Aries New Moon Wed. April 10th

Aries New Moon Chart

Aries New Moon Chart


The Aries New Moon Chart is interesting in that it is basically a pile up of planets in action oriented and effective Aries – the Moon, Sun, Mars, and Venus, with Uranus aspecting them a little too widely to be considered part of the “pile up.”  But Uranus adds a significant degree of unpredictability to this New Moon’s influence.

Astrology is the study of cycles within cycles and for that reason, this new moon is very important.  It is the first new moon of the year, the beginning of the yearly progression of new moons passing consecutively through each sign, one per month, ending with the last new moon of the year in Pisces on March 1, 2014. The New Moon in Aries coincides with the natural time for seed planting.  This is a powerful new beginning – obscure and unconscious, but very significant. time for us to “plant the seed” of what we intend to manifest over the next year.

The build-up to this new moon, the Venus/Mars conjunction on Saturday April 6th, suggests that relationships play a big part in the overall meaning of the new moon and the trajectory for the next year – specifically the relationship we have with ourselves.  What needs to be enhanced is a belief in the self’s invincibility on all levels, an immunity to criticism, and a willingness to take risks.” The Sabian symbol for this first new Moon of the year is “a prize fighter.” This is not the month, or the year, for playing it safe and allowing old wounds to keep you subdued. Anger may surface to fuel your actions. It may be time to get impatient with how confined you’ve been, either by outer opposition or, more likely, by your own self-doubt and fear. Throwing yourself into the middle of the action, wherever that is, defending your position, and refusing to lose is the message of this fiery first Moon of the year – and this new Moon has lots of support.

The Sun in Aries adds will power, force, and the aggressive all-encompassing urge to create something new.  The Sun in Aries is a leader and cannot tolerate delays or obstacles thrown in his path.  He powers through them without hesitation.  Physically he feels energized by the adrenaline rush of risk-taking moves. He is not surprised by success.  He can imagine nothing different.

Mars only adds more heat and know-how to the equation.  He’s ready to fight, to defend and protect. He’s not overly endowed with courage, but you’d never know that from watching him in action. Allowing fear to back him away from a challenge is excruciatingly painful for Mars, a betrayal of the self at the most profound level. The presence of Mars, so close to this new moon, suggests that the kinds of actions that scare us most may be the ones we need to take.

Further support for this moon comes from Venus in Aries.  The traditional, compromising, cooperative, receptive, socially adept qualities of Venus are not easily expressed in the sign of Aries.  But her love is fierce, her passion strong, and her ability to attract what she desires through very direct and honest means is unparalleled. She’s a fighter who’s been to charm school. Physically strong and athletic, you expect her to protect what she values and hesitate, for good reason,  to get in her way.

And then there’s Uranus, fittingly the outlier, encouraging you to use an unorthodox approach, to take your opponents off guard, to dazzle with the sheer brilliance of your ideas, to embody the arrival of something cutting edge and very destructive to the status quo, and to present it all as though there is no other option.

As I finish this New Moon Letter, I know I must look at the opposing and balancing point of this new Moon.  I feel tremendous inner resistance, though, maybe because my own natal Venus falls in the sign of Aries, and I love the uncompromising vibrant energy of Mars and Aries.  But here it is.

The Sabian symbol for 21 degrees of Libra, this New Moon’s balancing point, is A Crowd Upon the Beach.  This year (and this month especially) must include enjoyment and relaxation, social interaction and support to keep us balanced as the ebb and flow of the ocean encourages naturalness and spontaneity and a release of tension.  Social interaction is important to discover new facets of ourselves. Letting the hair down, releasing inhibition, and relaxing the rules is required regularly this year. 

Thanks for reading.

Here’s to powering through inner and outer restraints with a fierce kind of love, and enlightened method.

love, Holly

Diana E. Roche, Sabian Symbols – A Screen of Prophecy, used in this article to explain the symbols influence.







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