Libra Full Moon March 27th 2:27 AM PDT & 5:27 AM EDT

Relationships can be complicated under the best of circumstances.  When there’s a lot at stake and we’re compelled to act, when outcomes are uncertain, inner pressures can become intense.  This full Moon chart is complicated.  There are many factors to consider other than the powerful overriding urge to act independently, free of all restriction. There are so many considerations that the brain and nervous system may be running on overload this week.

The Full Moon in Libra is a reminder of just how much we rely on others to get what we want and need despite the inconvenience this often presents.  Compromise, cooperation, and the delicate dance we do to convince others that acting in our best interest would be wonderful for them as well is simply not something we’re in the mood for these days.  Patience may be at an all time low.  The opportunities we’ve been waiting for may present themselves now as “time limited chances” to jump on board or miss the train altogether. Delays instigated by others intensify inner pressures and anger.

Our own forceful actions can run headlong into immoveable walls of entrenched interests.  Tradition, the law, our bosses, cultural expectations, or our own fears can mount intense resistance to our urge to shape the world to our liking.  Playing by the rules may seem especially tedious and costly now.

Our beliefs about contracts, the smooth operation and organization of our daily life, the role of neighbors and siblings, and manners may also be at issue now.  What we believe others owe us and what we owe them can be a cause for conflict requiring major rearrangement and adjustment.

As inner pressure builds to maximum force, circuits can explode resulting in poor judgement.  Relationships may be  damaged and what we value most may be under assault.

This full moon emphasizes, through its Sabian Symbol, the importance of discrimination.  This week we must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, the chickens from the hawks, what needs protection from what must be held at bay.  Under mounting pressures we must preserve our ability to protect what we value most, as well as the things we’ve taken responsibility for.  It is possible that possessions or finances may be at stake.  Still, it is critical now that stress not undermine good judgement or health.

The midpoint between the Sun and this full Moon is seven degrees of Cancer representing the balancing point between independence and compromise, between forceful exertion and relaxation.  The seventh degree of Cancer reminds us that there is a healing power in nature and a unifying magic behind all things (Mercury/Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house reminds us of this as well).  As we feel pulled in many directions, it’s important to make contact with that unifying force.

The Sun, Venus, Uranus, and Mars in Aries place a huge emphasis on action and effectiveness.  Working late into the night, preparing for competition, pushing the limits of our physical abilities, and taking risks feels right.  Taking time out for rest and relaxation can feel wrong…like we’re breaking the momentum or losing our stride.

But seven degrees of Cancer reminds the world of the importance of relaxation for the release of mounting pressures and the restoration of wholeness and balance.

My own experience this past week involved a complete disruption of my normal schedule as we welcomed my son, his wife, and our new granddaughter for a week long visit.  It was an amazing week, but I felt under considerable pressure. I put clients on hold, was unable to pay attention to my website, and my partner was under considerable pressure with his own work.  I ran to my office for short periods of time, catching up on what seemed urgent, but it was hit or miss.  When I was feeling under the most strain, the family decided we’d spend the day at the beach. That was a fortunate decision for me.  I walked for almost an hour with my son Andrew down Aliso Creek Beach toward the waves crashing spectacularly over Tablerock, talking, reminiscing, bonding, and feeling myself settling down. I walked again with my partner Michael, the same route, more bonding, romance, and clarity about my priorities. Amidst the crashing surf, cool breeze, Sun, and love, I definitely felt the unifying magic.

If you feel the strain as the full moon approaches culmination, take a break.  It may feel counter-intuitive, but that’s because Venus, the planet of relaxation and receptivity, finds itself difficult to express in Aries, not because it won’t heal you.  Stepping back from stressful relationships long enough to clarify what’s definitely true for you, and speaking that truth courageously, even if it goes against the tide, is especially important.

I will publish horoscopes on Wednesday morning explaining briefly the effects of this full moon for your particular sign.  If you would like to set intentions or observe the full moon in your own way and are unfamiliar with putting the power of the moon behind your intentions, read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-Enchanting Your Life.

Here’s to clarity, protecting what we value, and connecting with the unifying magic!

love, Holly

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