New Moon in Pisces March 11, 2013 3:51 PM EDT & 12:51 PM PDT

This New Moon signifies an important turning point at the very end of the yearly astrological cycle.  The New moon is the last major event before the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of the astrological new year.

Accompanying this new moon are feelings of anticipation and a growing awareness of the need to switch gears.  For over a month we’ve been lulled into Pisces powerfully dreamy and nebulous world.  It’s time now to start waking up. Less than 24 hours after this moon is new, Mars enters the sign of Aries.  What we’re addressing now is how we will direct the impending fiery, forceful, and potent energy we’re about to experience.

If you look at the New Moon chart (bottom of the page) you’ll see that Mars (the warrior) and the asteroid Juno (marriage, loyalty, commitment)  fall in the final 29th degree of their signs. This automatically marks them as highly influential to the overall meaning of this new Moon. The 29th degree is the final degree of a sign (an anaretic degree) and thought to carry especially important Karmic meaning.

What are the guiding ethical principles we marry to all of our actions? The fiery energy of Mars will increase tremendously over the next two weeks. We’ll be moving quickly and making fast decisions.  We’ll be taking risks.  It’s important to be clear about the rules you apply to yourself as your actions will have profound and wide ranging impact.  Deluding yourself into thinking that your influence is small is foolish now.

The Sabian Symbol for Mars in this new moon chart is The Great Stone Face, the title of a book by Nathaniel Hawthorne, though I remember his Scarlet Letter better. The book is about a boy named Ernest who grew up in the  mountains in the shadow of a majestic rock formation that resembled the head of  a man.  Growing up, Ernest projected his own benevolent nature and wisdom onto the granite face.  He shaped his own destiny by developing in himself the integrity and character he saw reflected in the great stone face.  Gradually his own face took on the features of the great stone face.  (It’s interesting to note that Hawthorne’s natal Juno at 29 degrees of Pisces falls at the exact degree of Mars in this New Moon chart).

The Great Stone Face is about shaping and strengthening personal qualities through the use of a picture as a symbol that reflects to you what you want to reflect back to the world. This is great news for me personally.  I love images.  Their upside is that they’re inhuman and not prone to dashing the impressions you originally project onto them.  In my dancing days I remember focusing on pictures of Suzanne Farrell, New York City Ballet’s Prima Ballerina.  I wanted to reflect her style and she gave me the discipline to work as hard as I could in every class.

The Sabian Symbol for Juno at 29 degrees of Capricorn is A Secret Business Meeting  which speaks to the importance of influence and holding yourself to high standards when no one is watching.  It implies broad responsibility for the welfare of others.

The New Moon symbol at 21 degrees of Pisces A Man Bringing Down the New Law from Sinai emphasizes the importance of having a relevant structure of rules within which to make make decisions about what you do.  The need to refresh outdated codes and ethics is urgent.  Think of the Catholic Church and the decisions it faces about what actions and direction it will take. (It would be interesting if a new Pope were chosen at the New Moon).  Or think about the gun laws and the second amendment and how little sense some interpretations now make given the changing landscape. As your influence broadens, this is a time to review your own personal rules for yourself, how you apply those, and whether they still make sense given how much you and the world have changed.

Maya Angelou has  her natal Venus (beauty) and Mercury (communication) falling at the exact degree of the new moon.  Astrologically she’s in sync with this new moon and able to express its meaning through her beautiful poetry.  In the haunting refrain from On The Pulse of Morning,  a message of social justice, caring, and healing, she writes:

… do not hide your face…Rather, lift up your faces … there is a piercing need… we are arriving on a nightmare, praying for a dream.

What’s at stake over the next month is the difference between manifesting a nightmare or a beautiful dream and the importance of your actions in determining which it will be.

Setting intentions for this new moon revolve around aligning actions with high standards and using images to instill those. Choosing a symbol or image seems especially important as the asteroid Photographica falls within one degree of the Moon chart’s Mars.  If you’d like to harness the power of the moon, set your intentions or enact your rituals a little after the exact new moon time. (12:51 PM PDT,  3:51 PM EDT)

If you’ve never worked with the moon before and would like to read Staying Connected with the Moon and Re-enchanting Your Life.

Thanks for reading what I write.

Here’s to thoughtful action, powerful influence, and manifesting dreams.

love, Holly

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