling nurses received at the time. I spent most weekends in San Francisco loving the food and art museums. I had an abundance of new friends and I was healing fast from past heart breaks. I felt free and hopeful that my future prospects would be good.  And they were.

Wherever Jupiter falls in your chart, expect security issues to dominate your life in ways that open the floodgates of   opportunity.  It’s important to mention here that the flavor of your experiences will be strongly influenced by your natal moon placement as Cancer is ruled by the moon. It’s easy to identify how someone defines security by looking to their moon sign and placement. A Cancer moon in the 4th house, for example, will define security very differently from an Aries moon in the first.

A Cancer moon feels most secure at home, surrounded by family, in a warm nurturing environment, providing nourishing food, and making everyone who visits her home feel like family.  Some possibilities for a Cancer moon this year as Jupiter moves into this sign might be moving to a bigger home, expanding the family, possibly with the birth of a child, creating wonderful memories and savoring existing ones, and expanding emotional strength and stability while increasing the ability to nurture others effectively.

An Aries moon in the first house defines security as feeling physically strong and independent in positions of leadership.  Aries feels especially secure starting new projects, trailblazing, and “leading the parade” in adventurous directions. He needs followers and a challenge and he can expect an abundance of opportunity along those lines.

Jupiter makes everything bigger.  He can exaggerate, overdo, and bring on too much of a good thing. But Jupiter’s  also about living life with meaning, purpose, and optimism.  Considering Jupiter’s ingress chart is revealing.  Cancer is about the past. The Sabian symbol for this chart speaks to celebration and renewal. (An Easter Sunrise Service) There is a good possibility that something you thought was over and gone (a relationship most likely) may renew itself, coming back into your life and bringing with it new hope for the future.  It may empower you in ways that reveal the magic and mystery operating behind everyday life.  If you’ve felt like there was no meaningful place for you, that will change.  Chances are you’ll find your niche this year, your place in the community, and the tribe to which you truly belong.




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